Final Fantasy X International (Import) Cheats

Secret Aeon Magus Sisters
First, capture all the fiends on Mt. Gagazet. Then go to the monster arena. Talk to the old man and he will reward you with the blossom crown. Now get Yojimbo and Anima. Go to the Reniem temple. (get a chocobo, go to the entrance of the calm lands but do not leave, instead go all the way to the right of the map and you will see a small feather on the floor, step on it and your chocobo will fly to the other side, go in, and go straight ahead to reach the temple) once in there, talk to Belgimine and defeat all of her aeons.
After you defeat her Bahamut she will give you the flower scepter. Go to the back of the temple and the seals will be broken. After both seals are broken you will enter the chamber of the fayth, and Yuna will receive the hidden aeons the magus sisters.