Final Fantasy X Tips

Defeating Penance with 25-30k HP!
This strategy is for someone who has patience but doesn't have the patience enough to defeat Iron Clads and get 75,000HP and 130+ luck. This is 98-100% sure win, if done correctly. It's more of a matter of skill (hand-eye coordination) than luck. I think this strategy is special because what I did is exactly contrary to what most faqs did. The part I like is beating Penance with 25,000-30,000HP and Yuna having 9999HP with a very low defense and m.def.



M. Defense-255

(NOTE: Def, and M.Def maxed are for Tidus and Wakka only)

Tidus' Blitz Ace
Wakka's Attack Reel
Grand Summon

Quick Hit
Quick Pockets

Holy Water

Weapon-Celestial Weapon (Caladbolg, World Champion, Nirvana
Armor-Break HP Limit, Ribbon, Auto-Haste, Auto-Phoenix (for Tidus and Yuna)
Break HP Limit, Ribbon, Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect (Wakka)

Curse proof

I decided to have Tidus, Wakka and Yuna because of their overdrives. You only need specific stats maxed like str, def. m.def, agility and accuracy. DEF and M.DEF MAX FOR TIDUS AND WAKKA ONLY do not max Yuna's, contrary to what most faqs said, if you can't beat Earth Eaters enough to get 130++ luck (that will be fighting Earth Eaters 50++ times, and Greater Sphere for 15++ times), you only need 80-100, in fact 100 luck will suffice with a 255 accuracy. They will miss 1 or 2 times (80-90 luck) against the arms but it's not that much of the threat and can easily be mended. Why Tidus and Wakka only? Because you need Yuna to charge up Tidus and Wakka's overdrives (my Yuna doesn't even have Break HP!). Set both to Comrade and Stoic for Yuna. Every Obliteration does 10=15dmg to Tidus and Wakka (with protect) and will automatically kill Yuna. This charges overdrives for Tidus and Wakka. Contrary to what faqs said about not needing overdrives, I beg to disagree. Doing simple math, Tidus' Blitz Ace can damage 11-20k per slashx8 and 99999 if you hit the blitz ball. This does more damage than 99999 using quick hit. Wakka's attack reel on the other hand damages 47-50k per hitx12 (it is important that you master getting perfect x2 hits for this battle). Usually it hits one hand 6-8 times and the rest will hit the body. Doing simple math, this is still better that one 99999s using quick hit. Trust me, you only need to master the attack reels. And if you use blitz ace, you'll be killing one hand at a time, I suggest you don't kill them simultaneously and they regenerate simultaneously, so Wakka's attack reel can be more effective. DO NOT USE GRAND SUMMON until the second form and you're absolutely not sure you can kill one hand. As much as possible DO NOT SUMMON YOJIMBO AND MAGUS SISTERS. If you Yojimbo perform Zanmato, then you'll lose all your effort and if you summon Magus Sisters, you'll be doing Penance a favor because it will cast Mighty Guard on himself!

Regarding the abilities, Quick Hit and Quick Pockets is a must! Instead of attacking, do a Quick Hit and instead of using Curaga/Use/Item use Quick Pockets. Both ability will increase character's turns. Also contrary to what other faqs said about entrust, yes it does have the chance to move the user back (regarding of turns) but if Wakka performs a perfect Attack Reel, it is still better than the usual Quick Hit. ONLY ENTRUST WITH YUNA.

For the items, you only need x70 Megalixer. 30 of them you will get from arena conquest, and 40 you need to bribe Varuna. x20 Megalixer for 1,140,000 gil. Megalixer is the best item to use because it gives you 9999HP and 999MP than Healing Water, plus if you use Quick Pockets, no turn is wasted.

For the weapons, obviously you need Celestial Weapons (because they have Break DMG Limit). For the armor, since you only have 25k-30k HP it is given that one of your characters will die (impossible if 2 dies). You need to give Break HP Limit, Ribbon, Auto-Haste, Auto-Phoenix to Tidus and Yuna only. It's impossible to kill Tidus and Wakka using by Obliteration, so Auto-Phoenix will revive Yuna and no turn is wasted for Auto-Life or Full-Life. And in the second form Immobilization only kills one character, if it kills Yuna, Tidus will revive her and vice-versa. I only attached Auto-Protect for Wakka due to the fact that I don't need another Auto-Phoenix. In addition, you do not need Auto-Life and Curseproof. The arms will never get their turn to attack with Blitz Ace and Attack Reels. If arm2 did, pray it isn't Terra Gravion followed by Obliteration. If arm1 used Calamity, just Quick Pocket a Holy Water.

Do not rely on magic because Penance absorbs all elements and only half dmg for Ultima, this is useless, just do a Quick Hit!


First form:
The first form is easy because the threat of using Judgment Day is not present. With Auto-Haste it will give you characters 6 turns before Penance. It is advised to enter the battle with Penance with full overdrives for all the characters. First, you need to cast protect on Tidus, then start hacking and slashing one of the arms (Blitz ace, Quick Hit on Yuna and PERFECT Attack Reel). I suggest you concentrate to left arm because it does Terra Gravion, but with overdrives you hardly need to worry about them having their turn. Only Entrust with Yuna if Wakka will have his turn before the boss. Obliteration is useful because it charges overdrives. After obliteration immediately Quick Pocket a Megalixer. Do this every after Obliteration only. And like most faqs say, attack the body only if the arms are not present. Attack Reels also saves time because it hits the arms and the boss. Don't do Blitz Ace for the boss as it does 5k dmg with one slash. After 30mins. the Obliteration part from him will fall off. Now prepare...

Second Form:
NEVER EVER ALLOW HIM TO DO JUDGMENT DAY. In this form he will cast Immobilization instead on Obliteration, so you usual pace of filling ones overdrives will be gone (this is a pain for someone who is used to Obliteration). You're lucky if it hit Yuna. If it hit Tidus and Wakka it will automatically give them Full Break, it is important not to dispel Full Break as the next Immobilization with that character will cause a 99999 dmg, but it will charge overdrives (Comrade). It is important to Entrust Yuna's overdrive to Wakka. Your priority is to kill the arms, and trust me, you will kill the arm faster with overdrives than relying on Quick Hit. I was beaten many many times and I have proven that Attack Reels is the best in killing the arms! Furthermore every after Immobilization regardless if no one dies, Quick Pocket Megalixer (preferably the one with MP). Megalixer does not only give you 9999HP but 999MP for you to do Quick Hit. Remember Quick Hit is more important than Attack as it gives your character extra turns. For the summoning part, (grand)summon only when both arms are present and you're absolutely sure that the next 2 or 3 turns you can't kill one of them. It is important that you estimate how many hits you need to kill the arm. One wrong move and he'll unleash Judgment Day, so be careful. Get used to this pattern Immobilization-Quick Pocket: Megalixer-Quick Hit or Overdrive (WAKKA AND TIDUS ONLY). As long as one of the arms doesn't get a turn (especially Terra Gravion) that pattern will save you until you beat this boss. Just a tip, if no arms are present and overdrives are charged up, I suggest you save them for one arm regeneration. This idea is not needed in the first form since Overdrives charges in a regular pace, but it will start getting nasty if you can't use overdrive and both arms are present.

Nothing special will happen if you beat this boss. Just bragging rights.