: : : : : : : how to get all hidden aeons.

Final Fantasy X Tips

how to get all hidden aeons.
if you dont know how? or where? ill tell you.

Get Yuna's hidden aeons:

Yojimbo: when going to mt. Gagazet you will be stopped by some Guados. After disposing of defender x, go down to the gorge instead of going straight to mt. Gagazet. Ounce in the gorge go into the cavern of the stolen fayth. Proceed forward until you see a summoner
A battle will commence. She will send out Yojimbo, summon any aeon (Bahamut) and defeat Yojimbo. After the battle head straight to the chamber of the fayth. (step on switch and select north)
When the fayth asks you what do you want most select "to defeat the strongest enemies". for your first bid, offer half of his offer plus one gil. When you make your offer he will counter offer. The sum will be high but much lower then the original price. By the time he proposes
205,000 gil, he will generally accept any offer below 200,000 gil. Any lower then 195,000 gil, he will decline your offer.

Anima: use the search feature on the airship, the coordinates are x-13.444 y 58.794(if you don't get it just vigorously tap x on that small island until the message Baaj temple located appears) run up the path from the beginning. Then dive in the water. You will finally be able to defeat Geosgaeno (that fish thing). After the fight dive down and head north of the map until you see a door with two statues. Go in and swim forward until you see a door head in and touch all the statues spheres. (you must collect every hidden treasure in all the temples before you can obtain the hidden aeon Anima) if you don't go back to all the temples and find the hidden treasures with the destruction spheres. (also go to the temple in Zanarkand).ounce in the Zanarkand temple a new puzzle solution will be displayed. This time you have to step on the white squares only. step on three white squares in the first room, and four in the larger room (if you look closely you can see the shapes of the blocks on the floor in a transparent color). This opens a panel in the first room revealing a destruction sphere. Take the sphere and place it in the recess to the right, the screen will explode revealing the hidden treasure, take the magistral rod, then return to Baaj temple. Touch the spheres to activate the statues and the seal protecting the chamber will now be released allowing you to enter and receive the hidden aeon Anima.

The Magus Sisters: capture all the fiends on mt. Gagazet. Then go to the monster arena. Talk to the old man and he will reward you with the blossom crown. Also you must have Yojimbo and Anima. Go to the reniem temple. (get a chocobo, go to the entrance of the calm lands but do not leave, instead go all the way to the right of the map and you will see a small feather on the floor, step on it and your chocobo will fly to the other side, go in, and go straight ahead to reach the temple) ounce in, talk to belgimine and defeat all her aeons,
After every battle she will give you items. Ounce you defeat Bahamut she will give you the flower scepter. Go to the back of the temple and the seals will be broken. But you can only break one seal at a time. After both seals are broken you will enter the chamber of the fayth, and will receive the hidden aeons the magus sisters.