Final Fantasy X Cheats

Easy Boss Fights with Aeons
Can't kill a certain boss?? Fed of of doing it the "hard" way? Then listen up:

After u know where u will encounter a boss, load the game again but don't go stright to the boss. Instead, put Yuna on the line and summon eahc of her Aeons and go into "Boost" mode for each. Wait till their Overdrive to charge then dissmiss them immediately. Next, onto the boss...

Have your main character ready with Yuna. As soon as the fight starts cast Haste on Yuna and use her to summon her Aeons... Doesn't matter if they get cut down, but each Aeons will have their Overdrive ready and the boss should be a breeze!

P.S - Remember if ur Aeon's Overdrive is charged but they die after it charges, the Overdrive bar will be clean out when they are revived... so keep them alive......