Final Fantasy X Tips

Tip to kill Dark Valefor
Boss: Dark Valefor.
HP: 800,000.
Required Party: Wakka, Tidus, Yuna.
Required Abilities/Overdrives: Auto-Life, Attack Reels.
Required Weapons/Armor: Anything with [Break Damage Limit], [First Strike] and [Auto-Pheonix].

Strategy#1: Make sure Wakka's Overdrive Guage is filled and he has his Celestial Weapon, then use Attack Reels and make sure you get 3 3's or something and Dark Valefor will die.

Strategy#2: (how I did it) Everyone has to have [First Strike] on their weapons or you'll die. Get Yuna to put Auto-Life on the one with [Auto-Pheonix] in their Armor. Then attack. When Valefor's overdrive is full, summon an Aeon to defend/kick Dark Valefor's ass. After defending the Energy Blast, I'd probably get Wakka to use Attack Reels and if it still lives, summon another Aeon on Yuna's next turn and get it to kill Dark Valefor.