Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII review
Defending Its Honor

The good:

I thought that this was a pretty decent game, and there were several things that I liked about it.

Like Final Fantasy VII, I thought this game had a reasonably-assembled story, and they did so in a way that stayed true to the relevant details of its sequel in the series, while still being legitimately unique and original in its plot and characters. It was certainly enough to keep me interested as I played. It was nice to be able to see Zack kind of grow up in the course of the game, and I liked the way he ended up filling the shoes of his role models, to the point that it felt odd for others to regard him as he once regarded his idols, especially when he felt that he had not really become as great as they had been. As I said in my review of Final Fantasy VII, I like how they had Sephiroth's descent into madness, starting out as a proud member of SOLDIER before becoming estranged to his past and livelihood. They also did not go too far out of their way to make him anything like the main villain, while still keeping him necessary to the story.

I also think they did a fine job with the romance between Zack and Aerith. As far as what they showed, it may have seemed too cute to be something between two young adults, but it did stay pretty true to Aerith's character, as far as I am concerned, and it did fit into the story, unlike many other romantic aspects of movies and shows. It also set everything up to indicate how Aerith became who she was in Final Fantasy VII, and they managed to pull off the feeling of tragedy toward the end, as Aerith grieved over the man she loved yet never saw again.

As for the gameplay, I will not sing high praises about it, but it more fun than your typical RPG. It was like a simpler version of the combat system in Kingdom Hearts. It was exceptional to have an element of tactics and maneuvers in it, but at the same time, it was pretty simple, because enemies tended only to attack you one-at-a-time. They would often just stand there, making it incredibly easy to hit them from behind for critical damage. This kind of gave the feeling that you could just hack and slash your way through. There was also a very minute chance of ever running out AP, which is needed to dodge and parry. Personally, I found parrying to be too risky and that dodging an attack was much more effective, for defensive purposes, and since I almost never had to dodge attacks, my AP remained stable throughout the game. I also think the use of the roulette in determining certain status changes and when you could use limit breaks made things pretty simple in battle, but they did level up you up at an appropriate rate, throughout the game, and you were more than likely to level up yourself or some materia, when you used it.

I felt that the graphics in this game were beautiful. Even in battle, they looked really nice, and the enemies even had expressions. Many of the cutscenes were just gorgeous, especially the summons, and you had the option of watching them every time you summoned them. I like that even though this was all on a small screen, you could still see a wonderful amount of detail and glamor in the graphics themselves, so Square Enix really complimented themselves on that mark.

The music in this game was much more satisfying than the original Final Fantasy VII, so I have to give a thumbs up for that. Most of it worked out pretty well for the environments and the situations. It never was that extraordinary, but it got the job done.

The bad:

Anything that I would consider "bad" here really isn't, so much as it could have been better and came out as more of a disappointment.

For example, I felt the materia system on here did not play as vital of a role as it did in the first game. Only a handful of all the materia I got in the game was ever useful and was all I really needed to beat my opponents and advance forward. The same could be said of materia fusion. I never used it except for one time to see what would happen. It ultimately didn't have anything special to offer that you needed to progress through the game or beat it. All basic materia that you would have collected on the way would have sufficed. In essence, I feel that they wasted their time on this materia system, because most of the battles, even with bosses, were rather simplistic in nature.

I also felt the missions were kind of a let down. In theory, I think they should have been nice side adventures, and no matter what the description of the mission said, they were always just the same thing. You most just hacked and slashed your way through, or you could have skidded the walls to avoid combat and just get to the boss. There was just nothing special or innovative about missions. I cannot imagine why I would take the time to complete all of them. I only ended up doing about a third of them, and they were usually tedious enough at that. They only served two real purposes for me. The first was giving me some training ground where I could level up between deployments. The second was being able to replay some of the cool boss fights in the game.

That brings up another point. Reliving boss fights was only more of a reward because there was no way to go back and revisit the places on this game. You could only go and see the places where they put you. There was no element of exploration over a large world map like on most RPG's. You could only go out and see new places, if you went on missions, but they used the same maps for those so many times, that even that got boring.


So while the side stuff in this game really did not amount to much, the main aspect of this game was good, and I enjoyed playing it. It's nothing something that I think I'd want to play again anytime soon, but is something that you should seriously play, if you enjoy Final Fantasy, or just fantasy in general.

Angeal talked about protecting your honor throughout this game, and as with the original Final Fantasy VII game, I thought it was a good message that it communicated pretty well, and that helped this game keep the honor of the series.

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TGArthur Dec 28, 09
Great review, Rome! I thought it was very powerful game as well.
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badazznumber1 Mar 15, 11
This is best game I ever played
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awesomeness4141 Jul 31, 11
the best game i have on psp
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