Final Fantasy X Cheats

Beating Seymour 1 easily
Hp:6000 (somewhere around there)

when you start the battle the guado guardians will use protect and seymour will use shell. make sure that you have most of your strongest characters' overdrives fully charged. every time you do damage to the guado guardians, they'll automatically revive their health. if you try to attack seymour, one of the guardians will come out and protect him.if Kimahri has his overdrive at full and knows Stone Breath use that and it will destroy both of the guardians. if you don't have that use Rikku's Steal on the guardians then attack them. use Auron and your other powerful characters to attack like crazy until seymour summons his aeon, Anima, which has 18,000 Hp! use Yuna and in her summon list there will be an unknown aeon and summon that. use its Heavonly storm as many times as possible, but watch Anima's overdrive bar. every other turn he'll use Boost and the rest he'll use Pain. if your Hp ever gets low, cast Blizzara on yourself. the turn before he uses overdrive, use shield. if you can, use your new aeon's overdrive which does 4000-8000 points of damage. once anima is gone, Seymour will unleash milti-_____ spells in the order of blizard, thunder, water and fire. use yuna to cast nul-____ Spells to nulify the spells for each element in that order. use your overdrives on seymour, or keep attacking him crazily again and he'll be gone in no time