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20 free potions
At the start of the game when you get on the Al Bhed ship for the first time, go down to the floor were the power room is. Enter a room with a wallet on the floor. Examine it, and Tidus will kick it and find a potion. Keep kicking it until you have 20 potions.
Al Bhed Chest Passcodes
Al Bhed Chest 1
This is for the Al Bhed Chest that you can see to the left in the room that is opposite of the save sphere.
The first digit is 4 plus 1 (5)
The second digit is 7 minus 1 (6)
The third digit is 3 times 1 (3)
The forth digit is 2 plus 1 (3)

So the pass code is 5633

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Al Bhed Chest 2
This is for the Al Bhed Chest that is hiding behind the part of the ceiling that has fallen in and on the right hand side.
Are you Al Bhed? Yes
Name the son of the Al Bhed leader. Brother
On what island do the Al Bhed live? Bikanel Island
What is Al Bhed in Al Bhed? Al Bhed
Celestial Weapons
First you need the Cloudy Mirror which is found in the Remiem Temple. In order to get to this area, go to the southwest part of Calm Lands on a chocobo. Press O on the feather and the chocobo will fly down below. Here, there will be an intersection. Go left and examine the sphere, you'll also see the champion chocobo. Now, go right at the intersection and ride the chocobo. The race will start, your goal is to get to the central platform ahead of the champion chocobo. You'll receive the Cloudy Mirror if you win.

You need the Celestial Mirror in order to acquire the ultimate weapons for each character but first you should have the Cloudy Mirror. Now, go to Macalania Woods. Talk to the mother and child here and they will tell you that their husband/father is missing. Go east to the next area, here go west and you'll see the guy. Tell him that his family is waiting for him. Go back to the couple and they'll tell you that their child is missing. Now from the save sphere, find a crystal path and go up, at the intersection head north and you'll find the boy. Use the Cloudy Mirror there and it will become the Celestial Mirror.

Another thing, you should know that when you initially get a weapon, it will possess nothing more than the No AP ability, rendering it useless. You will need Crests and Sigils to maximize the power of each weapon.

Character Overdrives
Tidus learns new Overdrive techniques simply by using his old ones. You have to successfully pull off an Overdrive for it to count.

Spiral Cut (available from start)
Slice & Dice (perform 10 Overdrives)
Energy Rain (perform 30 Overdrives)
Blitz Ace (perform 80 Overdrives)

Yuna's Overdrive lets her summon an aeon with its Overdrive gauge completely filled. She is not able to learn specific techniques like the other characters.

Collect the Jecht, Auron, and Braska spheres that are hidden throughout Spira to teach Auron new techniques.

Dragon Fang (available from start)
Shooting Star (find one sphere)
Banishing Blade (find three spheres)
Tornado (find all 10 spheres)


Jecht Sphere: Macalania Forest (after Spherimorph fight)
Jecht Sphere: Besaid Village (next to temple)
Jecht Sphere: S.S. Liki (on the bridge in Besaid)
Jecht Sphere: Luca Stadium (basement level A)
Jecht Sphere: Mi-ihen Highroad (southern Old Road)
Auron's Sphere: Mushroom Rock Road (cliff)
Jecht Sphere: Moonflow (South Wharf)
Jecht Sphere: Thunder Plains (southern part)
Jecht Sphere: Macalania Woods (southern area)
Braska's Sphere: Mt. Gagazet (Mountain Trail)

Kihmari can learn new techniques from his enemies by using the Lancet ability. Try this move on every fiend you meet (or switch Kihmari in whenever one of the following attacks is used on you) to build up his repertoire of Overdrives. Be sure to learn his most powerful move, Nova, from the Omega Weapon.

Fire Breath
Seed Cannon
Thrust Kick
Stone Breath
Aqua Breath
White Wind
Bad Breath
Mighty Guard

Wakka is a Blitzball player, so it's only fitting that his new techniques are unlocked by playing Blitzball. By winning in the League and Tournaments you can expand your repertoire to the following overdrives:

Element Reels (available from start)
Attack Reels
Status Reels
Aurochs Reels

Lulu's Fury Overdrive allows her to cast any black magic spell multiple times in a row without losing MP. Rotate the right analog stick clockwise as fast as you can to increase the number of attacks.

