: : : : : : : Break HP Limit = Unnecessary (includes best armor combo)

Final Fantasy X Tips

Break HP Limit = Unnecessary (includes best armor combo)
BHPL is often a favorite ability for many FFX players and it's somewhat a pleasure to exceed this amount than the traditional maximum of 9,999 in the FF series. However...you will easily find that it's an ineffectual ability. It is also a waste of time when obtaining Wings to Discovery...9,999 is all the HP you need.

There is no attack in FFX that can deal over 9,999 to ALL your party members that cannot be predicted or defended against. If so, an easy Auto-life can solve this.

BHPL also have shifty effects on your Celestial Weapons. Weapons like the Caladbolg and World Champion exhibit their full potential when your health is full, and maintaining 99,999hp through those tough Arena battles is tedious and wastes precious turns.

There is no item that can restore over 9,999hp...so it's best to keep your HP capped at that amount to save space on your armor and on your sphere grid.


This armor combination works more wonders than BHPL:

[Auto-Potion] (sell all Potions and Hi-Potions)


[Defense +20%] (against Dark Aeons and Penance)
[Auto-Shell] (against Nemesis)

With this mechanic, any fallen character will immediately revived; and when a character takes damage, it will be reduced by the auto-protect/shell effects; and when a character gets into the SOS status, he or she will automatically use an X-Potion to fully restore health.

That is the armor to have, and the effects like Haste, Protect, and Shell...they save time and cannot be dispelled, even after a KO. It saves the time to cast Hastega and Protect/Shell on the entire party too (if you notice, when casted, Hastega will cut back a few of your turns on the CTB. Auto-Haste solves this problem, and it will save your arse in many fights, including the Dark Aeons).


So basically...forget BHPL and use the above armor abilities for easy battles, unless you like big numbers.

BTW...against Nemesis, his Armageddon will shoot for 99,999 against everyone, so BHPL won't help you there. This also applies to other attacks like Dark Anima's Pain or Dark Bahamut's Impulse.