Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Easter eggs

Hojo's secret items
This is to find when you are with Professor Hojo a little while after meeting Aerith during the incident with Genesis. Normally you can go on with the game by talking to Professor Hojo, but instead you...

1) Examine the control panel (near Hojo, virtually centre of the room).

2) Hojo should say something about defeating monsters and obtaining keys within a 3 minute time limit. Keys used to open rooms containing treasure.

3) Use the elevator you used to enter the room (the only one active) to get to see monsters running out of the room and Zack in pursuit.

4) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE STEAL EQUIPPED, and search the area for the monsters, using steal on each one before killing them to obtain the key.

5) After defeating all 6 monsters (2 of them can be found in the next room), you can open the 6 doors in turn and get the 3 treasure chests found in each. Try to do so quickly as the time limit is still going.

6) When you have obtained all the treasure, exit the area and return to Hojo. After a short conversation between Zack and Hojo, you can check out all your new treasure and then save after if you wish.