Final Fantasy X Cheats

How to get Tidus's ultimate Stuff!
To get his ultimate overdrive you must use his newest overdrives over and over and over again eventually you will get the next overdrive, here is what overdrives you get:
Overdrive: Swordsplay!
1)Spiral Cut (you start out with this)
2)Slice and dice, you attack the enemy with 6 slice's, attacks all/ you get this after using spiral cut, 10 times
3)Energy Rain, you jump into the air and release your energy at your opponents, attacks all, you get this overdrive after, using Slice and dice, 20 times.
4)Blitz Ace(ultimate overdrive!): A series of hits on the opponent, then jumps in air, and kicks a blitz ball at enemy to finish it off!
You get this after using Energy Rain, 50 times

Okay to get Tidus's ultimate weapon you must find the chocobo trainer, in the calm Islands, once you do train your chocobo and unlock the final event to race the trainer, when you beat her, go, North west, and the man blocking the path(tiny path, must look for it) will be gone, and you can enter, and go up to the sign on the wall, and press x to obtain the Cadalbolg,Tidus ultimate weapon.

Cadalbolg Power ups:
Sun Crest: Can be found on after you defeated Yunalesca.

Sun Sigil: Must get a time of 0:00:00 on the chocobo race against the trainer, better if you start off ahead of chocobo trainer and get all the balloons down the slope. Be PATIENT! Its the key to getting 0:00:00 time on this race!