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Meet these conditions to unlock espers for your use.
EsperHow to Unlock
GilgameshJust only bet Excalipoor at Dragon Neck Coliseum. You will fight an Onion Knight and if you win, you will get Merit Award. Gilgamesh then challenges you. Battle it and if you win, you will get him. As a bonus you can steal it's Genji Gloves or Genji Armor.
BahamutYou can get this esper by defeating Deathgaze. To battle Deathgaze, you must have Falcon Airship. In random tiles, you may stopped for awhile, because you will encountered Deathgaze. Beat him and you get Bahamut. Deathgaze have 55555 HP.
LeviathanTake the ship from South Figaro to Nikeah or from Nikeah to South Figaro. The ship will stop and a short cutscenes will follow. Then you will engage in a boss battle with Leviathan. I recommend using imp equips that you can get from metamorphing cactaurs, like reed cloak and tortoise shields. Basically, stuff that absorbs water. Defeat it with thunder-based spells, and you get leviathan magicite. It teaches flood at 2x rate.
Lore Skills
Meet these conditions to get access to lore that might be tricky to get
LoreHow to Unlock
TsunamiJust only bring Strago with you to fight Leviathan and wait for it to use Tsunami. After the battle, you will get the Lore skill Tsunami.
All Lores...mostlyGo to Kefka's Tower or the Dragon's Den and look around for an enemy called a Dark Force. Looks kinda like a wizard in fire. It only attacks with Lore magic, so kill the surrounding enemies and cast Haste on it. Then just sit back and watch. It will use everything except Grand Delta and one or two others.
Grand DeltaWhen you fight Hidon, don't slaughter him outright. First blow up those little things around him with Ultima or something, then cast Haste on it if you don't feel like waiting. After it casts Grand Delta, heal everyone in your party and proceed to annihilate Hidon. Congrats, you now have Grand Delta in your arsenal!


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!!! More Elixers Than Can Carry !!!
You can stuff Locke,Shadow,and Gogo's pockets full of Elixers and Megalixers on Soliary Island. Give Shadow the Thief Knife and have Locke and Gogo steal from the various enemies on the Island. They all yield precious Elixers and Megalixers but self-destruct quickly, so you'll need to be fast with your thieving. This is also a good place to gain the Paliden Shield as the battles are quick and easy, plus by the time you gain the 255 or so battles to break the curse, you'll have to deebo somebody's airship to carry all the Elixers and Megalixers you have!!! This way, you'll have plenty of Elixers for the Dragon's Den and Soul Shrine! !! GWA HA HA !!
100% attack hit rate
I dunno if anyone figured this out yet, but if you equip a Master's scroll, you automatically get 100% hit rate. It might also be a side effect of the genji gloves, but I think it's mostly the scroll.
If you want gain a new..yet, you can take one of your more weaker characters and turn them into the ultimate IMP fighting machine!!! Take a Rename Card and change an allies' name to something you think is cool( I turn Gogo into Mr.Imp and ImpMan!!) Pop on all of the Imps' gear(Titanium,Tortiose Shield,Imp's Halberd,and the Imps's Cloak) and you'll be a formidable opponent as you thrust your spear forward and laugh when foes fail to put a scratch on your indestructible imp armor!!! GWA HA HA !!!!
  • I Made Four New Characters That I Called The SUPER IMP NINJA FIGHTING SQUAD !!!! *** (you can have a lot more fun with this game than you know)
Beat Chupon in the World of Ruin
IN the world of FF6, the Dragon's Neck Collisium is one of the world's biggest attractions. Since it's opening, there has been one monster that reigns as champion. His name is Chupon( I think his name is Typhon in Advance)and he's a jerk. Once you fight him a few time, you'll notice that he always uses an attack called Sneeze to blow your fighter right out of the battle. Since the collisium battles are random there's not really much you can do in terms of strategy, there is however, a way to take him down if you're willing to go the distance. if you are, you're going to need to prepare a bit. First you'll need a strong fighter like Locke or Cyan, I prefer Locke because of his vast array of weapons. To Take on Chupon, you'll need a Genji Glove, an Offering and the Illumina, Ragnorok, or Excalibur to put up a decent fight.( I saw a list of the new weapos and such somewhere and it looked like everyone has an ''ultimate weapon'', if so, then use them.) If Locke is at level 99 and his strength and speed are really high then you'll probably be able to beat Chupon. When you're ready, go back to the collisium. Give Locke his ultimate weapon and the Ragnorok or the Illumina with a Genji Glove and an Offering.(The Atma Weapon works really well too if Locke has a lot of HP.)Chupon has a weakness against Ice and Holy magic so the Excalibur works to if you want to keep the Ragnork Esper. Take on Chupon when you're ready. What you need to hope for is two to three turns where Locke uses his normal attacks. With his level and strength high and the two weapons in his hands,each of his attacks will cause maximum damage. Chupon has roughly 35,000 to 45,000 HP but Locke will be hitting for about 8500 to 9500 everytime he swings so you should be able to overwhelm him. Chupon has a nasty habit of sneezing you out of battle right before he dies but if you hit him hard enough, he won't be able to counter-attack. This can take a while mind so don't get mad if you don't get it the first couple of times.
Best place to shop for items
Not much people know about this trick. This can work in the Wob and the WoR. Put Edgar as the leader of your party, and go to Figaro Castle. If you shop there with Edgar as the leader, you get quite the discount!!
Bestiary and Music Player
To unlock the Beastiary, simply save the game once, it updates as you encounter the games enemies.

