Final Fantasy X Tips


HP: 70000 AP: 10000

Seymour is able to be poisoned. Use Rikku's Overdrive and mix a flame gem and a sleeping powder to make Abbadon Flame this will cause poison on Seymour (it can also cause silence on him). Mortichus will absorb about 4000 points from Seymour whenever it goes down, plus 2000 from the poison, plus the amount of damage from your party alone... doesn't take long to take him down with that setup.
If that doesn't work you could use a silence strike weapon to silence Seymour and keep him silenced so he can't use dispel on your group. Have Yuna heal as needed and the other 2 (Tidus) attack Mortichus when Seymour is silenced. Aeons overdrives should take care of the rest of the battle. If your having trouble with Total Annihilation the cast shell on everyone once he starts powering up. You can attack Mortichus to keep him from doing the attack, but it will only delay the inevitable. Hopefully you will survive the Total Annihilation.