Rikku's Overdrive ability allows her to mix two items together for devastating attacks or helpful potions.
Free Chocobo Rides
Go to the Calm Lands and become a chocobo trainer by talking to the female chocobo rider (leave the area and come back in on foot if she's not there). Complete the Wobbly Chocobo training exercise (cross the finish line with 12.8 seconds or less) and you will be able to ride a chocobo for free in the Calm Lands by talking to a trainer.
Jecht Shot
To teach Tidus his father's signature Blitzball move, look for a ball on the deck of the S.S. Winno. Press the circle button and you will be challenged to a quick button-pressing exercise. If you didn't get it on your first trip to Luca, don't worry. You can always go back once you get the airship and repeat the challenge. You can win more powerful Jecht Shot moves by winning Blitzball tournaments.
Kimahri (Spirit Lance) Celestial Weapon
The Jupiter Crest can be found in a chest situated behind one of the pillars at Gagazet Prominence. (where you fought Seymour Flux)

For the Jupiter Sigil you need to catch 7 blue butterflies at Macalania Woods.

To get the Spirit Lance, go to the Thunder Plains and examine 3 Cactuar Stones there with the SQUARE button. A Ghost Cactuar will appear. Now go to Thunder Plains South, then a bit northeast from the save sphere. When you see a fallen lightning rod tower examine it with the SQUARE button to receive the weapon.

Once you have the weapon and the necessary crest and sigil, go to Macalania Woods and examine one of the white orbs there to complete the ritual and maximize the power of the weapon.
Lulu (Onion Knight) Celestial Weapon
The Mars Crest can be found in a chest at the Farplane, go back there once you have the airship.

The Mars Sigil will be a little harder to acquire. It will require lots of concentration and very little distraction. Now go to the Thunder Plains and try to dodge 200 consecutive lightning bolts. (I strongly recommend having the No Encounters ability here since any random battle might distract you.) Once you're done claim your prize at the Rin Travel Agency.

You can get the Onion Knight from a chest that is underwater outside Baaj Temple.

Once you have the weapon and the necessary crest and sigil, go to Macalania Woods and examine one of the white orbs there to complete the ritual and maximize the power of the weapon.
The amount of gil you give to O'aka determines how much his prices differ from that of other shops.

0 - 100 Gil: 100% increase in prices
101 - 1,000 Gil: 50% increase in prices
1001 - 10,000 Gil: 20% increase in prices
10,001+ Gil: 30% discount on all prices

In other words, it will only cost you more to buy items from him until you give him at least 10,001 gil. When you do, you'll get a big discount. Furthermore, if you talk to him in Macalania Woods, near the area where you fight Spherimorph, you can convince him to lower his prices in that area by telling him that the prices are too high.
Rikku (Godhand) Celestial Weapon
You'll find the Venus Crest in a chest that is within a whirlpool at Bikanel Island.

You need to complete the Cactuar Village side quest to get the Venus Crest. This event is triggered once you examine the cactuar stone located somewhere in Bikanel Island. (I don't know the exact location) You have to find all 10 cactuars to gain access to the area blocked by the sandstorm. Here's a list of the 10 Cactuars.

1st Cactuar: Tomay
Clue: Tomay's gone to fetch water.
Location: Oasis
Time Limit: 10 seconds

2nd Cactuar: Rovivea
Clue: Rovivea's gone walkabout
Location: Running around to the west of Sanubia Desert East
Time Limit: 13 seconds

3rd Cactuar: Chava
Clue: Little Chava likes big numbers.
Location: 20% off sign post at Sanubia Desert West
Time Limit: 13 seconds

4th & 5th Cactuar: Alek & Aloja
Clue: Alek & Aloja play tag in the ruins of men.
Location: From the save sphere at Sanubia Desert Central, go west to the ruins.
Time Limit: 13 seconds.

6th Cactuar: Vachella
Clue: Vachella seeks the shining blue.
Location: Examine the save sphere at Sanubia Desert East.
Time Limit: 14 seconds

7th Cactuar: Robeya
Clue: Robeya's stuck inside.
Location: Southwest area of Sanubia Desert Central, look for a treasure chest near the wire fence.
Time Limit: 14 seconds

8th Cactuar: Isrra
Clue: The lord of the hole is gone, Isrra thinks.
Location: Check among the whirlpools at Sanubia Desert West (he appears randomly.)
Time Limit: 15 seconds

9th Cactuar: Elio
Clue: Much curious, Elio has left on a journey.
Location: He's at the airship, go all the way back to the Oasis and watch a scene where Elio teleports into the airship. Find him on the Deck
Time Limit: 11 seconds

10th Cactuar: Flaile
Clue: Flaile is always behind.
Location: Just put Elio's sphere into the stone and he'll show up automatically.
Time Limit: 13 seconds If you managed to find all 10 cactuars the sandstorm that once blocked your path will disappear. You can now go that area and get the Venus Sigil from a chest there.

