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"Can't Reach It" Dresser At Kalm
At Kalm, there's a dresser at the 2nd floor of the inn (where Cloud told you the story of his past, the first time you enter Kalm after leaving Midgar). There's an item on top of the dresser, but if you check it, Cloud will say "Can't reach it" and you don't get the item. However, you CAN get the item. How? Simply check the dresser 5 times in a row. Till the 4th time, Cloud will still say "Can't reach it", but on the 5th time, he'll get upset, shouting "...damn it!" and KICK the dresser. The 'mysterious' item will drop coz of the impact and you'll get your very first Megalixir.
8 Times Summoning Revealed!
You must have a Master Summon Materia, Quadra-Magic materia, and W-Summon materia. Have your Quadra-Magic Materia Mastered, put it into either a weapon or armor with at least 1 connecting slots (2 slots) and 1 slot, so that meakes 3 slots. Junction the Master Summon and Quadra-Magic Materias, and put the W-Summon Materia any slot you want. Just summon 2 times, and you'll notice its the same summon who just came out. If you want to summon two different summons at once, just use the w-summon. Note: if you summon two different summons, each summon will have 4 times turns. This trick doesn't work on the Knights of the Round. It is already known that if you summon the Knights, your enemies won't stand a chance! =)

Note: Knights of the Round cannot be used with Quadra Magic.
A lot of GIL and EXP.
You will need:
EXP plus Materia
GIL plus Materia
Preferably a double or triple AP gaining weapon or armor, but you don't need it.

Basically all you need to do is equip the Materia you want to master or raise and run around and try to find unknown 1, unknown 2, and unknown 3.

These monsters were hard for me when I first got here but they're fairly easy now that I have all of the characters above 90. The unknown 1 is the easiest, all it does is attack. The unknown 2 is the hardest and it will give you the most AP, EXP and GIL(20,000 with GIL+). It will confuse a character right at the start so be careful. I suggest casting Esuna before the monster confuses so that when he's finished you will heal him right away. The last unknown 3 will attack and use some magic but it will use a toxic attack to poison you.
A second chance to get the W-Item
Go to Bone Village. There is a "X" in the dirt a little before the latter. Search for "Good Treasure" on the "X". Check then box, it should have the W-Item Materia in it.
Added-Cut ... Easy Enemy/Boss/WEAPON defeat!
Ok, this trick will take some time to do. Have a weapon with eight slots. Equip a mastered Added-Cut materia to each of the slots, (that would be 800000 AP - Ouch!).
In battle, that would do 32 cuts which would equal alot of damage! If you had 8 Added-Cuts on each character (if you have the time) you could do a massive amount of damage on enemies!
Aqualung and Trine
These two elemental enemy skills can both be permanently lost if you wait too long to get them. Trine can be learned from the Materia Keeper at Mt. Nibel, Stilva at Gaea's Cliff, and Goda at Wutai. Aqualung can be learned from Chimera near the Gold Saucer and from Jenova LIFE at the City of the Ancients.

Edit by parkhurst1028: Aqualung can also be learned from the Serpent in the crashed Gelnika, meaning it is not one of the enemy skills you have to worry about missing.
Avoid Ruby Weapon's Big Tornado Attack
When you fight ruby weapon, the first thing he will do is a big swing which is quite powerful then he will hit one opponent with an attack which does about the same HP.

Next is the annoying part - he will use an attack that will blow one of your party members away for the rest of the battle. To avoid this, have only one member alive when you go in with a high HP, 9999 works well. D

oing this will make him put his hands into the ground straight away, so the first chance you get summon Pheonix to bring all your party members to life.
Battle Tips
Hmm, I just thought I would give some battle tips to increase your performance during battle. Some of these need to be done before you begin battling, however.

1. You never know what kind of negative Status Effect a monster can produce on your characters. In this case it is best that you have at least x3 of most status healing items. (Such as Antidotes, Softs, Eye Drops, etc.)

2. Materia in battle is a good way to damage opponents, but keep the amount you use to a minimum. You never know when an unexpected boss fight will occur, and you'll need a healthy amount of MP.

3. In case you do run out of MP (Or HP for the matter), it's always a good idea to have Ethers and Potions in stock. Or if you are at the World Map, having Tents can be a lifesaver.

4. If you strike a Limit Break during battle, I suggest that you resist the chance to use it right away. Save it when your party is about to be annilated, when you need to finish a battle quickly, or for a tougher battle later on.

5. Some materia does more damage than others. A good way to determine what elemental property your enemy has can most of the time be determined by your surrounding. (For example: if you are in a snowy valley then your enemy will most likely be an Ice element - and Fire materia will be most effective magic to use against it). Using common sense battles can become much easier.
Beat Safer Sephiroth without knights of the round
This guy has a high Hp and after the last battle with Bizarro you probably aren't in the best shape so start by reviving any dead chars then use a megalixer to bring them back to full hp. if you have Ultima Weapon use Clouds normal attack only, if you don't then you probably shouldn't be fighting him. Ultima weapon should do around 8700-9999 to Seph so keep doing that while Barret heals and attacks when hes not busy, having Vincent around helps, if he gets his limit break it seems tedious but as long as Seph isn't high up he deals about 800-1200 each attack and attacks about 5 times which usually amounts to more than he normally does. If Sephiroth goes high up take this chance to heal and set up barriers and destroy his, but as soon as he comes back down keep bashing him again. Having Missing Score for barret helps when he attacks while Seph is high up so you can keep hurting him. you don't need knights of the round table to do it the way i have stated so no tedious chocobo races! if you have the 2X attack materia you will have an easy fight, it goes up to 4x and once you master you get a new one same as most other materias. having that helps since 4 X 8000+ really adds up, at least 32000 per attack haha. the biggest threat is Sephiroths supernova attack which will deal around 7000-9200 each time (the wait time between casting and its actual effect takes a long time to watch too) but as long as you have some megalixers you should be alright.
Beating the first boss
When you're fighting the Scorpion and it raises it's tail, DO NOT attack.

Simply wait until it puts it's tail back down.

This way, you won't have to worry about wasting potions or phoenix downs if this is your first play through.
Best materia setup in the game
This materia setup is recommended for Cloud, but it can be used with any character, provided that they have the right materia slots.



WS= W. Summon
MP= Magic Plus
KoR=Knights of Round (level doesn't matter this time)
MPA=MP Absorb
MS= Master Summon
HPA=HP Absorb
MM= Master Magic
ALL=All (mastered for full effect)
DC= Double Cut (4xCut or mastered)
COUNTER= Counter (NOT Counter Attack. Should be mastered)
WI= W. Item
FA= Final Attack (mastered)
REVIVE= Revive (mastered)
Best weapons
Each character has an ultimate weapon that can be found using the following instructions:

CLOUD - Ultima Weapon:
Recieved after killing Ultimate WEAPON.
(note: Make sure Ultimate Weapon is completely dead. He will often just run away from battle).

BARRET - Missing Score:
Found on the steps leading to the Sister Ray canon.
(note: Barret must be in your party for it to appear).

AERITH - Princess Guard:
Found behind door IV of the clock room at the Temple of the Ancients.

TIFA - Premium Heart:
Use the key to reach Sector 5 of Midgar. Go to Wall Market and check the broken vending machine.

YUFFIE - Conformer:
Found in the Generator Room of the drowned Sunken Gelnika airplane in the ocean.

RED XIII - Limited Moon:
Go to Cosmo Canyon on Disc 3 with Red XIII in your party. He will receive the weapon from Bugenhagen.

CID - Venus Gospel:
After the rocket has been launched in Rocket Town, talk to the man outside the item shop three times.

When in Midgar for the second time, go to the Shinra Headquarters. Go to floor 64 and enter the locker room. Search one of the lockers in the third row on the left side and you will find Cait Sith's final weapon.

VINCENT - Death Penalty:
After getting a Gold Chocobo or the Submarine, find the cave behind the waterfall in the middle of a continent. Talk to Lucrecia and she will give Vincent the Death Penalty.
(note: Vincent must be in your party).
Bonus Zack and Cloud Cutscene!
After Cloud re-discovers himself, visit the basement of the Shinra Mansion again in Nibelheim. When you enter the library a cut-scene will ensue which goes into more detail about Cloud's history where he ends back up in Midgar with Zack's sword and decides to become a mercenary.
Buy The President's Tropical Getaway House
In Costa Del Sol there is a real-estate agent offering President Shinra's vacation home for 300,000 Gil. There's nothing special about owning it except to rest up your party. There are also items in the basement, but you can grab those without actually buying the house.
Caith Sith Dancing in Tub!!!
This really isn't a cheat, but when you're in Wall Market, go to the HoneyBee Inn and peek through one of the door's peepholes. Press and hold "right" until the camera stops moving. If you can't see mini-Cath, press up and Down over and over again while holding right. You will eventually see Caith Sith sitting in a hot-tub, with his parents having a rather ... 'odd' conversaion.
Chocobo (Areas to find various types)
Chocobo quality ...
Different Chocobo ranks can be found in various areas of the game:

Chocobo Ranch area: Poor/Weak
Junon area: Fair/Poor
Gold Saucer area: Good/Average
Rocket Town area: Mediocre
Wutai area: Average/Fair
Icicle Inn area: Wonderful/Weak
Mideel area: Great/Fair

cloud's limit breaks level 4
Fight in the battle arena at gold saucer until u get at least 32,000 b.p(battle point).the points can then be exchanged at the battle Arena for the cloud's level 4 limit break,Omnislash.
Contain Materia
Have no idea what I am talking about? Go to the Materia Store in Mideel - You will see a baby Chocobo running around. Talk to the Chocobo, and give him some Mimett greens, (the dialog refers to them as Samolen greens), and scratch it behind the ears. Then you will get an interesting materia called 'Contain'. This materia allows you to use powerful elemental magic like: Freeze, Break, Tornado, Flare.

