Final Fantasy X Tips

Very strong Wakka - Great for bosses
As soon as you get Wakka start to train him up. Then in the first blitzball match against the Luca Goers make sure you win and you will receive a strength sphere, but save it for later. Now keep playing blitzball early in the game and win the tournament and get Wakka's Overdrive Attack Reels. Then play throught still training up Wakka until you get to the thunder plains. Now dodge 50 lightning bolts in a row and get 3 strength spheres. Now use all four strength on empty spots on Wakka's grid and activate them and he's strength will now go up by 16. Then go into a fight and use Attack Reels and get 2x in each row and you will do 12 hits of very high damage because of he's high strength. Now just keep training Wakka. This will be really usefull against bosses such as seymour flux and yunalesca.