Final Fantasy X Tips

Seymour Flux(3rd Form)
BOSS: Seymour Flux
Place:-Mt. Gagazat-Mountain Trial-

First i will say....Get EVERYONES overdrives up!!!(including Aeons)Start with Auron,Tidus,Yuna,Tell Tidus to cast haste on Yuna,then tell Yuna To summon Valfore and use his Overdrive!(it should do about 20,000 if you trained Yuna Right)Then Seymour will use BANISH on your aeon and it will be destroyed...then use whoevers next overdrive(if its Yuna summon Ifrit)After using Aurons overdrive use Rikku's overdrive and mix Chocobo Feather and Fire Gem and it should do about 4,000 damage...Then use the rest of your party's overdrive!(if its Yuna's turn summon the aeons in order from Valefor,Ifrit,Ixion,Shevia,Bahumat)He will eventally use Cross Cleave which does at least 2,000 damage to all party members so try to keep Tidus and Auron on the field since they should have alot of HP.Then Attack with your strongest people and he'll die!You'll have help from his little helper that takes 4,000 hp from him,then 3,000 then,2,000 then 1,000....You'll win!