To unlock the music player complete the game.

These will be available under "extras" in the main menu.
Boss # 2: Guard Leader
This is an easy way to defeat Guard Leader:

There are 3 optional teams to defeat the Guard Leader. Best if you follow the steps below:

-Use the team including Locke to defeat 3 of the enemies
-Use the team concluding Mog to defeat another 3 of the enemies
You're in the open!! There are no more enemies to worry about!
-Use the team including Mog to defeat the Guard Leader (Because that team is the strongest of all 3 teams)

There! Hope I helped!
Having trouble beating 10 Cactuars to bring out Gigantuar? Put Sabin in your party and do Raging Fist, they can't dodge it, and it will beat them in one hit!
Casting the Same Spell Five Times
In order to cast the same spell five times in one turn, you need the Soul of Thamasa and the Quick spell. To pull this off, simply cast the spell you want to cast five times before casting Quick while using Dualcast. Then, simply select the same spell every time while time is stopped. This can have fatal results on enemies, especially when the spell you're casting is Ultima.
Dagon den gold dragon TOO EASY
Just use the phantom esper to cast vanish on everyone. Then just keep spamming attack until he falls. GG NO REY
Deal great damages with 'jump' command
We all know the trick 'Dragon boots + Dragon horn' (x2 to x4 attacks with 'Jump' command), but it takes the two relics slots. But there is a way to deal the same damage with only a Dragon horn equipped (and the other slot with Ribbon or Marvel shoes or what you want.
If you make your team jump with Quetzalli esper, the dragon horn will works, and deal the multiple attacks!
I suggest you get 4 Dragon horn in Colloseum, so all of your characters can make multiple attacks. With dragon horn, you deal half the damages of a normal attack, but if Ultima weapon/Atma weapon (according to the game version) is equipped, it is not taken in account! (since damages vary depending on your HP amount). For GBA version, get some Ultima weapons by stealing them to the final boss.
So let's recap: you have four dragon horns, and idealy four ultima weapons(or powerful weapons for your favourite characters).
At a high level, a call of Quetzalli will makes you deal between 80.000 and 160.000 hp! (110.000 dmg average). Plus, every character currently jumping is protected from all kind of attack, and your foe just smash the air in front of him! If Gogo is in your team, just Mime, and no one will stand before you. Soul Shrine and its gluttern is a piece of cake!
Doing 3x more damage than Ultima in one turn
Okay. First of all, you need to have 2 Ultima weapons to do it my way (you can steal some from Rest in Kefka's tower). Max out Locke's HP (character doesn't matter, so long as he/she can equip Ultima weapon). I suggest using Diabolos Magacite and two growth eggs (I think they stack). In no time, you have a 9999 HP tank on your team. Now equip him with a genji glove and a master's scroll and the 2 Ultima weapons. Now laugh in the face of whatever enemies you might encounter, because you deal a punishing total of 40000-50000 damage per turn!
Don't worry about dying at the tower
when going at the tower buy reflect ring at south figaro for everybody then when a monster casts a magic spell it will bounce back , also before going there casts float for everyone .
Easy Gil Early
Once you get far enough in the game to where you can freely travel between Narshe and Figaro, put Edgar as the party leader and go to the Figaro Item Shop. With Edgar as party leader, you get a discount on items. Buy as much as you can from this shop and go sell all of it at one of the Narshe shops. Repeat until you have the desired amount.

