Final Fantasy VII Tips

Battle Tips
Hmm, I just thought I would give some battle tips to increase your performance during battle. Some of these need to be done before you begin battling, however.

1. You never know what kind of negative Status Effect a monster can produce on your characters. In this case it is best that you have at least x3 of most status healing items. (Such as Antidotes, Softs, Eye Drops, etc.)

2. Materia in battle is a good way to damage opponents, but keep the amount you use to a minimum. You never know when an unexpected boss fight will occur, and you'll need a healthy amount of MP.

3. In case you do run out of MP (Or HP for the matter), it's always a good idea to have Ethers and Potions in stock. Or if you are at the World Map, having Tents can be a lifesaver.

4. If you strike a Limit Break during battle, I suggest that you resist the chance to use it right away. Save it when your party is about to be annilated, when you need to finish a battle quickly, or for a tougher battle later on.

5. Some materia does more damage than others. A good way to determine what elemental property your enemy has can most of the time be determined by your surrounding. (For example: if you are in a snowy valley then your enemy will most likely be an Ice element - and Fire materia will be most effective magic to use against it). Using common sense battles can become much easier.