Final Fantasy X Tips

Beat Seymour Flux REALLY EASY!!
HP: 70000 AP: 10000

First make sure that u get Zombie Ward on all of your armor. Next make sure your starting party is Tidus, Yuna and Auron (make sure that Auron is VERY strong...). Now make sure that all of your Aeons have their overdrives then start the battle. First cast haste with tidus onto Yuna then use Yuna to use all of her aeons overdrives and on tidus's turn switch to Lulu and use Bio on Seymour because he can be poisined. Also use Auron to attack seymour to do more damage. Once you have used all of your aeons he should be down to around 10000-2000 then just attack like crazy and kill him!! Also HEAL so that you wont die. Once you beat him you get lotsss of AP and you get a LV.4 keysphere.