Final Fantasy X Tips

A few great tips...
1. You get great effects by raising Yuna's strength even a little bit. For example, raising it to 35 will give Sandy (Magus Sister) 255 strength. Raising it to 50 will give Anima 255 strength, which, in International will give you the ability to do 1,599,932 damage. Try it, your aeons will be invincible.

2. Never underestimate Wakka, especially with his Celestial Weapon. His "Attack Reels" is the key to defeating the hardest bosses in the game, killing most monster arena bosses in one hit. In international, it is almost impossible to beat the Dark Aeons and Penance without it.

3. Beating Monster Arena bosses doesn't cost money, it makes money. Simply sell the weapons you got by killing the enemies and benefit from the attribute power-ups.