: : : : : : : Extremely easy teleport spheres (as many as you want) A few other tips too (very helpful) they ALL w

Final Fantasy X Tips

Extremely easy teleport spheres (as many as you want) A few other tips too (very helpful) they ALL w
In the monster arena you can EASILY aquire as many teleport spheres as you wish considering the fact that Defeating the Sleep Sprout in species conquest will earn you 2 teleport spheres each time, basically just fight this thing until your happy, and believe this or not it is actually easier to just use that to get around the grid in general than fighting around trying to earn sphere levels, because you get 2 instead of maybe fighting for 1 each battle, you might also get a pretty nice weapon/armour or 2 each time so consider this tip into great use (try using teleport spheres to add evade and attack to weapons, and don't go cheap because he gives you 2 EVERY time) to kill the Sleep Sprout just hit him with something that does 99,999 on the 1st move because his health is under that and I can't remember how to get him all I can tell you is when you get bored or something just go around and equip everyone with Capture/overdrive-AP and fight fields all over Spira (because when you are capturing monsters you obviously don't need to use overdrives because then you can't capture monsters and instead u'll get twice as much AP) well anyways yeah use these teleport shperes to great use and don't be afraid to because you have an unlimited supply, and as for the money you will need to fight him (8000 Gil) just go to Kilika and buy about 50Tetrahields, fight kottos in the monster arena for the 40 Health Springs he gives you each time for beating him and costomize ALL of the tetra shilds to have S.O.S. Regen and +5% health (they already have +5% health)these sell for 28,000 a piece baby, and thats ALOT more than you paid for all together, the kottos costs 6000 to fight, the shilds are about 2000 to buy but when you fight kottos the 40 health springs can be used on 10 shields so in the end BASICALLY you're one rich mother*bleep*er (after you know all this you can probably figure the rest out you have a good start when you are a 100,000,000 gillionaire like me and have 99 teleport spheres whenever you want)I also have 225 stat for my attack on EVERYONE which is all you really need especially wakka, but you should know that and yeah I'm probably gonna run out of room soon so just use the money and spheres and if there is anything else U need just email me I be da pimp peace I'm out 8) 8D ^.^ >.>