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Yojimbo's Secrets
Hi there!
I have got a hint about Zanmato, Yojimbo's most powerful move. I was with a friend who was playing FFX. He was going to defeat Belgemine's Aeons at Remiem Temple. He summoned Yojimbo, whose Overdrive gauge was full. The he said: "Shall I pay him a randomized amount of Gil?", and I answered yes. My friend made Yuna pay Yojimo 1756 Gil, and Yojimbo performed Zanmato. I have read about all those mathematics in Yojimbo's Faq at Well, it may be true. But, whenever I pay Yojimbo 1756 gil when his Overdrive gauge is full, he succsessfully performs Zanmato. I have killed loads of bosses, dark aeons, strong fiends etc. this way.
NOTICE: If, when I have to choose the gil amount, press wrong, for example, instead of 1765, I press 1865, Yojimbo never performs Zanmato if I press 8 down to 7. So be careful.
NOTICE 2: I have read in Yojimbo's Faq at that Yojimbo is available only after getting the Airship. This is totally wrong. After defeating Defender X, you may try to walk down the path which ways down to the gorge bottom. Lulu will tell you where it heads, and you may believe that you can not go down there. But, if you have read these tips, you know the exact truth.