Final Fantasy X Tips

Obtain: Wings To Discovery...
To obtain quite possibly the best item in FFX (Wings To Discovery), you can do one of three things.

Option One: This isn't really an option, it's mandatory. Go to Remiem Temple by the Calm Lands. Race the Chocobo and get 3 treasure chest and hit ZERO poles. You will recieve Wings To Discovery x30 for your victory.

Option Two: After your characters are fairly strong (200+ Str and 120+ Def), got to the sunken portion of Mt. Gagazet Cave and capture 2: Maelspike, Splasher, and Archelous. Go to The Monster Arena and you will have unlocked Shinryu. Beat him to obtain Wings To Discover x1 (x2 if you Overkill him).

Note: Wings To Discovery are used to customize your armor with BREAK HP LIMIT. You need 30 to add that ability. The ability is very useful and necessary.

Note: Actually, The best Item is DARK MATTER. But you can obtain Dark Matter x99 by capturing 5 of every capturable monster in the game and unlocking Ultima Buster. It only takes 60 to add The BREAK DAMAGE LIMIT ability to any weapon. The other way to get it is by any creation of the monster arena rarely dropping them.