Final Fantasy X Tips

Easy Seymour Flux
Capture all the fiends in the Calm Lands and obtain Yuna's Nirvana-this will allow Valefor to do over the damage limit.Now, climb mount Gagazet until you get to the point just before the fight with Seymour.Save.Now run around getting everyone's overdrives up to the max.Once this is done, get all your aeons overdrives up to the max(except Yojimbo-his overdrive is useless against Seymour).Now enter the battle. Start off by using Tidus' energy rain(or AceBlitz if you have it),Wakka's attack reals(try to get three '2 hits'reels up) and Auron's banishing blade.Now bring in Yuna.Have her summon Bahamut first, and make him use Mega Flare.This should do about 15,000 damage to Seymour, plus 4,000 thanks to the Mortiorchis.Now use Lulu's overdirve(any of the '-aga-'spells) and Rikku's mix(two grenades will create flash flood- a good attack against Mortiorchis)and, if he's learned it, Kimhari should cast dispel on Seymour.Otherwise use an overdrive(White Wind, if you're in bad shape).Now bring Yuna back in.She should summon Valefor, and have her use Energy Blast right away.This should do about 30,000 damage, since she can go over the damage limit now.(If using Energy Ray, 22,000 damage can be done).Seymour should really be gone by now, but if not use the other aeons overdrives until he is. Note- It is possible that Valefor will kill Seymour before he can use either cross cleave or total anihillation.Just ensure that she and Bahamut use their overdrive's right away, and don't waste time talking to Seymour.