Final Fantasy X Cheats

alot of people say get lulus second spells and someone else the first. I say forget that all you have to do is have rikku with an overdrive and your two strongest characters to hack away at the crawler. then mix a luner curtain with a light curtain and it will cast super mighty g. then u have protect and regen cast on u then just hack away with your two strongest(mine where tidus and auron)then he wont use mana beam only gattling gun this wont hit very high beens of protect but then u should get near or full life from regen beens after every turn u get healed like 200-300 and the crawler does about 168 or around there and if u have them use loads of grenades on it with rikku if u have then do a mix again if u get it to do even more damage.

if theres any probs pm me but if u do every thing like i said u shudnt have to remember though dont destroy the negetor or watever its called otherwise it will use mana beam and if u got no aeons to put in front of it u will be nearly dead.