Final Fantasy X Tips

Easy venus sigil
VENUS SIGIL - by duskmage

In FFX there is a mini-game in which you dodge consecutive lightning bolts without getting hit once.

You can win various prizes, depending on how much you can dodge in a row.

* 5 times: 2 potions
* 10 times: 2 mega potions
* 20 times: 2 MP spheres
* 50 times: 3 strength spheres
* 100 times: 3 HP spheres
* 150 times: 4 mega elixers
* 200 times: venus sigil

The reason why this mini-game's so interesting, is because of the last prize; the venus sigil.
This item is necessary to complete Lulu's ultimate weapon (with the abilities Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Magic Booster and One MP Cost).

Pressing X 200 times might sound easy, but the "in-a-row" part is what makes it hard. One moment of distraction and you can start all over again (believe me, it's like the game engine knows when you're distracted and he happily gets you hit, resulting in you throwing the controller on the floor). Plus, you can't save or get to the agency (vene not outside of it, mind you!), or you'll have to start over again.

There are however several things you can do to make life easier.

* Equip an item with the "No encounters" ability. It's tough enough already just dodging the bolts, so you can miss the extra distracting, time-wasting random battles.
* Mute the sound. Every distraction less, is a lesser odd that you'll get hit.
* Look at the bottem right part of the screen. This way you'll avoid distraction which is not necessary.
* Play in the dark (Obviously, you'll see the flash more clearly)
* Place Tidus between a Quactuar stone and something else (a tower) where he won't move when he dodges a bolt. It spares you having to get him back in position (and you know you can get hit when you move him. Plus, moving Tidus only ditracts you.).
* Pause (press start) every 20 bolts and do something else for 20 minutes. After the 150-bolts-dodged mark, you better pause every 10 bolts. I know how it is to lose my concentration at the wrong times and a pause now and then will keep that concentration on top.
* After you've reached the 200-bolts-dodged mark, dodge another 20 or 30. You don't want to be the guy thinking he's dodged 200 bolts and goes to collect his prize, only to discover he only dodged 195 and that he can start all over again.

These tips ought to make the mini-game much more easier.

Now go get that sigil!