Final Fantasy X Tips

Quick and Easy AP
As is posted above, weapons with Overdrive-AP and Double or Triple AP can rack up the AP in no time. Putting Overdrive-AP on one of your monster catcher weapons makes them 5x as valuable to sell AND to you while out hunting. Addtionally, if you equip an Overdrive-AP weapon, with your Overdrive Gauge at full, AND set to Victor, you also get an additional 1000-7000. The effect seems to be more dramatic with lower level creatures (Kilika, Besaid). For example, a Killer Bee gets you 40 AP with a non-customized weapon. When we had Auron equipped with Double AP and Overdrive-AP, with the gauge full and on Victor, he recieved 4440 AP!!

BTW - neoseeker rocks!!! There's always something you didn't know...