Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Easter eggs

Hojo's SP Increase Questions
This is to find when you are with Professor Hojo a little while after meeting Aerith during the incident with Genesis. Normally you can go on with the game by talking to Professor Hojo, but instead you...

1) Go towards the chamber in the centre of the room.

2) Examine it and there should be a conversation between Hojo and Zack.

3) Hojo will begin to ask you questions.

4) Follow the guide below or skip to step 5) to take advantage of this effortless SP increase.

Depending on how you answer the following questions, you will get an SP boost at the end.

Q1. Who do you admire more right now?
A. A SOLDIER operative like Sephiroth. (+300
B. A SOLDIER operative like Angeal. (+100)

Q2. What do you think ShinRa needs most?
A. Many SOLDIER operatives. (+200)
B. State-of-the-art technology. (+400)

Q3. What kind of operative do you think SOLDIER needs right now?
A. A person who will follow all the duties of ShinRa. (+200)
B. A person who is unafraid to challenge ShinRa. (+300)

And obviously at the end, when it says, Zack feels slightly closer to... that will end with whatever you answered for the first question.

5) Get 1000 SP for answering the first, then second, then second options of the three questions. that appear.