BTW- It has numerous effects, like:
Strength - 4,
Vitality - 2,
Magic + 4,
Magic def + 2,
MaxHP - 10%,
MaxMP + 10%
Cosmo Canyon Back-Room Items
The general store at Cosmo Canyon will have a room in the back that's roped off when you first arrive. However, if you return to the store much later in the game, the area will be open and you can grab yourself an Elixir, a Magic Source and a Full Cure Materia!
countering negative effects of the cursed ring
The curse ring is an exceptionally useful accessory that raises all of your character's stats, but also autmoatically places them in the Death Sentence status at the beginning of every battle. To counter this, simply equip a linked Added Effect Materia to a Mastered Destruct Materia on your character's armor. Doing so will make your character incredibly powerful and immune to death at the same time.
Defeat Emerald and Ruby WEAPON with the touch of a button!
This trick can be used for both WEAPONS and is the easiest way to defeat them. First, make sure you kill all your party members except for Cloud. Equipe him with any weapon and armor you prefer (Ultima Weapon and Ziedrich are my preferences), and equip him with the accessory "Ribbon". Now comes the fun part--equiping the best materia combinations. Have KotR linked with HP Absorb and Counter linked with Mime. Also equip W-Summon, but do not link it to anything. It is also recommended Cloud have 9999 HP and over 500 MP. Note: All materia must be mastered. Now all you have to do is W-Summon KotR once and you are done. With this combination, you can cast an infinate amount of KotR for the price of 2. Each time you are hit you will counter by mimicing your last attack (being the W-Summon--KotR). And let it be known that mimicing will NOT drain your MP gauge. So in a sense, you can W-Summon once and just watch as you continuously mime KotR until the WEAPONS are destroyed.
Defeat Emerald Weapon!
As you should all know by know, Mime copies the last move used by the party and I mean ANY move, even Limits! Start the battle with Cloud on Omnislash. Of course you must have Counter and Mime linked on your Materia ^.^Also have another character in your party, preferably Red XIII or Barret as they have loads of hp, equipped with Full Cure and a lot of Maxed out Hp Plus' this goes the same for Cloud. As soon as the battle begins immediately let Omnislash rip through Emerald hitting around 4000 an attack. This should do around 100k damage. He should reply with Revenge Stamp which does 2000 ish or a Laser which does 7000 damage(notice the need of Hp Plus). Cloud will use Omnislash because of the Counter. Skip your characters go by pressing Triangle then use Mime again with Cloud. There's another 100k. If Emerald lasered Cloud then he should be on yellow hp which is a warning and this boosts his attack power. So this should do 150k damage. Emerald will now open up his side lasers and kick your ass by using Blue Lasers which inflict 3000-4000 damage and yellow lasers which inflict 400-700mp on your ass. Cloud will mime again and when it is his go, Mime again. If it is not dead then Cloud should have his Limit again. Have Red use Full Cure on Cloud and then let him use Omnislash again. Then Mime. This should finish Emerald off and you will get Earth Harp. Return to the Kalm Traveller to obtain Master Magic, Master Summon and Master Command ^.^. Hehehehe.
easiest way to max stats
In order for anyone to get their stats maxed(other then Hp&MP) is to use sources.To do this you must find enemies to to morph into sources. Here is what i suggest you do:
-have yuffie in your party from the moment you get her(i found her in the tree area before Junon town)she can be found in almost every tree area on the map
-Next get her conformer weapon from the sunken gelaknea(you will get this on disc 2)
-Next search that same place for unknown 1s 2s 3s and three other monsters (cant remember the names)
-have yuffie use morph( should do more damage then it normally does for other characters) and after a while you will get all your characters to their max stats(except HP&MP)
*once you are done stat maxing you will be able to use a lvl like 20 to kill everything like the weapons sephiroth!!!!!
Easy Easy EXP and AP !
Get Cloud to equip his Apocalypse sword - (it gives him 3x AP) - then go to the Northern Cave and fight the random-encounter enemy called "Magic Pots" .... (as you enter the cave, keep following the path util you get to a cross-section. Come towards to screen to get to place you will be in a green-ish cave area... now go to closest entrance)... This is where Magic Pots live.
Fight "Magic Pots" and you will get 1000ap and 8000 exp for each one you defeat.

- - -

Also fight random-encounter enemies called Movers (they look like little orange balls)> In each battle you fight 3 and get 2400ap with each one that is defeated. (But with the Apocalypse sword it's 3x so Cloud will recieve 2400x3 = 7200AP ! But there is a downside - you will get zero EXP)
Easy level ups
First, go to Junon. Then go to the Junon path. Next to the first row of ShinRa soldiers is a red line. Go up to it and press circle. An alarm
will go off and a flashing red light will appear. Now you can get into a never-ending barrage of fights that will give you as much experience as you need!
ok what you want to do is make sure you get the comet materia and steal aswell materia and link them and whenever you use comet 2 you hit like 5-7 times (i avnt counted) and you have more chance of stealing and causing loads of damage. it should work
Easy way to beat Bizzaro Sephiroth
If you have high levelled characters, you will be asked to pick 2 groups at the start of the Bizzaro Sephiroth battle.
Put your strongest characters in the first group (which should include Cloud). Then give your strongest character the 2-Cut (or 4-Cut) materia.
Give your 2nd strongest character the Slash-all materia.
And the third character can be your healer (give them materia such as cure, barrier, and all defensive materia).

Now enter the battle. Get your healer to cast "barrier" on all characters.
Make your other characters use 2-Cut (or 4-Cut)And Slash-all, and continue to do this procedure until Bizzaro Sephiroth finally goes down.

If any of your characters loses HP, immediately heal them with one of your healer's abilities/materia.
Emerald and Ruby Weapon - How to defeat them both!
If you are stuck on the ruby and emerald weapons then you should:

1) Have a character with w-summon and use knights of the round on him. This will use it twice.

2) Have all characters with Mimic Materia, which will mimic the last attack so knights of the round will be summoned 8 times all together.

3) He will now counter attack with Ultima so have a charscter with final attack/phoenix. This will revive all your characters
4) Repeat the process until he dies
Emerald WEAPON (killing him the easy way)
First you need this materia set up:

Knights of the Round (level 3 at least) linked with MP turbo (mastered for full impact).

Final Attack linked with Phoenix (mastered) on the strongest character because he is most likely to die last.

Buhamut Zero (mastered) linked with Quadra Magic(mastered). (you might have heard this is a waste of space but it really works!)

Mime (to mime Knights of the Round)

W-summon (to summon Knnghts of the Round twice). When KOTR is mimed, Emerald doesn't stand a chance!

Make sure you have plenty of HP-pluses and MP-pluses for a nice supply of awesomeness.

This bundle of materia does cause one liiiitle problem; Emerald has an attack which kills you if you have more than one meteria. But if you have the Final Attack/Phoenix combo, then it's no problem.

When you get into battle cast W-Summon on Knights of the Round, then Mime it.
Then cast W-Summon on Bahamut Zero and Quadra Magic. Mime it, and it will cast Bahamut Zero 16 times! (16 TIMES, OH MY GOD!)
When that's over, cast W-Summon on Knights of the Round again and Mime it, which should kill Emerald ... but if it dosn't die, give it another dose of Bahamut Zero 16 times (OH MY GOD!).

AND if that doesn't work, man you're weak! Start levelling!
Emerald WEAPON - easy way to beat him!
Make sure you have the following materia and stats:

- KOTR (Lvl.2 or higher)
- Hp Absorb
- Counter (Mastered,preferred)
- Mime
- Underwater
- Hp Plus (mastered)
- W-Summon
- Level 50+

Now before you start, if you have "Sprint Shoes", equip it. It doesn't really matter if you don't. have them, though they give the wearer automatic Haste upon entering battle.

