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A Second War Of The Magi!?

The good:

There are so many amazing features to this game I don't really know where to begin...
But I suppose I'll start with the remastered dialog.
When playing the Super Nintendo version of this game, I noticed the dialog was a little...broken, to say the least. I was very delighted to find this minor flaw rectified in the GameBoy Advance Port.

Another amazing aspect to this game is the sound. Not just the soundtrack, but the sound effects in this game were absolutely flawless. For those of you that are like: "It's a GameBoy Advance Game...", that is totally my point.
The quality and placement of the MIDI's in this game were completely spot-on and really added to the effect of the story.

The bad:

As for the graphics, they wouldn't even measure up to today's standards but there's still some nolstalgia in the 16-bit graphic set-up.
This, of course, might throw some new age gamers off but I assure you, it is completely worth the eye sore to expereince such an intricate story and in-depth gameplay.

Another flaw within the game might be the fact that there isn't much to do after the Main Story is completed. There's a total of three side-quests and a sort of let-loose area in this game("let-loose" area being the Colosseum).
Though you can't really blame a game stored on a cartridge for not having an endless plethora of side-quests.


Well, to those who haven't played the game before(and shame on you for that), the sixth installment to the Final Fantasy series takes place in a somewhat industrious period in time where steam engines rule and Magic is long since dead, other than those who are artifically infused with the ability to cast magic.
That is, other than a lone girl who can mysteriously cast magic through her own natural abilities. Of course this "witch" is not simply left alone.
An Order of Government simply known as the "Empire", gets ahold of her and converts her into a War Machine clad in Magitek Armor, a unique...

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