Note: Only sell what you can at the shop in Figaro to avoid losing anything for good.
Easy Vargamanda and Ice Dragon Fights.
I found out a really easy way to defeat these two bosses. First you need to find Gogo. Once you have him go to Narsh and get Mog. Now as soon as you have those two you do this part as soon as you send the letter reply from the girl in Maranda.
(maybe earlier but that's the earliest i did this)

Form a party of Celes, Gogo, Sabin, and Mog.

Set Gogo's 3 mimic skills to contain magic, and blitz, the last one doesn't matter.

Now go and fight the ice dragon. This is a level 70-somewhat boss but can be really easy.
For this boss just make everyone used Confuse or summon cait sith. This boss will kill himself in no time.

Continue up the path and save. then continue onto the frozen esper (Vargamanda) examine it and you'll start a fight.

this battle is super easy even if your characters were as low as mien were around the 30's.

Make sure Celes is using Rune every turn. and if she misses a couple turns you'll survive even if you get hit with blizzaga as long as you heal your people after wards. but that will take care of your magic problem for the battle.

but of course this enemy is weak against fire but Celes also absorbs YOUR magic. So you use Gogo's and Sabin's Rising Phoenix Blitz command the entire battle as well.

Now mog is pretty much useless in this battle. So I suggest either Defending, healing (if needed), or if you want to just not control Mog then just set him up with twilight requiem dance. it wont do much but it keeps Mog off your back for the rest of the battle. Just make sure Mog DOES NOT use the Snowman Rondo he learned during the ice dragon fight! it will slow down your win by quite a bit.

This boss should die rather quickly from here. Just keep doing the same thing with your characters and soon you will have a new magicite and be back on your way to finding Umaro.
Easy Wrexsoul Trick!
Hey,are you always getting killed by Wrexsoul ending up getting stuck in Cyan's dream?Well,then this trick might help,before you go to Cyan's dreams,make sure that one of your party members knows banish,and when you have that party member,make your way to Wrexsoul.And when he vanishes,leaving the 2 soul savers behind,keep smaking them with banish until the 2 of them are caught in the vortex.If you're lucky,you may be able to pull this off before Wrexsoul comes,and if you do pull it off,you'll finish the battle without killing Wrexsoul!!!
extra esper !
if you want an extra esper go to tzen then go north until you get at the front of the relic shop then turn right and then go north look in the trees there is a man talk to it and then he will sell you a cheap esper at a cost of 10 gil very cheap <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Extra esper!
When you want another esper, and you already have the airship,go back to solitary island. Go into the hut,go out and to the beach.You may just find the magicite Quetzalli!By the way,i did this after i got Cyan,so may want to do the same.... XD
Genji Gear
Mr.Kefka, everyone's favorite know-it-all, has a tip that will allow you to stock up on precious Genji equipment. I hope you're up for a little scavenger hunt. For armor, go to Owzer's house in Jidoor and have Locke steal from the vaious enemies within. Almost all of them yeild some kind of suit(moogle,chocobo). Take them to the colliseum and bet them until you get a Nutkin suit, which can be turned into Genji Armor. Shields, however, take a little more effort. Go to Kefka's Tower and go to the section where your characters fall out of a pipe into what I think is a garbage dump. Look around a bit and you will eventually face creatures that resemble Phunbaba. Have Locke steal Thunder Shields from these guys and bet them at the Collisium for some Genji Shields. Genji Helmets, unfortunatly, are extremly rare so there isn't really a sure-fire way to stock up on them. Sorry.
Genji glove early in the game
In the Returner Hideout if you answer yes to Banons request you receive a gauntlet relic, but answering no to the request 3 times gets you a far superior genji glove relic.
Get a lot of elixir easily
simply put locke and gogo in your team. Give gogo steal comand and give them thief bracer's relic. Theach stop spell to another person. Whenever you meet Landray and peeper in solitary island cast stop on them everyturn while Locke and Gogo just using steal everyturn. So that you have a chance of stealing that lixir-lixir's from them without worrying they going to die because of their pitiful sap status
Get Mog Before World of Ruin
To get Mog early, go back to Narshe after getting Setzer. Head to the house up the stairs to the right and then go down. Go in that house. Once inside, Lone Wolf should be stealing the treasure! He takes the treasure from the locked chest and runs out. Chase after him! Follow him to the place with the esper. He'll have a Moogle in his hands. "One step and the Moogle gets it!" press A and then stand there for a couple seconds. The Moogle wakes up, freaks out, and they both fall, hanging for their lives on the cliff's edge.