Equip Cloud with the Ragnarok (or any other sword).
Okay now link KOTR materia with Hp Absorb materia(Healing Purpose). And link Counter materia with Mime materia.
Now just equip the rest of the materia on any slot.

(Note: Hp Plus should have made your Hp at 9999. If not, then level up some more).

Start the battle... Emerald should have attacked you first, which is okay. Quickly W-Summon 2 KOTR and you should be done. Why? Well, when you summon 2 KOTR'S, Hp Absorb will give you back full health. Since Counter is linked with Mime, every time you get attacked you'll Counter with Mime...which will call KOTR using no MP at all. The worst thing Emerald will do is Counter you with Revenge Stamp (2000 damage) then attack you with his materia attack (7777 damage) which is a grand total of 9777 damage (not enough to kill your characters).

(Note: Don't just leave your system! Even though you counter all the time, Emerald still might Revenge Stamp you 4 times for destroying his eyes. This will kill you! When you get the chance to Mime DO IT!

E-Mail me if you're still stuck.
Emerald WEAPON - kill him in one hit!
Get Cait Sith's slot limit break.
Save the game, then go fight Emerald WEAPON. Use Caith's Slots limit right away. If you're quick enough, get three cat faces in a row. This will kill ANY enemy with one hit, I mean ANY enemy! Including Emerald WEAPON!

If you dont get it, just reset and try agin.
Fill Limit Bars quicker!
If you want to get a Limit Break faster, but the bar is taking too long to fill up, then just use a "Hyper" item on yourself.

However, there is one downside to this: If a character is inflicted with "Hyper" they will also take more damage in battle (hence the reason their limit bar fills quicker).
Final Attack is Great!
Equip a mastered Final Attack with Life Materia and any time you die you'll bring yourself back to life!
Final Fantasy VII Destroy Emerald Weapon
Have only one person alive on your team and arrange your materia like this:

1.) HP Absorb> Knights of the Round

2.) Mime

Thats it! just summon KotR once and follow with mime. You will regain massive HP every turn with no cost to magic. Id make sure your character had at least 7,000 HP and good dexterity.
So much simpler than the other frustrating, time consuming ways>
Full Hp After Battle Cheat
First you cast Regen on all, then all your enemy dies quickly open the lid to the Playstation. it will be unable to load the victory dance and will glitch a bit while you HP fills up. When at full health, close the lid, your party will celebrate and the game will continue.
Get 10,000 gil easily
When at the Gold Saucer Prison, go out in the desert and fight a enemy called Cactuar.
Defeat him to get 10,000 Gil. They can also be found at Cactuar Island on the south-east area of the World Map, or south of Cosmo Canyon.
Get 100 GP for 10000 Gil
When you go back and forth Gold Saucer entrance and the Ropeway entrance, there is a chance that a man is standing in the back corner of the Gold Saucer entrance. Talk to him, and he'll sell you one GP for 100 Gil. (100 GP is the maximum) The chance is low, so keep trying. Until you grow your own chocobos, this is the fastest and the most accurate way to earn GP.
Get 7777 with all 3 characters at the same time
Required items-
Cat's bell
Gravity materia (Level 2 AT LEAST)

First make sure all your characters have a max of 7777 or higher. Equip one of your characters with Gravity materia paired with all. You at least need to be able to do Demi2. Go into a battle with easy enemies, (I like to do it right outside of Kalm) and use Demi3 on yourself (or Demi2 if you can't use Demi3) until your hp is below 154. Go into Kalm and equip Cat's bell on one character and walk around until his hp is exactly 154. Do that with the rest of the characters so they all have 154 hp. Now go back outside and get into another battle and use Demi2 on all your characters, it will make your hp 77, then run away or kill the enemies with something that will kill them in 1 hit. If one player gets attacked, keep him in your party. Now PHS all the characters out of your party that have 77 hp, unless they all have it. Keep doing this until you have Cloud to 77 hp and 2 other characters 77 hp, whether they're in your party or not. Then use potions on them until they all have 7777 hp.

NOTE: No matter how many characters you have at 7777 hp, the "All lucky 7's" will only attack 64 times for a total of 497,000 damage.

Tip-You can use this to fight emerald weapon easily by having Cid, Cloud and Barret's level 4 Limit breaks. Get all their limits up, then get 7777 hp with all of them. When you go into battle it will do 7777 damage 64 times. While it's doing all lucky 7's use all 3 limits, since limits attack first, you will use all three limits immediately after without allowing emerald to attack. Which is 7777 damage another 43 times... So thats 7777 damage 107 times, adding up to 832,139 damage. Leaving Emerald with less than 200,000 hp without even attacking you once.
Get Tifa's underwear !
During the Kalm flashback, you will be able to control the 'younger' Cloud on the mission with Sephiroth.

When you have the chance, go to Tifa's house and go into her bedroom (where there is a piano). Go to her cabinet, opposite her table, and press circle.

You will receive Tifa's Orthopedic Underwear!
Getting Chocobuckle
First of all, you need Choco-Lure materia and the Enemy Skill: LV4 Suicide.

Start a battle with a Chocobo and give him some Mimett Greens. While he is eating the Greens, cast LV4 Suicide and the Chocobo will go crazy and cast Chocobuckle on you. The character equipped with the "Enemy Skill" materia should learn the Chocobuckle ability.
It's a very handy ability to have.
Getting Vincent:
Vince can be obtained on any disk. However, you can only do it in one place - the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim. First, you need to open the safe on the top floor. The dials can be found around the Mansion, but it takes to long, so just use these. Remember, you can't go past any numbers. Going to say Right 37, then going back one space to 36, would be Left 36, not Right 36, so the safe won't open:
Right 36
Left 10
Right 59
Right 97

You will now fight a boss. When you have fought the monster, you will recive Odin materia and a key. With this key you haft to head for the library/Lab at the bottum floor in the Shinra mansion. But right before you enter the library you will see a door north on the screen. Go in there and there you will see Vincent in a coffin. After a short chat, go back and talk to him. After that leave and head twords the stairs. Vincent will then come after you and join your team.
Golden Chocobo
To acquire a golden chocobo u need 2 be on disc 2 and have the highwind available. Firstly you need 2 go to the chocobo farm and rent out all the stables. You will then have to go to the area of grass land and find a red, dragon like creature who has a ridiculous amount of HP. ( don't worry though hes a wetty). You will either have to steal a carob nut off of him or kill him and get it. You will need 3 of them. go to the chocobo tracks around the golden saucer and catch a great/good chocobo. You will know this because when you return to the stables bill will say "Mmm, this one's not bad" or "This is a pretty average Chocobo.". You could if you can be assed go to the chocobo sages house, green them up and go and race them up to a high class at the Golden Saucer. Save your game and then breed the male and female good and great together. Keep repeating this process so u have green and blue chocobos of different gender. Nows the time to save your game again. Again, you can green them up and race them to a higher class. Now you need to race green and race the knew black chocobo up. Then proceed to the chocobo tracks on the northern island and find a chocobo with two 'jumpers' with it. This will be a wonderful chocobo. Green and race your wonderful chocobo up to a high rank. Obviously make sure that its of a different gender to your black(ocean) chocobo. no fly to goblin island on the west of your world map and steal a Zeio nut from them, or again you can kill them for it. Now go back to the farm and save your game. Breed your two chocobos together and, if you have followed my guide properly, you should have a Golden Chocobo.

P.S. All greening and racing your chocobo does is improve the racing quality of the next bred chocobo.
Good Training Area Early
Hey if you guys want to have a good training grounds very early then I have the perfect place. After you get out of the Desert Prison from the Gold Saucer and obtain the buggy, head to Costa Del Sol pay for a ride back to Junon. Head to the intersection where you see a bunch troops practicing and right next to them is an red alarm Box, press circle or X(depending what your confirm button is as I set it to custom) and you should hear the alarms go off. Run around and you should fight some powerful enemies like

Slalom that is level 35, has 1500HP, 30MP, 700 EXP, 70 AP, 1500 Gil you can steal a smoke bomb from these guys that's very useful for the battle square. You can find 2 enemies of these type at a given battle or sometimes 3 which really gives you alot of AP and experience. If you have a weapon that has double AP gain, this place and those enemies(3 would be the best)will give you a ton of AP which regularly be 210 but with double it's 420AP.

The other type of enemy that shows up is the Death Machine which is also level 35 I believe has 2500 HP, 150 MP 900 EXP, 80 AP, 1200 Gil. You can steal W Machine Gun which is Barret weapon that has double AP gain. This is a good spot very early to get some or multiple Materia mastered and it's also a good spot to train and get high levels, get alot of money. With a good 5-10 hours of grinding I was able to get to 15 levels, 10 Materia mastered and up to 600,000 gil. Hell if you can master all and sell it that'll give you even more money.

