Final Fantasy VII Tips

Emerald WEAPON - easy way to beat him!
Make sure you have the following materia and stats:

- KOTR (Lvl.2 or higher)
- Hp Absorb
- Counter (Mastered,preferred)
- Mime
- Underwater
- Hp Plus (mastered)
- W-Summon
- Level 50+

Now before you start, if you have "Sprint Shoes", equip it. It doesn't really matter if you don't. have them, though they give the wearer automatic Haste upon entering battle.

Equip Cloud with the Ragnarok (or any other sword).
Okay now link KOTR materia with Hp Absorb materia(Healing Purpose). And link Counter materia with Mime materia.
Now just equip the rest of the materia on any slot.

(Note: Hp Plus should have made your Hp at 9999. If not, then level up some more).

Start the battle... Emerald should have attacked you first, which is okay. Quickly W-Summon 2 KOTR and you should be done. Why? Well, when you summon 2 KOTR'S, Hp Absorb will give you back full health. Since Counter is linked with Mime, every time you get attacked you'll Counter with Mime...which will call KOTR using no MP at all. The worst thing Emerald will do is Counter you with Revenge Stamp (2000 damage) then attack you with his materia attack (7777 damage) which is a grand total of 9777 damage (not enough to kill your characters).

(Note: Don't just leave your system! Even though you counter all the time, Emerald still might Revenge Stamp you 4 times for destroying his eyes. This will kill you! When you get the chance to Mime DO IT!

E-Mail me if you're still stuck.