Final Fantasy X Tips

How to defeat Crawler
OK, you know how just before you get to GuadoSalam (I think I'm not sure. Tell me if I'm wrong) Some Al-Bhed attack Yuna and Trommel Guado with an annoying machina called 'Crawler'? A lot of players often rely on their Aeons and Magic to beat bosses, but it's not going to be that easy because Crawler has a Nullifier (Like I can remember it's name) Which stops you from using Magic and summoning Aeons. Bummer! But there's a fairly easy way of doing this, so for those of you who are having difficulty with this thingÂ…DON'T DESPAIR!
Anyway here's the first way you can use to beat 'Crawler':

1. First make sure you SAVE YOUR GAME! If you forget to, it's going to be a hell of a lot harder on you.
2. Check you have at least one Lunar Curtain in your items list or else this won't work
3. Change your battle formation to: Rikku, Tidus and Auron
4. As you head off down the road to rescue Yuna, you'll notice that there are fiends scattered around the road. BATTLE THEM. DON'T FLEE. When you battle them, get Rikku to just steal stuff from them and have Tidus and Auron attack them. (If by any chance you come across a Snow Flan, switch either Tidus or Auron with Lulu depending on what other fiends are attacking you at that time. NEVER SWITCH RIKKU OUT. YOU'LL SEE WHY LATER.
5. Get Rikku's overdrive 'Mix" at full before you get attacked by 'Crawler' in other words just let her get attacked, and heal her when necessary. After every fiend battle, run back down the road and use the save sphere to save your game, and heal your party then go back. Just keep doing this until Rikku's overdrive is full then you can ignore the fiends and move on.
6. When you're finally in battle with 'Crawler' Use Rikku and steal from it. (You'll get another Lunar Curtain) Then just attack it with Auron and Tidus until it's Rikku's turn again. Then use Rikku's overdrive to mix two Lunar Curtains together and create the 'Super Mighty G'. she will use this on your party and will give them Regen (Which if you don't know, heals your health a bit each turn) and will give Tidus haste as well as some other stuff which I forget. anyway it should be much easier now. Just keep attacking 'Crawler' with Tidus and Auron (At this stage with Rikku, you can either buy loads of Grenades at the Travel agency, or switch her out and use Wakka to defeat the nullifier. Note though that 'Super Mighty G' will not affect inactive members of your party. It will only affect the three on the field. If you choose to defeat the nullifier with Wakka, once it's gone, switch him with Yuna and summon an Aeon or switch back to Rikku and continue attacking with her.

Well that's it! Easy huh?