The Slalom halves the damage of water attacks(Aqualung which you can get when fighting the enemy Harpy when riding in the buggy on the desert) so if you have beta enemy skill this should definitely be the best attack to use against them to kill them easily. Always save and heal your party between battles(depending on your current level) as you can die pretty quickly if you're not careful.

I'd like to give thanks to Absolute Steve on <a href="" target="_blank">gamefaqs</a> for finding this tip. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Great Glacier Navigation
If you follow this, you WON'T go more than one time for each area (except for one special area) before you reach Gaea Cliffs, so hopefully you won't fainted and taken directly to the last area, which is bottom of Gaea Cliffs. If you did fainted, if you follow this, you will most likely have been to at least 12-13 area from a total of 15.
(1) Snowboard Track. Go right on each junction you find to get to area (2).
(2) The area's almost fully enclosed by mountains. There is a cave on your right. If you enter, you can go back to World Map just behind Icicle Inn by 'riding' the slippery ice on the upper area of the cave. But to continue with your mission (Gaea Cliffs, you didn't forget that's where you're going, did you?), don't go right. Go left and you'll be at area (3).
(3) There is a frozen lake on the north side of the place. Go up Northeast a bit, crossing the ice on the lake to pick up the Potion, then go North crossing the frozen lake completely and enter a sub-area. Let's call it area 3A. There is a puzzle of 'Jumping Mini-Icebergs' which you hafta solve before you can go to the next sub-area which we will call 3B. At 3B, just enter the cave, pick up the Safety Bit accessory and backtrack to area (3). Exit via Southwest to (4).
(4) Fully covered with trees, I think it's a winter forest of some sort. Go to the left side of the area (don't exit it yet) and then up to pick up the almost-unseen-under-a-tree Mind Source. After, go straight down to exit and move on to (5).
(5) It's actually the bottom of Great Glacier. You can tell by the BIG signboard. If you need the World Map behind the Icicle Inn again, go South. To continue your journey, go left to area (6).
(6) Here, just go on to area (7) thru North exit.
(7) There are 2 caves here. One is on your right, and one just north. Enter the north one, pick up the Elixir, exit the cave via its north, and forward North to (8).
(8) Simply go down to next area.
(9) A bridge made out of log is here. Go to right exit.
(10)Its single tree standing in the middle of the area is your clue. Just go on right.
(11)Move Northeast to next area. Along the way to area (11), you could find the Added Cut Materia, which is quite hard to spot if you're not careful enough.
(12)Altho there are Hot Springs all over the place, somehow Square didn't allow Cloud to heat up there. Weird, I know. Anyway, TOUCH the spring on the left side before going up to continue.
(13)MOST CONFUSING are of all!! Just be careful to put your 3 red stick marker on a straight line of direction you're going so you know where to go when the place do its annoying random rotation. Go where Cloud's facing when he first enter this area all the way till you find a tent. Inside, pick up the All Materia. From this tent, if you go straight up, you'll arrive at the last area, but to get a VERY cool summon, go right till you enter area (14).
(14)Enter the cave at the Southeast side and talk to the 'person' inside. You'll engage a battle with Snow enemy, but she'll leave Alexander summon materia after the fight. After you get it, you can either wonder around and fight more enemies and faint yourself out, or you can go back to area (13) and try to find your way up area (15). It's harder to find it than to faint, in my opinion.
(15)My fellow journeymen, congrats. This area is called Bottom of Gaea Cliffs. At the lodge (if you fainted, you'll automatically be inside the lodge and healed) you can save at the savepoint, rest by talking to the owner, or whatever. This is the last, final, and end of Great Glacier.
Great materia setup to use against Emerald Weapon
Equip Cloud with the Ultima Weapon, Ziedrich (stolen from Rude
in Midgar and in the Gelnika), and Sprint Shoes (You get this accessory from
the person at the entrance to Battle Square after the first time you win eight
consecutive battles, and randomly as a prize from the S class Chocobo races.
Note that you can also get it automatically by winning ten consecutive S class
races with the same chocobo). Yuffie should have the Conformer, Ziedrich,
and Sprint Shoes. Cid needs to have the Venus Gospel (Bother the old man in
Rocket Town that gave you the Yoshiyuki in disc 1 after the huge materia quest
until he gives it to you), Mystile, and Touph Ring (Stolen from Reno during the
Midgar Raid). Your materia setup should be as I've outlined below.

(WS)=(MP) (DC)=(COUNTER) (KoR)=(MPA) (HP)=()


WS= W. Summon (Battle Square prize, 64,000 BP required)
MP= Magic Plus (Needs to be mastered, obtained in the cave behind the Forgotten
City at the beginning of disc 2)
DC= Double Cut (Located in Gelnika, should be at level 2 [4xCut] or mastered)
COUNTER= Counter (NOT Counter Attack. Counter is BLUE. You obtain it in the
Northern Cave, after the second screen where you found the Magic Pots and
KoR= Knights of Round (Needs to be at level four or mastered)
MPA= MP Absorb (When combined with KoR, you'll recover about 1,000 MP, which
is more than you need)
HP= HP Plus (Costs 8,000 gil in Cosmo Canyon. Needs to be mastered)

() denotes materia slots, ()=() denotes linked slots. Note that the Ziedrich
does not have any materia slots, so only the slots for the Ultima Weapon are

(FA)=(P) (R)=(ALL) (MEGA)=(D.BLOW) ()=()


FA= Final Attack (Obtained after winning the special battle in Battle Square.
Needs to be mastered)
P= Phoenix (Obtained in Fort Condor during Huge Materia quest. Needs to be
R= Restore (Needs to be level 3, 4, or mastered)
ALL= All (Needs to be mastered)
MEGA= Mega All (Obtained in Northern Cave. Have Vincent go left, but do not put
him in your party. When you meet up with the rest of the group at the bottom,
he will give it to you. Needs to be mastered)
D.BLOW= Deathblow (Fine at level 1)

() denotes materia slots, ()=() denotes linked slots. Since there is a limit
on materia in this fight, there does not need to be anything in the Mystile,
unless your materia is not mastered.

(WI)=(UW) (ALL)=(R/T/BAR) (MIME)=() (GRAVITY)=(QM)


WI= W. Item (Obtained in Midgar raid)
UW= Underwater (Removes time limit from Emerald Weapon, obtained from Kalm
Traveler [see previous section])
ALL= All (Needs to be mastered)
R= Restore (Needs to be level 3, 4, or mastered. Can be replaced by Barrier or
Time materia)
T= Time (Needs to be mastered. Can be replaced by Restore or Barrier)
BAR= Barrier (Needs to be mastered. Can be replaced by Restore or Time)
MIME=Mime (Fine at level 1)
GRAVITY= Gravity (Obtained in Gi cave after defeating Gi Nattak. Needs to be
at least level 3)
QM= Quadra Magic (Obtained in materia cave. Must be mastered for full effect)

() denotes materia slots, ()=() denotes linked slots. Since the Ziedrich does
not have any materia slots, only the setup for the Conformer is shown. Note
that you have an option of using Restore (Regen), Time (Haste), or Barrier
(Wall) in this fight. I recommend Barrier, since Yuffie and Cloud already have
the Sprint Shoes, and Cid can cast Regen on the entire party ten times.
heal your party in battle
first get one caracter whit one linked materia space on a weapon or armor , in one of them equip all materia and in the oter a heal/restore materia , then when you are in battle use the heal magic (that are linked with an all materia)
then al your allies whill be healed
Honey bee club
after you go to don corneo mansion the first time go talk to a fat man near the honee club he will give you the member card when you enter you will see a woman dressed like a bee she will talk to you and you will choose a room to receive the bikini briefs or something else (but all depends in the room you choosed) you may peek in the other doors or listen to what the people inside says. just one more thing. if you want don corneo to chose cloud to a hot night you have to do some things like do a favor to the pharmacian and go to the inn at night(buy the expansive drink and he will give you the ruby tiara) give the digestive to the man in the bath room,(to do this you have to eat in the restaurant and win a pharmacy coupon.)win the bikini breafs in the honnee inn, do more squads in the gym to win the blonde wig, and when you choose the dress choose something clean and soft.then you go to don corneo mansion.good luck

How To Defeat Emerald Weapon & Ruby Weapon
You can use this tactic to defeat those 2 weapons. First, you must acquire these materias & if possible, master them all. Yes, all (It's not really necessary to master them all but it'll make the battle easier.):
1. W-Summon Materia
2. Mime Materia
3. Knights of Round Materia (Extremely Important. Never, AND I MEAN NEVER face either these 2 without this materia. Why? See the note at the bottom)
4. HP Absorb Materia
5. Underwater Materia (This materia disables the time limit that you have to defeat Emerald. You can disregard this but make sure that your character's magic attacks are significantly high. For short, you'll have to quickly defeat Emerald if you don't have the Underwater Materia. To do this, have the Magic attack of your characters real high. There's no need for you to equip this materia when facing Ruby)
Pair the Knights of Round materia to your HP Absorb materia.

