Final Fantasy X Tips

Beat Seymore 1 Easier
To beat Seymore really easy all you have to do is charge Tidus's overdrive fully. In the beginning of the battle do all of your talking then unleash a spiral cut on Seymore and Seymore only. The Guado guardians won't block because it's an overdrive, but since the game doesn't allow you to hurt Seymore before they die; the guardians will fall after one last turn and if you did enough damage Seymore will summon Anima. For that i'd recomend summoning any fully overdrived Aeon that suits you preferably Valefor because the overdrive is non-elemental. When the Aeon is banished just whip out your strongest fighters and attack like crazy. Just before the final blow make sure to have Rikku mix a Hypello Potion and a Musk to get a Null All of some sort so Seymore won't be able to hurt your characters. Just use any leftover overdrives you chose to pre-charge and Seymore should be toast.