Final Fantasy X Cheats

very good blitz team
when you beat/lose to luca goers(it would be better to win)look for jumal(goalie)who should be seating on a bench watching his kid outside off the bar(in luca)then go look for wedge(shooter/attacker) who is a guard by the enterance of the stadium then go to were the lady was filming by the water fontain go north and look for zalitz(attcker)train and get some money so that you can hire them for a longer time your team should be like this tidus,botta,jumal,jassu,wedge,zalitz put them in this order put tidus in the top middle botta to top right jassu to top left zalitz bottom left wedge bottom right and jumal as goalie he is the best goalie at this point next to nimrook(on al-behd pychs team)after you win a few games using this team its time to travel to look for ropp(attacker/blocker)use your flee to get outta battles on the road but you may need to gold form the wins but if you trained alot you wont need to when you get to the al-behd inn take a little nap thentalk to yuna then you should see a man in the shop wearing blue walk up to him and press square and recurit him he should take the place of jassu now you have a very good team all you need is nimrook and brother to be unstoppable good luck