Final Fantasy X Tips

Fast Ap with Master Tonberry
i'm just gonna make this quick so here i go, you first must get master tonberry and i forgot which monsters to catch, but check the other FAQ's.

well you need on weapon customizing:
1. Triple Ap
2. Overdrive->Ap
3. Triple Overdrive

ok, now you need to put everybody expect the attacker on comrade, and the attcker on stoic.

now you need to make the attcker attack tonberry and let the others heal or use phoenix attack for about 4-5 times then flee. DON'T FORGET TO FLEE WITH EVERYBODY ALVIE!!!!! in order to get Ap. This should get you about, no exactly 99 Ap and just do this until you are finished.

Don't bother to e-mail me cause my e-mail i believe is cut or something.