Final Fantasy VII GameShark Codes (PSX)

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All limit atacks, infinite HP and MP. (Cloud & Tifa) (PSX) North America

All Limit Attacks: (Cloud)
8009C75A 0FFF

All Limit Attacks: (Tifa)
8009C862 0FFF

Infinite HP: (Cloud)
8009C764 270F

Infinite MP: (Cloud)
8009C768 03E7

Level 99: (Tifa)
3009C841 0063

Infinite GP and BP. (PSX) North America

These can prove to be very useful, especially if you find gold sauce games funny!

Infinite GP:
8009BB6A 5FFF

Infinite BP:
8009BB70 F000

Clouds' Ultimate Weapon (PSX) North America

Cloud's Ultimate Weapon code:

Mod AirShip HighWind into objects (PSX) North America

801159E8 00??

?? into 0 through 5. after 5 game freezes sometimes.
it works on world map and mostly changes Airship. sometimes on other objects on world map.

Quick Limit Bar Gain In Battle (PSX) North America


999999 AP After Every Battle (PSX) North America

level your stuff up quick with this code