To get the Godhand, go to Mushroom Rock (the one that was unlocked by the GODHAND password) and use the Celestial Mirror to open the treasure chest.

Once you have the weapon and the necessary crest and sigil, go to Macalania Woods and examine one of the white orbs there to complete the ritual and maximize the power of the weapon.
The set of options that appear after selecting new game
Since these options are writing in japanese, not everybody will be able to understand them, this is what they mean:
1)Which sphere grid you want to use:
A)Original Sphere Grid (Original Sphere Grid from FFX)
B)International Sphere Grid (New Sphere Grid that allows you to fully customize your characters easily)

2)Are you sure you want to start the game with the Original Sphere Grid / International Sphere Grid?
You CAN'T change the type of Sphere Grind during the game, so choose carefully.

3)Which language do you prefer?

Your choice here, affects the language in which the subtitles, game menus,
etc, will be in. (The voice-overs are in English only.)
Tidus (Caladbolg)
You can obtain the Sun Crest from a chest at the area where you fought Yunalesca.

As for the Sigil: to get it you have to race with the Chocobo Trainer in Calm Lands. You need to achieve a time of 0.0, that would mean getting 14 balloons and hitting only 1 bird, if you reach the finish line at 39 seconds or less. But it is better if you don't let any birds hit you. It is very important that you get 4 or better yet all of the balloons at the beginning of the race. As you progress however, getting the balloons will be significantly harder since it will be scattered randomly all over the track. Not to mention both the Trainer herself and the birds getting in your way.

Once you have both items, go to the northern area of Calm Lands and find a slope that leads below. Examine the glyph and use the Celestial Mirror there. You'll receive the Caladbolg.

Once you have the weapon and the necessary crest and sigil, go to Macalania Woods and examine one of the white orbs there to complete the ritual and maximize the power of the weapon.
Wakka (World Champion)
Go back to the Auroch's Locker Room in Luca and get the Mercury Crest from one of the lockers there.

The Mercury Sigil will appear as a prize at the Blitz Ball League once you completed all of Wakka's Reels. (Attack, Status, Aurochs)
Talk to the bartender at the Cafe in Luca. If you've won enough Blitz Ball games, you'll receive the World Champion.

Once you have the weapon and the necessary crest and sigil, go to Macalania Woods and examine one of the white orbs there to complete the ritual and maximize the power of the weapon.
Yuna (Nirvana) Celestial Weapon
You can get the Moon Crest from a chest at Besaid Beach.

You'll receive the Moon Sigil from Belgemine once you beat all her Aeons in Remiem Temple.

Here's a list of all the items you'll receive from her every time you defeat each of her aeons:

Valefor » Aeon's Soul / Lightning Gem x4
Ifrit » X-Potion x30
Ixion » Chocobo Feather x10
Shiva » Mega-Potion x60
Bahamut » Flower Scepter
Yojimbo » Shadow Gem x8
Anima » Stamina Spring x60
Magus Sisters » Shining Gem x40

If you caught all the monsters in Calm Lands, the Trainer will give you a chest which requires the Celestial Mirror to open. Get the Nirvana there.

Once you have the weapon and the necessary crest and sigil, go to Macalania Woods and examine one of the white orbs there to complete the ritual and maximize the power of the weapon.


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Airship Coordinates
Use the following coordinates on the airship world map, then press X when you've found the spot. These coordinates are approximates, so move the cursor around a little and press X repeatedly to find the hidden areas.

Baaj Temple: X:14 Y:60 (find Lulu's Onion Knight and Anima here)
Sanubia Desert: X:15 Y:41 (find Tidus's Ascalon)
Omega Ruins: X:74 Y:36 (battle Ultima Weapon, steal items, and find spheres)
Besaid Falls: X:31 Y:73 (find Kihmari's Dragoon Lance)
Mi-I'hen Ruins: X:34 Y:58 (find Rikku's Sonar here)
Battle Site: X:42 Y:57 (find Lulu's Phantom Bangle here)
Airship passwords
1) GODHAND-takes you to Rikku's bes weapon
2) Victorious-Rikku's best armor
3) Murasame-A good weapon for Auron(not his best though)

All passwords are in caps.
Dark aeons locations
Dark Velefor: You'll find him at the entrance of Besaid Village. A summoner will block your path and summon Dark Valefor.

Dark Ifrit: Entrance to Al Bhed Home, a man will ask you to help him find his daughter. You must choose yes and he'll ask you to look by the cliff. You'll fight Dark Ifrit there.

Dark Ixion: Talk to the soldier under the lightning rod tower, north of the Rin's travelling agency. Once you do, he'll run off and call a summoner who will then summon Dark Ixion.

