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How to beat seymour flux (3rd)
Seymour Flux
Hp: 70,000
Ap: 10,000
Mortibody: 4000 , 3000 , 2000 , 1000

I Had alot of trouble at first till i flicked through some walkthroughs and copied bits of information from about 3 of them so heres some of the best tips for fighting him
A. Fight some fiends and get all characters overdrives (even aeons) up and make sure you have rikku steal from each fiend for items such as fire, water, lightening and ice gems and most of all sleeping powder.
B.Now go into battle with seymour and make sure you have in your party Rikku, Tidus and Yuna.
C. Now is the main part do Rikkus overdrive MIX and mix Fire Gem and Sleeping powder this does Abbadon Flame it will poisen and silence seymour. Now cast haste on Yuna and have yuna first cast reflect of seymour and then summon aeons. With your aeons do there overdrive as soon as they have done this seymour will bannish them but he will do 2000 damage to hisself with the poisen. Keep this up summoning aeons and overdriving him, even if seymour uses esuna on himself it will bounce off due to reflect you cast of him. aeon overdrives should do round about 9,999 damage and bahamuts should do 11,000. His mortibody will take 4000 then 3000 then finally 1000, all you have to do is aeon attacks and heal characters with any luck he won't do crosscleave due to poisening and your characters keeping him busy.
D. If you run out of aeons to summon thats IF then get rikku and make he use the Gems you have they should do 500 damage around 5 times.

And thats seymour done and dusted (I did not have Yojimbo due to money reasons but if you do have him it should make life alot easier)

A_U_R_O_N aka if you need anymore help plz contact me on email address good luck with more fights