Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Unlockables

Unlock Genji Equipment
UnlockableHow to unlock
Genji Glove (Breaks Damage Limit + all Physical Attacks Critical)Find In chest (as soon as you start it is in the closest place with a dead end, Check on Map) In Mission 9-6-4!
Genji Armor (Auto Wall, Absorbs All ElementsReach 100% with everybody in your DMW. (Easy)
Ziedrich (All Stats Increased By 100 Except for Luck)Find In a Chest In Mission 9-5-6
Costly PunchIf you have the Research Dept. QMC,buy any materia and fuse it with a another materia(anything you want will do).
costly punchto unlock costly punch first you have a goblin punch and fuse any materia you have but you have a hammer punch or magical punch and fuse with fat chocobo feather 48 that your hp wil be 99999
Ziedrich/All stats will increased by 100 except luckIn the mission 9-5-6(Tab 9, then tab 5, then tab 6
Ultima mag +40Fuse Materia Hellfire (when u have the shop) to any of these, Flare, Energy
Genji HelmBeat Mission 9-5-4, Get Net Shop Shade from a treasure chest, and purchase the genji helm for 1,000,000. Once you buy one and leave the shop you can't buy another so if for any reason you want another one make sure you have $2,000,000 +. This item grants 0 AP and MP Consumption and Atuo- Libra.
genji shieldGo to mission 7-6-6 and try to encounter the magic pot. you will need gil toss, costly punch, 99 999 damage and octoslash..( effect auto wall, and absorbbs all element attcks and prevents all status ailments) if you need assistance watch this vid( )
Divine SlayerBeat Minerva in mission 9-6-6 (It's not to hard, if you have all stats on 255, Genji Armor, Genji Glove, Genji Shield and Ziedrich...)
Heike SoulComplete all missions, including Minerva mission. Very useful item, because breaks all limits, adds Death, Poison, Silence, Stun and Stop to Attack command, automatically uses Potion when HP is low, has Dualcast ability, Smart Consumer ability, items dropped or stolen are always rare, doubles items dropped by an enemy, doubles gil dropped by an enemy, imitates SP Master 1st level, steal is always succesion, and it may have other abilities, but i don't know them. But it has ability to curse you