Note: As much as possible, try to reduce the amount of materias that your character has when facing Emerald. Emerald's Aire Tam Storm (Materia, spelled backwards) attack damage will depend according to the amount of materia your character has. Let's say Cloud has 5 materias, the damage that Cloud will receive from Aire Tam Storm will be 5555. But if you want to gain enough APs for other materias that you want to level up, well you can, but you will have to do this at your own risk. But when you battle Ruby, you can equip as much materias as you want because Ruby doesn't have any attacks that will depend on the amount of materias that you have as damage.
Also, make sure that your characters have enough HP to be able to survive Emerald & Ruby's strong attacks.

When Facing Emerald Weapon
When the battle begins, use W-Summon & cast 2 Knights of Round. Your character will drain some HP after this attack so there's no need for you to use Cure. When it's the next character's turn, use Mime to mimic the previous command without using the character's MP. Keep repeating this step & Emerald will fall down eventually, W-Summon, 2 Knights of Round, Mime, Mime & MORE Mime.

When Facing Ruby Weapon
Kill the other 2 characters in your party before facing Ruby to prevent it from casting Quicksand, which removes one of your party members. Even if you revive your other characters when Ruby dug its hands to the ground, it will still cast Quicksand sometime in the battle so it's better to use just 1 character. Ruby is invulnerable to your attacks. When it dig its hands to the ground, there will be 2 tentacles that will appear behind your characters. This is the time when Ruby is vulnerable. When the battle begins, Ruby will dig his hands to the ground & the 2 tentacles will appear. Use W-Summon & summon Hades (to paralyze Ruby) then Knights of Round (to damage him). After summoning, Ruby will be paralyzed. Then summon 2 Knights of Round & keep on miming until Ruby is no longer paralyzed. When this happens, summon Hades & Knights of Round then repeat the other steps.

Note: The reason why you should acquire the Knights of Round Materia is because this can deal multiple damages on your opponents in a single command. In short, the best way to defeat these 2 is to have a skill or materia that when used, will deal multiple damages. You can also use your character's limit breaks & keep miming them (make sure it is in level 4). But take note that YOU CANNOT DRAIN ANY HP EVEN IF YOU HAVE HP ABSORB. Why? Because HP Absorb only works WHEN IT IS PAIRED WITH A MATERIA, NOT COMMAND, which is what a limit attack is. Take not that other characters CANNOT mime another character's limit break. If you want to try this, then you'll have to kill the other 2 party members in your party.
If your characters doesn't have enough HP, use the materias Final Attack paired with Phoenix. (When a character who is equipped with these materias dies, he will cast Phoenix which will revive your other characters, including the caster & will also damage your opponent)

Another way to defeat Emerald is to take advantage of its Aire Tam Storm attack. How? Max all of your character's HP (9999) & use ONLY 2 materias (Particularly HP Plus). When Emerald attacks with Aire Tam Storm, the damage will be 2222 since you only have 2 materias equipped to your characters. 9999 minus 2222 is equal to 7777. When one of your characters's HP has reached 7777, he/she will go berserk & all of the attacks will deal 7777 damage but you can't control him/her. He/she will keep on attacking for a limited turn that deals 7777 damage per hit. After this, the character's HP will be reduced to 1.
How to get the Final Attack Materia
First you need to have gotten BOTH w-summon and omnislash for the battle square (omnislash is 32,000 battle points and w-summon is 64,000 and the moment you leave battle square you lose all yes all of your battle points) once you've done this the lady will say something along the lines of "wow your pretty strong, would you care to try our special battle only your strongest may enter" so in other words she complements you then she asks you if cloud would like to participate in a special battle, say yes. if you beat all 8 oppents you get the final attack materia.
How To Get Yuffie
After you defeat Yuffie a new screen appears. You can see a Save Point, but do not save or go to the menu ... Yuffie will escape if you do that, and steal money from you!

Say these things to her and she will join your team:
"Not interested."
"Wait a Second."
"...That's right."
"...Let's hurry on."

Don't ask her for her name because she'll just leave.
Impossible to die!!!!!!!
You need but 2 materia an to conected slots. Just atach a master final atack with a master pheonix (summon). Now when that character dies he/she will use pheonix, thus bringing them back to life. If both are master then this will happen unlimited times. I\'m not sure if mp matters though. This is better than final atack and revive as it can bring an entire party back to life, not just 1 person and damages your enemy.
Infinite Ribbon
To get infinite ribbon go to gold saucer and enter in the battle arena (you have to get the Morph materia before this).When your facing an ochu monster,attack him and do morph on him.If it's not working repeat the action until it work.Do this often you want............Enjoy
Item Duplication
This has probably been mentioned once or twice,but if not here's how to do it.First you must have the W-Item command materia:while in battle go to W-Item and select an item,when you select a second item,back out of it and select the second item again.Do this as many times as you want until you have the desired quantity of items.
Kalm Traveler
After Meteor has been summoned and the WEAPONs begin attacking, head to the top floor of the building on the far right side of Kalm.
There is a man there who is looking for three items; the Guide Book, the Earth Harp and the Desert Rose. Bringing each of these items to him and he will reward you. The following is a list of how to get these items:

GUIDE BOOK: Morph a creature called the Ghost Ship in the Underwater Reactor to get this item.

EARTH HARP: Defeat Emerald Weapon.

DESERT ROSE: Defeat Ruby Weapon.
Kick Nanaki(Red XIII)With A Soccer Ball!!
I Was Just Trying To Distract The Kids From Kicking The Ball At Costa Del Sol But I Press Circle And I Kick The Ball At Nanaki(Red XIII)And He Barks At Me.

Also If You Stand A Lil In Front Of Where The Girl Stands To Kick the Ball The Ball Will Stop Moving But Keep Rolling.Try Not To Get Bitten!
Kill the Cosmo Canyon Boss With One I repeat ONE Item.
Now then this boss can be a little difficult at times but this is the easiest way to kill him.No you dont need your materia and such.You just need 1 item:A X-Potion.When you enter the battle against it, use the xpotion on the boss and it should die in 1 hit.The reason why It kill it is because the boss is a undead monster so instead of the potion healing it, it kills it instead.
Kill undead enemies in one shot!
If there are any undead enemies/bosses (like Gi Nattak) use a Phoenix Down and it will kill the enemy/boss instantly!

(Note: You can determine whether an enemy/boss is undead by using the Sense ability on them).
Killing Safer Sepherouth in one limit move
All you have to do is have omnislash and be about level 70+ and of course I only recommend having the ultima weapon (if you don't have the ultima weapon before fighting sepherouth i dont know what you are but its not smart) have clouds limit ready to use aganst either jenova or bizzaro sepherouth (if you used your limit on the final form of jenova then i suggest that you use a "hyper" to put cloud in furry) and if you manage to use omnislash before sepherouth manages to use wall (barrier and mbarrier) you should beat him. however if you don't manage to do this before he uses wall it will only take Catastophe and Cosmo Memory to finish him so now you've beaten safer sepherouth without him using either supernova (big pain in the butt) or his shadow flare
Limit Break Mimic
If you need a little help with gaining new limits for characters that you may have neglected throughout the game, this trick will definitely help you.

Once you've got the mime materia, all you have to do is get your limit full for whatever character you want do to this trick with. Go into a battle and use your limit on one enemy, then mime it on another. It should only take 6-12 times using your limit to gain your level 2 limit. Please note that when you have your second limit per each level thing, you have to kill 80-140 enemies.

If you're not in need of any new limits, you can also use this trick in the battle square in the Golden Saucer.
Limit Breaks tip
Hey I just saw this when I was playing FF7 from the Playstation Network(possibly the same as the disc based version) that you don't need to have the second limit attack on the limit level to gain the next one. For instance Clouds first Limit Break on level 1 is Braver, now you don't need to get Cross Edge before you get Blade Beam on level 2. As long as you continue killing the set amount of enemies, you'll be able to get all the limit breaks levels first attack. If you don't follow me let me try to simplify:

You have cloud attack and kill 80 enemies to get his second limit Blade Beam, continue killing enemies(160) of them with cloud and you can get Meteorain. So you could only have limit level 1 braver, 2 Blade Beam and 3 Meteorain but not get the second attack within each level set.

This may seem obvious to some, but i'm sure this tip can help others about limit breaks. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Loads of money
To get a lot of money level up an "ALL" Materia until it hits "Master" and produces a new one. Sell off the Mastered "ALL" Materia and level up the new one.

Each of them are worth a lot of Gil, so keep repeating the process to have basically unlimited money.
Lost Number - Hint
If you face Lost Number (the optional boss in the Shinra Mansion safe) early in the game, use magical attacks at the beginning of the battle until Lost Number turns red. Then go all-out with physical attacks. This will make the battle easier.

