Final Fantasy X Tips

Getting Full Stats (255 strength etc)
to do this is a long and punishing trial that took me ages to complete just my three main fighters (Wakka, Yuna and Rikku).
You must complete all the monster catcher "missions" and collect the fiends from all over Spira. (this was the hardest part).
Now, considering you are already hitting 9999 damage every time and have the Magus sisters, you should fight the area conquest creatures for the corresponding sphere grid nodes, and the originals will give you the rarer items such as wings to discovery.
If you do this long enough you will be able to develop the characters on the sphere grid to max level, if you need power spheres just use the kottos method to get 20 of each. you can also start to customise your weapons (eg use dark matter to get ribbon).
Now that you are taking off 99,999 every time and have over 30,000 hp you should be able to defeat even the harder creatures like nemesis.
If you have trouble just e-mail me!!
**oh yeah, this is also the only way you stand a chance of even hitting the dark aeon's without using Zanmato**