Final Fantasy X Tips

before you fight sins head get everyone overdrive up and Bahamuts. when you start have rikku in your starting 3 and anyone else you want. use steal with rikku and after that use everyones overdrives but not yunas, rikku's or bahamut.keep attaking with tidus, auron and lulu(blizzaga, firga, ect) when sin gets to about 60000 hp grand summon bahamut then use his overdrive. sin will then attack 3 or 4 times but bahamut will still have his overdrive. when it comes to bahamuts turn (if he is still alive) use his overdrive againg and sin will most likely be dead. if not just use tidus, wakka and auron to keep attacking him until he is dead. if you dont want to use bahamut you can also use yojimo if u have him and just pay him one gil and he will do 9999 dmg each hit.