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Final Fantasy X Tips

How to beat the Crawler!

First of all teach Lulu all of the second most powerful level of Elemental Dark Magic (e.g. Thundara, Fira, Watera, Blizzara). Then teach some one else (I used Kimahri) the first level of Elemental Dark Magic (e.g. Thunder, Fire, Water, Blizzard) and train them as much as you can (and buy Rikku lots of Grenades). Now save. Go and Challenge the Crawler. First take out the Negator with Wake (using the Thunderball) and Rikku (using grenades). After the Negator is down, bring out Lulu and whoever else knows magic and attack the Crawler with thunder and Thundara magic for four turns then it will send out a new Negator and this will interrupt his Mana Beam. Then repeat until he is destroyed, also if you have time summon Ixion and use his overdrive. This is a very effective way to beat him. Happy Destroying.