Final Fantasy X International (Import) Cheats

Secret Aeon Yojimbo
When going to Mt. Gagazet you will be stopped by some Guados. After disposing of the boss defender x, go down to the gorge instead of going straight to Mt. Gagazet. Once in the gorge go into the cavern of the stolen fayth. Proceed forward until you see a summoner. A battle will commence. She will send out Yojimbo. After the battle head straight to the chamber of the fayth. (step on switch and select north)
When the fayth asks you what do you want most select "to defeat the strongest enemies". For your first bid, offer half of his offer plus one gil. When you make your offer he will counter offer. The sum will be high but much lower then the original price. By the time he proposes 205,000 gil, he will generally accept any offer below 200,000 gil. But any lower then 195,000 gil, then he will decline your offer.