Because if Lost Number turns purple, he can take away about 3500 HP damage to one character, (which could be instant death!)
Lots of Fun
Get the Ultima Weapon from the Ultimate WEAPON and let Cloud equip it (duh!).
Then equip a Double-Cut Materia and as many Counter-Attack and Counter materias as possible.
Keep your health up for maximum damage (since Ultima Weapon's attack is based on your percent of HP). Any time your enemy moves you may pound on them multiple times!)
Lots of Items (may take a while)
If you're willing to put in the time, this can be very helpful

find a good shop and inn.
walk to the nearest area where enemies appear, and fight enemies until you have a comfortable amount of gil.
buy as many items as possible, heal, and go back outside.
do not use any items, use only restore materia and the inn.
try to buy 99 potions and Hi-Potions first.
eventually you will have plenty of items.
this is probably the most helpful inside, and before the temple of the ancients.
i used this inside the temple, since you can heal your party for free.
Making The Tournament Easier: Status Protection
To make fighting status inflicting enemies easier equip Hades and Status Effect materia in a joined slot, this will null most effects.
Do this at the arena in the golden saucer to make the effects of the spiining wheel before each battle useless.
Making use out of the useless
There are a few FFVII characters that most people probably leave behind because they think they are useless in a fight - well, here's how to make them useful:

*Cait Sith (first and foremost): This guy is best suited to the back of the line with "cover" materia equipped. Because of his high base defense stats, he'll act like stuffed body armor and take plenty of hits for the team (equip powerful armor to boost effect). This also helps to boost his limit gauge, because his limit breaks are the only powerful attacks that he has. Also, don't bother with magic materia because he doesn't have much magic power and it'll reduce this HP

*Aeris: Because of her crappy attack power, it's best to make her more of a healer. equip her with "HP plus" materia, as well as "restore" and "life" materia to keep the party going if the others are killed. Her limit breaks are almost never offensive, but keep using them as much as you can before the 1st disc ends and you'll end up with "Great Gospel", which heals the party completely, fills their limit breaks, and even makes them invincible

*Red XIII: His attack power isn't that great, but he has lots of skill with black magic, so equip him with "fire", "ice", "lightning", "demi", and anything else you can think of.
Materia Growth
You may notice that sometime during the game, you'll eventually come across a couple weapons for your Party Members that when you equip them, have the words "Double" or "Triple" underneath.
This means that when you equip Materia to the Weapon, the Materia will grow 2/3x's it's normal rate when you win in any battle. This is great for wanting to aquire higher level Magic Spells through the course of the game.
Meteo Knight -
(I suggest using Cloud or Red13, their magic is highest.)
Meteo Knight:
Total Materia Required: 16
Linked Slots Required: 16

Ultimate Weapon + Wizard Bracelet+Ribbon
The Ribbon will prevent silence and other nasty annoying status's, if you become silence you will die.

Materia Setup:
Sneak Attack-Comet2,
Comet2-Mp Turbo,
Comet2+Mp Absorb
Comet2-Steal As Well,
Comet2-Added Cut
Master Magic-Quardra Magic
W-Magic-Hpmp Switch,
Final Attack-Revive2,

With this setup your gaurinteed to NEVER die.
Each time you cast Comet2, it will land 40 hits + 8 added cuts.
Every time comet2 is cast, you will attempt to steal as well AND absorb massive amounts of MP.
With hp/mp switch youll have 9999 mp.
With final attack+revive2 you can never die.
You can deal an average of 100,000 dmg every time you cast comet.
(the dmg estimate doesnt include crits, so its about 30-50k lower then the true dmg. Also if you manage get 255 magic and 255 luck the dmg will be closer to 450k)
Morph monsters in the Gelnika and you get Sources!
Bad Rap, 9000 HP, morphs into Luck Source
Unknown 1, 11000 HP, morphs into Power Source
Unknown 2, 13000 HP, morphs into Guard Source
Unknown 3, 15000 HP, morphs into Magic Source
Serpent, 14000 HP, morphs into Mind Source
Poodler, 6000 HP, morphs into Speed Source
Remember you have to morph them or you won't get the item!
Mt. Corel's Secret Area
Incase you forgot, Mt. Corel is the place behind Corel Village. If you go thru the first time you're here, before the LONG bridge that will lead to Corel Village, there's an intersection on the track where Cloud lower the bridge for the rest of the party. Below the place where you hear the birds, there are a fork. One is Southeast which lead to Corel Village, and the other is on the Southwest that LOOKS LIKE a dead end. Notice my capitalized words? That's rite, it's NOT a DEAD END. Go there, around the destroyed track, up the rock formation, hit the right side, and you'll get a screen fade. This is Miner's Hideout. You can get a Guard Source, a Mind Source and a Tent to pick up here. You may also talk to the miner, but other than to hear his story, there's notn else here.
Opponents for the Special Fights in the Battle Square
- Fight #1 is the Earth Worm.
- Fight #2 is the Ghost Ship.
- Fight #3 is an Unknown 3.
- Fight #4 is this the Vlakorados (the dinosaur enemy that is located around Bone Village)
- Fight #5 is a Blue Dragon.
- Fight #6 is Hippogriff (?)
- Fight #7 is a Master Tonberry.
- The final fight is none other than the Proud Clod. (but this thing is beefed up like there's no tomorrow!).
Refilling Chocobo's Stamina
By holding the R1 and R2 buttons simultaneously while racing a chocobo, you can gradually refill its stamina. This is especially during your first race since you can't use your own chocobo.
Saved Game Pictures (UK)
Each saved game has a different picture, according to which slot you save to. The UK version apparantly differs from the US version slightly.

6: CID
13: RUDE
Shinra Beta
The Shinra Beta is a good armor that will last you for a good while. You can only get them by stealing from Marines on the Shinra Boat; therefore, you only have one chance to get them, so be sure not to miss them.
Simple & easy 7777's
If you have your chocobuckle skill and the damage depends on how many escapes you have, then you can set your escapes to 2222.

My idea is: if you have your characters' life to 9999 the use the skill on them then so their total life points would go 7777!

So if you have time doing 2222 number of escapes, this can also be another way of doing 7777's -Happy Gaming <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Skipping Turks battle in Midgar
If you have done the optional quest in Wutai, you have the option to skip the Midgar battle with Elena, Rude, and Reno. This can be helpful if you are at a lower level.
Talk to the chocobo at the front of the chocobo farm and answer "waaark"

At the Junon coast after saving Pricilla from the flying fish thing

On the big boat after beating JENOVA-BIRTH

in one of the change stalls on the floor in the chocobo riders waiting room

In the wrecked reactor at gongag look where scarlet say "nope just useless materia"

Defeat the last number in the safe in shinra manssion ( right36,left10,right59,right97) do not go over that number and press (o) at each number

Defeat every one in the padoga in wutai

Wal into the second area of the sleeping forest. and you will notice a red object floating around wait at the spot where firts seen then tap the action buttona and take it dont use against fire enemies

Aftersnow boarding part find the hot spring and touch it then find the area where you have to leave makers go straight find the hut and enter leave through the door facing downwards go right find the cave talk to the person inside and fight it and the materia will fall from the sky

BAHAMUT deafeat the red dragon in the CETRA shrine

DEFEAT the ultimate weapon a few times until he dies. a crate will remain go to the jelly object on top of the mountain and its end
(not the best describer)

over to the side after geas cliff; just pick it up

found while collecting huge materia at fort condor after defeating all of the a man sends you out to check the condor egg it can be found there

On the wreckage in the Gelinka

Collect the four huge materia store them at the observatory at cosmo canyon then look closely at the blue one (You will need to have the other 2 Bahamut materia)

found on an unmarked island on the final disk at the top right of the map requires a gold chocobo to reach.
Temple of the Ancients - Demon's Gate
This monster has alot of HP (10,000 to be exact).
Earth, Gravity and Poison attacks are useless against him, so don't bother using them.

Summon materia is important here, especially if it is at a high level. Odin and Bahamut affect Demon's Gate alot, so use those summons as much as possible.

And heal your team members whenever possible! It is recommended that one of your party members should be the primary healer, while the other two attack Demon's Gate.
Tips for the start of the game.
If you are having trouble at the start of the game, there is a short walkthrough at the back of FFVII's instruction manual that tells that player how to complete the AVALANCHE mission and how to defeat the first boss: Guard Scorpion.
Turtle's Paradise
The owner of Turtle's Paradise in Wutai is having a contest. They put six flyers all over the world and if you can find them all, you'll get a heap of goodies as a reward. The locations are as follows:

Sector Five Slum. Inside the house on the east side of town. It's on the wall in the boy's room upstairs.

You only have TWO chances to grab this one. It's in Shinra HQ stuck to the bulletin board at the back of the lobby on the first level.

Ghost Hotel at Gold Saucer. Inside the lobby next to the item shop entrance.

Tiger Lily Arms Shop in Cosmo Canyon. Along the path that leads to Bugenhagen's house.

