Final Fantasy X Cheats

Final Fantasy X Main Characters Overdrives
I find out something about Main Characters Overdrives, so there's few tips about them:

Tidus: Spin Cut/Spiral Cut Damages one enemy.
Hit & Run/Slice and Dice makes max. 6 hits to random enemys.
Energy Rain/Force Rain damages all enemys.
Blitz Ace/Terror of Zanarkand hits one enemy 8 times +Tidus' Blitzball attack.
Note: To make maximum dmg, press X right time AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Tidus' Overdrive Button Gauge Bar Thingie

Press X when cursor thingie <c> gets to the <X>-point.

Yuna: Grand Summon simply summons an Aeon with full Overdrive bar.

Wakka: Element Reels makes Elemental dmg to one enemy if you get 3 same symbols on slots.
Attack Reels makes basic dmg, but this may be the best character Overdrive in the whole game! Wakka throws ball against all enemys. Maximum dmg which can be done levelling Wakka's STR up to 255 and getting all slots showing 2 Hits. This will do about 1,200,000 dmg!!!
Status Reels inflicts status error according to your slots.
Aurochs Reels is combination of all previous Reels, but has special feature: If you get 3 Besaid Aurochs symbol, Wakka will do something least, I think massive amount of dmg.

Wakka's Slots:
__________ __________ __________
I (symbol) I I (symbol) I I (symbol) I
-->I (symbol) I I (symbol) I I (symbol) I <--
I (symbol) I I (symbol) I I (symbol) I
__________ _________ __________

Lulu: Fury makes Lulu cast one selected Black Magic as many times you spin your Right Analog Stick around WHOLE circles. This may be useful in the earlier time of game.

Kimahri: Ronso Rage Blue Magics can be obtained from specific enemys with Blue Magic. There are many simply damaginc moves, but healing and protecting magic as well! Best Blue Magic Nova/Sunburst can be obtained from Omega Weapon.

Auron: Dragon Fang dmgs all enemys and delays their turn.
Shooting Star dmgs one enemy and may Eject it from battle.
Banishing Blade dmgs enemy also, but with Full Brake what lowers enemys strength,defense,magic and magic defense.
Tornado dmgs all enemys with massive dmg.

Rikku: Mix can combine any 2 items in your inventory(No equipment). Some can be very useful, but there are so much I can't list them all here!
Well, that's about Overdrives effects, but I still haven't told you about How You Can Get Them:
Tidus: Use Spiral cut 10 times to Slice and Dice. Slice and Dice 20 times to get Energy Rain and Energy Rain 80 times to get Blitz Ace.

Yuna: Only one Overdrive and it's at the beginning 'til the end.

Wakka: Yep, that's right. That's why we have Blitzball! So:
Element Reels is in the beginning and Attack Reels is Tournaments 1st price after Luca's tournament. Status Reels is 1st price of League after having Attack Reels and 250 battles. Aurochs Reels are the pain. After Status Reels and 450 battles!!!

Lulu has the Fury all the time, but can use all the black magic she has learned the basic way.

Kimahri: Simply, use Lancet or Dragon Sword or something **** to enemy. He will steal some HP and MP, but if enemy has Blue Magic Kimahri will learn it. Good way to learn them is when you battle Biran and the other Ronso on the Gagazet Mountain. Just use Lancet on them. All magic cannot be accuired immediately, but when they use magics themselves you can get them all. And Nova/Sunburst thingie is explained above.

Auron: When you fight Spherimorph and kill it you will get 1st Jecht Sphere and Auron learns Shooting Star. After 2 more spheres she (Ooops, I mean HE of course) will learn Banishing Blade and when you have found all 10 Jecht Spheres HE will learn Tornado.

Rikku: Find it out yourself!!!
Whew! That's all I think. You can find Rikkus Mix List from other sources and Jecht Spheres of course. For now I gotta go to slay some fiend!

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