[edit] Background

Final Fanstasy VII is the seventh instalment to the Final Fantasy series and was originally released in 1997; it was developed by Square who later became Square Enix. It is the first in the series to use 3D graphics with full rendered characters on pre-rendered backgrounds. Final Fantasy VII was also the first Final Fantasy game to be released in Europe.

[edit] Gameplay

Final Fantasy VII is a role-playing game and had gameplay similar to previous games in the series as it also consisted of three major areas: an overworld map, field maps and a battle screen. The overworld map is a 3D model scaled-down version of the games's world while the field maps consist of 2D pre-rendered backgrounds to represent locations. Players can travel the large world in a variety of ways and the world will be come more open to the player as the game progresses.

In this Final Fantasy game, Cloud Strife teams up with a resistance group to bring down the corporation he was once a soldier for, Shinra. There are 9 main playable characters including Cloud Strife the mercenary, Cait Sith the robotic cat and Red XIII the lion-creature who was experimented on.

Combat will occur randomly out in the field or will be triggered by certain event; the player's party will be put against one or more enemies and winning the battle by defeating all the enemies will provide experience and items. If the battle is lost then the game ends and the player must resume from their last save file. This game also uses the series traditional Active Time Battle (ATB) system and only allows up to three playable characters per battle; previous games in the series allow up to 5 characters at once.

Players are able to customize their parties ability to use magic, summons and special abilities by managing Materia; different types of Materia allows characters to upgrade and level up in certain areas. Each playable character has a bar that fills as they take damage in battle, once full the character can use their Limit Break special attack.

[edit] Features

Fast travelling - Explore the map with a variety of transports by air, land and sea

Party system – Explore and fight with up to 3 playable characters in your party

9 playable characters – There are 9 different playable characters to try out and use in your party, all of them are different!

Improved graphics – This is this first in the series to use 2D pre-rendered backgrounds and 3D models!

[edit] Hardware Info

Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997 for Playstation and in 1998 it was released on Windows PC's. In 2010 it was released on the Playstation Network for Japan only. Re-releases have been doen for PC and for Playstation with a version for Playation 4 being released in 2015. There is also a iOS version of the game that was released in mid-2015.

[edit] PC Hardware Info

The original PC version of the game was for Windows 98 and suffered greatly from diminished audio quality and some display errors; it did however feature smoother graphics, some glitch fixes and translation fixes also. Fans of the game released mods to help the game run smoother.

In 2012 a new version of the game was released for PC featuring new achievements and runs at full 1920x1080p resolution with upscaled graphics so that the game can run on newer Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 7. It was later released in 2013 for the Steam platform.


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