Cosmo Canyon Inn. Check out the wall next to the innkeeper's desk.

Next to Turtle's Paradise. In Yuffie's basement on the banner outside the trap room.
Utilising Enemy Skills (Like a pro!)
It's one thing knowing how and where to get the Enemy skills and it's another thing using them like a pro! For example...

1) Make sure you learn "L4 suicide" from the cute squirrel-type monsters (Mu) found in the Chocobo farm region in the 1st disc! With this ability, the grasshopper-type monsters and dragons found at Mt.Nibel are a pushover, (their levels are a multiple of 4!) Use sense to find more monsters with this weakness!

2) Learn the "laser" skill from the 4-clawed monsters in the Desert prison! This move SERIOUSLY hurts those annoying spiders (stinger) from the Gi caves and it kills the swinging guy in the Shinra mansion in one hit!

3) Learn "Aqualung" from the 3-headed monster in the desert, whilst on the buggy. I use this move on the red dragon boss in the temple of the ancients, and it's a good all-around move to know!

4) Learn "Beta" from the Midgar Zolom on the 1st disc! (It's possible to do this after Kalm if you have the "Elemental" materia, found in the Shinra building if you guessed Mayor Domino's favourite word on the 1st try! Link elemental with "fire" on the character with E.Skill's armor and the damage will be halved! Then strike back by using your new skill [Beta] against that treacherous snake! You're pretty much set for the rest of the disc with this ability!

5) Get "Magic hammer" from the corn-stalk-like monsters found in Wutai! This skill is great when low on Mp. It also owns Godo, (Yuffie's dad) for he is NOTHING without Mp!

6) "Chocobuckle" is useful if you've run from about 9999 battles, but I personally don't recommend this skill!

7) Finally, "White Wind" & "Big Guard" are both EXTREMELY useful moves! BE WARNED however that White wind only heals the party for the amount that the caster of white wind currently has. e.g. Cid has 365/1232Hp, and uses "White wind", the entire party is healed for 365 Hp INCLUDING Cid, bringing his Hp to 730/1232. This skill is learned from the big green winged monsters in the Junon area (Zemlezett) and they must be manipulated for them to use this manouever on your party. "Big Guard" is learned from the disgusting mollusc-type monsters on the Gongaga beach, and these guys must also be manipulated! Big Guard is the same as "Barrier" & "MBarrier" and it works on the entire party!

Use this knowledge wisely neo-friends, and you too can be a pro!
VERY easy training and money.
Need AP, Gil, and EXP fast? Look no further! All you need is patience, and a few good weapons and materia.

All Ultimate Weapons
Cid's Scimitar
Cloud's Apocalipse

3 x MASTERED gil and exp PLUS Materia
3 x Enemy Lure Materia
W-item Materia

Conditions: You MUST have Cid and Cloud in your party. The other character can be your desire

Wep: Apocalipse (triple growth)
arm: (doesn't matter) (must have at least 3 slots)
acc: (doesn't matter)

Cid must be equipped with:

Wep: Scimitar (triple growth)
arm: (doesn't matter)
acc: (Doesn't matter)

Now go down to the North crater into that forest place where you found the "Imperial Guard". Equip all three characters with Enemy Lure materia, EXP plus, and Gil plus materia (obtained from Chocobo racing, wonder square and battle sqaure). Equip the materia you wish to level up (I mean, REALLY fast) on either Cid's or Clouds weapons, that way they have triple growth. Equip whatever materia that you want to level up (not as fast) on your armnote to have W item equipped. With W-item materia, I am assumming you know how to clone your items, so you should have 99 elixers by now.

Now go fight the things called "Magic Pot". Give them an elixer (sometimes they come in 2's) and then kill them. You should recieve double exp (if you mastered your exp plus materia), and get about 32000 exp. Your materia will recieve 1000 AP, and your "trippled" materia will receive 3000 AP!

However if you just want to concentrate on your materia, find these little balls called "movers" in the same area. Now, they don't give you any exp, but the gil and AP received MORE than it makes up for it. If equipped correctly (that is, all three ch. have gil plus enemy lure, Cloud cid equipped with Triple weapons), you should receive 2400 AP for your standard Materia, and 7200 AP for your triple materia, and recieve about 90000 gil (depending on your gil plus materia level)! With three MASTERED enemy lures Equipped, you will be battling about every three steps you run!
Warrior Bangle
This is a ONE-TIME armour.
The second best armour in the game. There's only one in the game too, and the only way to get it is to steal it from the "Eagle Gun" enemy while on the runnaway train in Mt. Corel, (during the Huge Materia quest).
The party will only encounter this enemy ONCE. So you better steal it or you'll miss a great armour.
Weapon Seller
To the east of Gongaga Village is a weapon seller who usually has nothing for sale. However, there are two instances where you can get items or information out of him.

1. When you are looking for the Keystone, he will talk to you about Dio.

2. After you collect a piece of Mythril from the sleeping man he will let you open up one of the two boxes in his house. The large box near the bed has a normal item, and the small box upstairs contains Aeris' final limit break; Great Gospel.


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Ah yes, the special Quadruple 7's that everyone gets once in a while, but can never make happen again. Well, I have found a way to make it happen without fail. All you need to do is get a level 68 Cid and the "remove all" materia. Then just put on a 30%+ HP materia and bam, you've got 7777!

This is great for fighting the Emerald WEAPON becuase he never uses his deadly Air Stram if you do this.
All Lucky 7's
Make sure that the character you want to have All Lucky 7's has around 9,999 HP (Any HP higher than 7777 would be okay but 9,999 is better.) Now, engage in a battle with a weak enemy. With your other character, kill the character you want to have All Luck 7's. Revive that character to bring his/her HP to 2,499. Next, cast mini on a SINGLE monster (kill the rest.) Then manipulate the beast. Once it's manipulated, have the monster attack your character which would deal 1 damage. Use this until the last digits of your character's HP are 77 (in this case 2,477.) Escape the battle and heal. (Use Hi-Potions and Potions). To be quick, you could use 10 Hi-Potions and 3 Potions which translates to 5,000+300 = 5,300

5,300 + 2,477 = 7,777

Engage in the battle you want to use the All Lucky 7's.
Avoid "Back Attacks"
When you enter a battle and are facing away from the enemy, press the "R" and "L" button for an instant. (Don't press it long, for you will start running away).
After releasing the buttons the characters will turn around and be facing the enemies. This will avoid double damage from enemies when the characters are facing backwards.
Avoid fighting Diamond WEAPON
To avoid fighting the Diamond WEAPON, DO NOT wait for it at the shore. Instead just wait until it reaches Midgar. It will stop there and when you approach it (on foot, of course) there will be an FMV sequence involving Weapon, and then your friends will run away. Follow them. Even if you run towards the WEAPON you will still get back on the Highwind, then there will be the FMV of the Diamond Weapon being destroyed.
Battle with Turks in Sunken Gelnika Airplane
If you haven't encountered the Turks in Midgar during Disc 2 yet, you can find Reno and Rude in the Sunken Gelnika Airplane (just before the Cargo Room).
Reno has 15,000 HP and Rude has 20,000 HP.
Cast magic three times at an opponent
Have all characters with Reflect casted on them. Then, cast any attack spell on all three of your characters. The spell will bounce three times into the enemy, each with the attack power of a full spell!
Cosmo Canyon song
You can play the Cosmo Canyon song on your own by going to Tifa's house in Nibelheim. Go to the piano, then press Square, Square, Square, X, Square, Circle, Circle, R1 + X, Circle, R1 + Square, R1 + Square, R1 + Square, R1 + X, Circle, R1 + X, R1 + Square, R1 + X, Circle, R1 + X, R1 + Square, Circle, Square, X, Circle, Square, X, Square.

Note: This serves no purpose in the game.
Double Items in Northern Cave
This glitch is really easy to use, but can only be used ONCE. On your first time going through northern crater, you have the option of going left OR right. Pick your desired first direction. then, spawn your party at the bottom. GO BACK UP, AND TAKE THE OTHER PATH. Now, you may collect THOSE items too. Finally, speak with your party to be given their side of the items AGAIN. In this way, you can recieve two of the items on either path. You can only choose one path to exploit, so choose wisely.
Easy Battle Square handicaps
In the Battle Square area (at Gold Saucer), when "slot machine" handicap sequence is playing, rapidly tap the "Square" button on your controller. The slots will slow down, allowing an easier selection of your handicap.