Dark Shiva: Macalania Temple Entrance. A Guado Guard will block your path and summon Dark Shiva.

Dark Bahamut: Zanarkand Dome. (the place where you fought Yunalesca) Dark Bahamut will be waiting there.

Dark Yojimbo: Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, step on the teleport panel to get to the back of the cave then try to go back out. A summoner will block your path and call Dark Yojimbo. (NOTE: You'll have to fight him 5 times, after defeating him once, chase him and fight him again, and so on.

Dark Anima: Mt. Gagazet Gate. Go to Gagazet Mountain Cave and repeat the 1st Trial of Gagazet (Wakka's ball challenge, watch out because it will be harder than the first time you have done it). Once you're done, Anima will be waiting at the gate of Mt. Gagazet.

Dark Magus Sisters: From the North End of Mi'ihen Highroad, go north to Mushroom Rock. You'll see 2 summoners there, approach them.
You can either fight one sister at the time, or kill all three at the same time, it's up to you and the power of your party.

Penance: In order to fight Penance you need to kill all the dark aeons first. Then select from the airship the new destination available to fight him.
Secret aeon Anima
To obtain Anima, a secret aeon, you need to have obtained the airship. Once in possession of the airship go to the hidden area Bajj Temple(the coordinates are x-13.444 y-58.794). When you go there, dive off the ledge to see a short cut scene of Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku. Swim towards the green dot and a fight should appear between Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku. The Boss is Geosangengo (it's the same monster that attacked you earlier in the game). Protection against Petrification and Death helps a lot. If you get petrified you will sink and smash on the sea bottom, thus the character can't be revived by a Phoenix Down and will no longer take part in the battle. Once Geosangengo is defeated you can swim through the door (the green dot mentioned earlier) and you can find the Venus Crest here too. Once inside the door to the hidden chamber follow the path and you will come to a room with a seal in it. If you touch the statues in the room some will light up. Each Statue represents a Cloister of Trails. If you obtained the hidden treasure the Statue's represent Cloister it will light up. You can re-enter the Cloisters if you didn't get the bonus item so don't worry. If you have already have obtained all the hidden treasure chests then the seal will be broken and you can claim your prize, the secret aeon Anima.
Secret Aeon Magus Sisters
First, capture all the fiends on Mt. Gagazet. Then go to the monster arena. Talk to the old man and he will reward you with the blossom crown. Now get Yojimbo and Anima. Go to the Reniem temple. (get a chocobo, go to the entrance of the calm lands but do not leave, instead go all the way to the right of the map and you will see a small feather on the floor, step on it and your chocobo will fly to the other side, go in, and go straight ahead to reach the temple) once in there, talk to Belgimine and defeat all of her aeons.
After you defeat her Bahamut she will give you the flower scepter. Go to the back of the temple and the seals will be broken. After both seals are broken you will enter the chamber of the fayth, and Yuna will receive the hidden aeons the magus sisters.
Secret Aeon Yojimbo
When going to Mt. Gagazet you will be stopped by some Guados. After disposing of the boss defender x, go down to the gorge instead of going straight to Mt. Gagazet. Once in the gorge go into the cavern of the stolen fayth. Proceed forward until you see a summoner. A battle will commence. She will send out Yojimbo. After the battle head straight to the chamber of the fayth. (step on switch and select north)
When the fayth asks you what do you want most select "to defeat the strongest enemies". For your first bid, offer half of his offer plus one gil. When you make your offer he will counter offer. The sum will be high but much lower then the original price. By the time he proposes 205,000 gil, he will generally accept any offer below 200,000 gil. But any lower then 195,000 gil, then he will decline your offer.
Secret Farplane Scene
After you get the Airship go back to Guadosalam. Follow Tromell up to the Farplane. Talk with Lulu to view the secret scene.
Unlock Nemesis
Nemesis is the possibly the hardest monster in the entire game. To acquire the challenge to take on this foe you must:
Capture 10 (ten) of every monster in all areas.
Defeat every normal monster in every area in the arena.
Defeat all of the created monsters in Species/Area Conquest and Original.
After accomplishing these tasks the arena owner creates Nemesis.
Valefor hidden overdrive
Valefor also has a second Overdirve that you can acquire once Yuna join the party. Return to Besaid and speak to the little girl with a dog standing next to the temple, and you'll receive an item that gives Valefor the Overdrive Energy Blast. If the little girl isn't near the temple, then look for her inside the item shop. Energy Blast inflicts greater damage at the cost of a higher recovery time.

NOTE: You actually can get this hidden overdrive before leaving Besaid Island for the first time.