Now, you have the choice between Mog and the treasure, a Gold Hairpin. The Gold Hairpin reduces MP cost or something, pretty useless. Of course, pick Mog. The other guy falls into the pit. If you pick the Hairpin, Mog will fall off the cliff.

I do not know if you can get Mog after if he falls off the cliff!

Well, that's how you get Mog early.
Getting Gogo
When you the the Falcon Airship in the World of Ruin, head to the triangular continent on the top right hand corner of the map. When there, find the monster Zone Eater and, as crazy as it sounds, let it EAT ALL YOUR CHARACTES! You will now be in the Zone Eaters stomach, you have three small mazes to get through, but they are easy.

Maze 1) To get to the other side, you must jump bridge-to-bridge while avoiding the Guards. The Guards are invincible, and knock you right off the bridge if they hit you. Do this once to get the goodies down there, and then start trying to get over to the other sides. It isn't hard to get the chests on the bridges, it just takes a bit of timing.

Save Point) Use this Save Point! The next area WILL give you a Game Over if you fail it.

Maze 2) In this area, the ceiling will collapse on you! To navigate the are without getting crushed, make use of the holes in the ceiling. Be sure to get the chests as you sprint to the safe areas!

Maze 3) This is by far the easiest of the mazes, and the other two where cake walks! Jump on the chest so the launch you to the platforms, easy enough. To get the chest, head to the platform just above the one with the swtich, using the bridge sticking out, jump to the platform and hit the switch, the rest explains itself.

With all 3 Mazes cleared, head through the door at the end of Maze 3. You will now be in front of a person covered in clothes. Talk to him. This is Gogo the Mimic, by going to his status menu and pressing Select, you can select from ANY THREE of your characters commands! He cannot use Espers, however. But that doesn't mean he can't learn magic! Any magic learned by your other characters goes to his arsenal.

The Espers are a small sacrfice compared to the power he can dish out!
Getting master scroll
When you go in front of the underground castle, there are two doors off to the left of the main door. Enter, and there will be a chest. Open it to fight the boss Samurai Soul. *enter that awesome boss music* If you want to be a troll and have it kill itself, cast Confusion on it until it uses assassin blade on itself. It OHKO's itself and you have yourself a master's scroll.
Getting Raiden magicite from Odin Magicite
After turning Odin to dust (you jerk), walk to the throne on the right, and walk down about 4 steps and activate a hidden switch (A button). The hidden passage is on the right. Head to the bottom and talk to the petrified queen. A tear will fall and Odin will turn into Raiden. Don't wort about losing Odin, other magicite teaches meteor too. BTW, try not to run into the water dragon unless you are prepared.
getting the most out of your experience points 2
Note: I've included a special relic combination for every character as a bonus !!!!! Have Fun

- TERRA - As her character implies, Terra is half-esper and therefore a powerful magic user. Though she is a very compotent fighter, her skills with magic are second to none. Focus mostly on her MagPwr while throwing in a few Speed and Vigor bonuses to mix it up a little. Terra can benefit greatly from the Hero Ring and Gem Box relics, too. At level 99 and with high MagPwr, the Hero Ring raises her Str And Mag damage considerably while the Gem Box allows her to cast two spells every turn. Nice.

