Final Fantasy X Tips

Well read ULTIMATE ARMOUR have you?
Want to know how to sink your teeth
into the game?
You're going to need RARE ITEMS!

Here we go!

Wings to descovery:
x30=Remiem Temple Chocobo Race Three Open Chests
x1 =Shinryu Monster Arena Kill It
x4 =Bribe:135,000 Malboro Calm Lands
x8 =Bribe:320,000 Greater Malboro Omega Dungeon

Three Stars
x14=Bribe:168,7500 Behemoth King Sin

x2 =Bribe:200,000 Land Worm Sin
x1 =Rare; After a fight against an Area Conquest, Species Conquest and Original Monsters


Winning Formula
x99=Capture one of EVERY enemy
x15=Bribe:225,000 Sand Worm Bikanel

Underdogs Secret
x99=Collect all Al Bhed Primers and talk to Rin on
the Airship
x15=Chimera(B)Bribe:45,000 Home,Airship

Door to Tomorrow
x99=Create Catastrophe in Monster Arena
x10/20=Ultima Weapon (Steal)