Final Fantasy VII Tips

Meteo Knight -
(I suggest using Cloud or Red13, their magic is highest.)
Meteo Knight:
Total Materia Required: 16
Linked Slots Required: 16

Ultimate Weapon + Wizard Bracelet+Ribbon
The Ribbon will prevent silence and other nasty annoying status's, if you become silence you will die.

Materia Setup:
Sneak Attack-Comet2,
Comet2-Mp Turbo,
Comet2+Mp Absorb
Comet2-Steal As Well,
Comet2-Added Cut
Master Magic-Quardra Magic
W-Magic-Hpmp Switch,
Final Attack-Revive2,

With this setup your gaurinteed to NEVER die.
Each time you cast Comet2, it will land 40 hits + 8 added cuts.
Every time comet2 is cast, you will attempt to steal as well AND absorb massive amounts of MP.
With hp/mp switch youll have 9999 mp.
With final attack+revive2 you can never die.
You can deal an average of 100,000 dmg every time you cast comet.
(the dmg estimate doesnt include crits, so its about 30-50k lower then the true dmg. Also if you manage get 255 magic and 255 luck the dmg will be closer to 450k)