- LOCKE - Locke is a fighter, first and foremost. His vast array of weapons are great and he is a very fast attacker. Get his Str and Speed as high as possible and you will be very pleased. Once he reaches level 99, he'll be a force to be reckoned with. Give Locke the Genji Glove to hold two weapons and some Running Shoes and he'll be even more fast and deadly. Also, if you equip a Thief Glove, Locke can attack and steal four times in a row !!!!

- EDGAR - The king of Figaro is a clean slate. You can customize him just about any way you want to and still get great results. If anything, focus on Edgar's Speed since he's not a very quick character. Try equiping a Hero Ring and a pair of Running Shoes to give him a more balanced approach.

- SABIN - When you first get Sabin in your party, you'll probably think that he is a strong fighter, he is, but there's more to him than you think. Vigor and Str bonuses give him a physical edge but his real strength is in his Blitz. Most of the more powerful Blitzs', like AuraBolt and Air Blade rely on MagPwr so make this your number one priority. High Speed can also be good. Give Sabin a Black Belt and a Pod Bracelet so he can counter attack while having good defences.

- CELES - Much like Terra, Celes is a powerful spell caster. Focus on her MagPwr and Speed to make her one hell of a magic user. Plus, the higher her MagPwr, the more powerful her Runic ability will be. Give her two sets of Earrings and she will be one of your most powerful characters by level 99.

- SHADOW - The mysterious ninja Shadow is the fastest character in the game. If you devote him solely to Speed, he will blow your mind by the time he reaches level 99. I would stick with throwing stars and skeans rather than attacking, Shadow can wipe out an entire screen full of enemies in less than a minute with a handfull of Tack Stars. Give him a pair of Running Shoes to make him even faster and a Black Belt just because he's a ninja.

- CYAN - With the right amount of TLC, Cyan can be turned into the strongest character in the game. Most of his skills are based on his Str, like Dispatch and Quadra Slice so make him as strong as possible. At level 99, Cyan will be so strong, his Quadra Slice will do about 8000 damage with every swing!! To make matters better, give him a Guantlet and an Offering and make sure you have a mirror handy so you can watch your jaw hit the floor.

- GAU - Though he may seem to be limited in his attack options, Gau can be very powerful. Since his Rage uses enemy attacks, he'll need to have strong Mag power to get most out of his stolen skills. Focusing on Mag and Str makes him a great member of your party. Also, If you give Gau a Merit Award and a Black Belt, he'll be able to counter attack with an actual weapon.

- SETZER - Like Edgar, Setzer is very customizable. He can be a great fighter or a powerful magic user but that's up to you. Speed can play an important role but he never seems to need it. Give him a Hero Ring to balance him out a little and the Coin Toss so he can throw your hard-earned GP right in the enemies' face.

- MOG - The moogle from the Narshe Mines is a great addition to your team. His vast array of Dances give him a hard edge. Most of his Dance rely on MagPwr so make sure you get the stat as high as possible. Str and Speed also make him deadly. Give him a Zephyr Cape to raise his already-high Evade and his Moogle Charm to climb the Fanatic's Tower without fighting any random battles.

- STRAGO - Though you might not think it, the old mage from Thamesa is probably the most usefull character in the whole game. His Lores range from powerful attacks like the Grand Train and the Step Mine, to defensive spells such as Big Guard and Pearl Wind. He also has the ability to screw with your enemies' levels and status. Raise his MagPwr high and when he reaches level99, Terra and Celes will both be put to shame. You can milk his Lores for all they're worth by giving Strago the Economizer relic to cut his casting costs down to one. Some Running Shoes also add some much-needed Speed to this rather slow character.

- RELM - Strago's granddaughter can be a powerful and speedy magic user if you want to take the neccesary steps. If you raise her MagPwr high, the spells and attacks she gains from using Control will be all the more powerful. Her Fake Mustache is a must and a pair of Marvel Shoes make sure that she stays well-protected.