Note: This trick will also work with Cait Sith's Limit Break.
Get into Midgar again
If you want to get back into Midgar again, here is what to do. First, go to Midgar and talk to the person who is standing just outside the gates. She'll say that she left a key at Bone Village.
Go to Bone Village and have the diggers dig for "normal treasure", and spread them all around the entire village. It may take a few tries, but it'll eventually happen, and you will recieve a key that allows you back into Midgar.
Get Quad-Magic without a Chocobo
Go to where the cave containig Quad-Magic is, and head to the cliff. Now, turn the Highwind around, so it is facing the cave, and tell it to land. As your doing this, press Square and Forward at the same time. Most of the time, the Highwind will just take off again, but if you time it just right, either:
a) The Highwind will land at the bottom of the cliff, allowing you to walk to the cave, or
b) The Highwind will land at the top of the cliff, but you will be at the bottom of the cliff, allowing you to walk to the cave.

this cheat was given to me by a friend so i dont know if it works.
Highwind :
To slide land, simply hold the "circle" button while landing.
Huge Materia In Space Code
To Get Huge Materia use this code

O Square X X

If you push this you will get the huge materia bring it to cosmo memory if you have them all you will get bahamut zero.
First of all you need the Regen spell w/all materia, when you get too low on hp, just cast regen spell, and then open the lid of playstation, the game should freeze up, but the regen spell is still going!, so you can heal yourself all the way to maximum health, then close the lid, and the game should unfreeze!
U can use this on any opponent!!!
Level 4 Limit Breaks
Cloud: Omnislash
Get 32,000 battle points in Battle Square at the Gold Saucer, then trade them in at the machine. This is worth getting, as it does more damage than Knights Of The Round when used at a high level with the Ultima weapon.

Barret: Catastrophe
Once Meteor has been summoned, go to North Corel and speak to the woman whose husband died. She may be found in the first hut on the second level in the town.

Red XIII: Cosmo Memory
Defeat the Lost Number monster found in the safe at the Shinra mansion.

Tifa: Final Heaven
Go to Nibelheim with Tifa in the party. Then play the following notes on the piano in her room by pressing X, Square, Triangle, R1 + Triangle, R1 + Square, X, Square, Triangle, R1 + X, Circle, X, Square, Triangle.

Aeris: Great Gospel
Find the sleeping man on the first continent that can tell you how many fights you have had. He is in a cave near Condor Fort, across a river. The buggy (hitch a ride from Costa Del Sol) is needed to reach that location. Once you find him, wander outside and keep getting in fights until the last two digits of your fight total are the same (e.g. 688,133). Return to the may to receive some mithril. Go to the weapons shop near Gongaga and talk to the man inside. He will offer you a small or large box. Select the small box, then look in the box that is upstairs.

Yuffie: All Creation
Win all the battles in the pagoda in Wutei.

Cid: Highwind
Found in the Gelinka (the sunken Shinra plane).

Vincent: Chaos
Using the submarine or a Gold Chocobo, go to the circular lake on the second island on disc 3. Vincent only has one break per level.

Limit Break Tip
Required: Mime materia

This is really simple. Whenever one of your characters has a limit break, you can mime it. You don't do their limit break, but the character who mimed gets their full limit.

Ultimate Limit

Required: 3 mime materia

This is awesome. You can have an endless chain of limit-breaks! All you must do is simply have one character get their limit break. Mime it, then use it with the second person, then mime it with the third person, then use it with the third person, and repeat. Very useful (with Omni-slash) to defeat the WEAPONS.

Note: A character can only Mime their own Limit Break. For example, Cloud cannot Mime Barret's Limit Breaks, or anyone else's.
Lucrecia's Cave
When you get a submarine or a gold chocobo, you can access this cave. It's located behind a waterfall in a lagoon near the Nibel area.

With Vincent in your party, visit the cave during Disc Two to learn more about Vincent's life. Visit the cave once more during Disc Three to get his ultimate weapon; Death Penalty as well as his Chaos limit break.
Masamune Blade and Super Sweeper
In the speed square in the Gold Saucer, you can do the roller coaster ride and if you get enough points, you can get Sephiroth's Masamune and a Super Sweeper Vacuum, but they are completely useless.
Master Materias
If you have the red and green huge materia, level up all of your summons and magic to master, then go to Bugenhagen's observatory and observe the huge materia and you will get the master materia.
Max Stats
Go to the Sunken Submarine and you'll fight 6 different monsters. Each moster can be morphed into one of the six sources. With a lot a patience you can get all your main stats to 255*.
Multiple Ribbons
To get as many ribbons as you want, all you have to do is this: Go deep into the Nothern Crater and fight a Master Tonberry. You will then need to Morph it using the "Morph materia". It will Morph into one Ribbon. Do this over and over for multiple Ribbons.
Obtaining the W=Item Materia A second time
This only applies if you missed out on it in Midgar.

To start off. Go to Bone Village, and choose that you want to search for a "Good Treasure". Then place diggers around the lower area spot near the "X" mark. Then, you should come up with a W-Item materia.

Happy item duping!
one winged angel music glitch
when you get up to the final boss,press start when you hear the words to the song.The longer you leave it on pause,the higher the chance there will be no words for that verse.However, if you leave it on pause for a second, the lyrics will be out of tune with the actual song.
Hope that made sense.
Saved Game Pictures (US)
The save picture depends on what file you have it saved on in your Memory Card. If you want to get a certain character's picture, then here are the appropriate files:


sercet skating
Keep breaking your expert course record and you will see the keep out sign disappear and unlock the crazy course.If you keep breaking crazy course record, you can unlock the time attck mode,the time attack mode is a yellow balloon at the beginning collect the balloon and you can see the word time attack.the time attack mode is very fun,every thing in the course will be cleared.
Sleeping Old Man
There is a cave directly east of Junon that becomes accessible once you get the buggy (on disc 1). Inside you'll find an old man sleeping who will mumble your battle statistics when you talk to him. If you talk to him and the last two digits on the number of battles you've fought matched (for example: 399 or 577) then you will recieve Mythril (which can be given the the weapon's dealer in the house near the Gold Saucer in exchange for Aerith's Great Gospel manual).
Snowboarding - Cactuar Ghost
Set a record that's under 00'54''000 in Time Attack on the Beginner Course. If successful, your rank will be "SUPER." Restart the mini-game and pause it. Go to the ghost menu and you'll see that there's a new "? ? ?" selection at the bottom. If you pick this, the ghost will be a running cactuar instead of a moogle.
Status display
The highest number shown on the status menu is 255. However the game will allow items on that screen to be built higher, but will not display anything greater than that number.
The 3rd Elemental Materia
Doing your search for Cloud when you are playing as Tifa go back to Tifas house in Nibelhem and play the Piano. If you play the tune correctly you will be given the 3rd Elemental Materia.
The safe code (mantiob in Nebilhiem)
First go to the safe on the top floor of the mantion, next walk up to it. I will say enter the code that unlocks it. The code is right 36, left 10, right 59 and right 97. Remember not to go past the number when you are ready to put it in.
Tons of Gil or Sylkis Greens
First you need W-Item which can be found in the train place under Shinra Headquarters in your second encounter if you keep going down.

Buy two Sylkis Greens from the Chocobo Sage.

Make sure Counter-Attack is not equipped.

Get into a random battle I recommend and easy one.

Once you are fighting, use W-Item Sylkis Greens on 1 enemy.

Once that is done, press (O) but do use it. Then press (X) then (O) and keep repeating. The item will multiply.

Once done, you can either sell the Greens or keep them.
Trick: How to Cross Midgar Swamp without a chocobo and not fight the Midgar Zolom
This is a little trick I learned messing around. Wait for the serpent to go pretty far away from you. Then proceed on crossing but keep an eye on it. When it gets close to you save your game and restart. When you restart the serpent will be on the other side of the swamp (most of the time). You can get lucky and only do this once but sometimes you may have to save 2 or 3 times to make it across.
Ultimate healing
This trick requires the Master Summon materia, Knights of Round, HP Absorb, and MP Absorb materia.

In order to completely heal the character using Knights of Round, link Knights of Round with MP Absorb, and link Master Summon with HP Absorb. Every time Knights of Round is used, you should recover almost (if not) all your HP, along with all the MP you used to cast it. This can be used an infinite number of times in one battle.
Unlimited elixirs
You can get unlimited elixirs.
In the ice field there's a cave with an elixir in it. Grab it but DON'T push the X-button to let the text disappear that says that you've got an elixir. Normally you can't do anything when that message is on screen but this place is an exception; here you can walk out the cave and re-enter and get it again and again...
Note that if you let the text disappear the item will be removed from the screen and you can't get it again.
Unlimited time
To have unlimited time, you must first obtain the W-Summon materia and Knights of the Round linked with MP Absorb. When you register for the battle arena, make sure to have these two materia on the character you'll be using to fight with. When your time gauge fills up, W-Summon Knights of the Round. The enemy should die, and you should recover around 700-1500 MP. Keep repeating until you win all eight battles. This works against every enemy except for the Proud Clod (in the special battle).
this is an old trick but it good if you don't know it all ready

its simply equip w-item then in battle choose an item then click on the target then choose another item but this time don't click on the target just press the back button and you will see that your items have rest do it again and you items will increase one by one so enjoy