Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Easter eggs

Hojo's SP Increase
This is to find when you are with Professor Hojo a little while after meeting Aerith during the incident with Genesis. Normally you can go on with the game by talking to Professor Hojo, but instead you...

1) Will notice 2 machines, one to the left of the room, the other to the right. Examine the one on the LEFT.

2) After reading some text, you will be instructed to doing some sort of mako energy transfusion, that is, if you decide to when the options are shown.

3) After the timer disappears, count 3 seconds at the same rate the computer previously did so, and if done correctly you can get an SP increase. But if done wrong, you lose SP.

4)Try and use the save point frequently if you value your SP highly, as you can continue to use this machine for as long as you wish.