- GOGO - While no one knows anything about this mysterious being, one thing that is known is that Gogo is a remarkable character. Though he can't use Espers and therefore can't gain their bonuses, his ability to mimic an allies' abilities more than make up for it. Try giving him a Merit Award so he can hold a sword for use in Cyan's SwdTech and an Economizer for magic and Lores.

- UMARO - The saquatch from the cliffs above Narshe is a powerful addition to your quest. Since he is a wild yeti, he cannot be controlled, but that dosen't mean he can't do some serious damage. Taking him all the way to level 99 more or less makes him the one of the games' strongest characters. Giving him the Blizzard Orb lets Umaro cast a unique Ice-based spell and the Rage Ring lets him throw allies toward the enemy for big damage. Also, Umaro is the only character who can wear the powerful Snow Muffler armor other than Mog. Once you have this armor you'll laugh at the strongest enemies when they fail to even knock a dent in this hulking big-foot.

There you have it, a complete list of how to get the most out of your characters. Enjoy and have fun playing this awesome game.
Gluttern strategies
So those that fought in the Soul Shrine all know and probably hate Glutterns. So, here are a few tips to make Glutterns your best friends! Make sure you have Locke or Gogo in your party to steal their items.

Green Gluttern: by far the easiest Gluttern of all, he uses physical attacks. Either cast Vanish on everyone, or use the Phantom magicite. Steal its Force Shield and scare it away.

Red Gluttern: if you slip even by the tiniest margins, your entire party is dead for sure. Make sure you have Haste on Celes, because it casts Ultima every turn and Heartless Angel when it flees, reducing your HP to 1. So time Celes's Runic with the Gluttern's Ultimas, and steal its Soul of Thamasa, a rare treasure indeed.

Yellow Gluttern: DANGER: status ailments made dangerous. It can turn your entire party into zombies. The best advice I can offer is have Ribbons on everyone, and constantly cast Reraise on everyone. You might want to just avoid all the hassle and kill it off quickly. It holds a Celestriad, but seeing as how it uses Cloudy Heaven (casts Doom on everyone, then turns them into zombies so that Reraise doesn't work), you may wish to pass this one up.

Blue Gluttern: this one is also a pain in the arse. It uses punisher to KO 2 people in your party per turn, and uses Blaster to potentially destroy your entire party. Use safety bits and Instant-Death counters at the ready, because you'll need it. It holds a Master's scroll, so you may want to brave the dangers of nabbing it before driving it off.

Alright, that's all for the Glutterns! If this doesn't help anyone, feel free to throw tomatoes at your computer screen. Just joking...cya round!
Grand Delta
To get Grand Delta, a spell learned only by one monster and is the ultimate Blue Magic (Lore) spell, in the World of Ruin after you get the Airship, re-recruit Strago and Relm. After that, put them in your party and head to Thamasa. When you do, a cutscene involving Strago, Relm, and Strago's rival, Gungho, who will tell you about the monster him and Strago used to hunt: Hidon. After that, head to the small mountian just a few steps North of Thamasa called Ebot's Rock.

In the cave, head to the Warp Point and talk to the chest, now go throuhg the portal again, you will find yourself in another part of the cave. You goal is to get 50 Pieces of Coral, after collecting 50 Pieces of Coral (it has to be 50 or more.), talk to the chest again. You will now gain acces to the path behind it. Go a bit further to run into Hidon.

Start the fight by using Ultima to defeat the four Erebus's he appears with. Now, if you are at the 40's or high 30's and have good armor, don't worry about dying to much. Hold your end up just long enough for Hidon to cast Grand Delta and start pummeling it with poweful attacks and spells. It will evetually fall.

With Strago in your party, he will learn Grand Delta. Congrats!

(NOTE - Hidon is the ONLY chance to learn Grand Delta, don't miss out!)
Hint: Best way to level up
To do this you must be around level 45+ and know Quick, Ultima, and Curaga. The best place to train in the Dinosaur Forest north of the veldt but that's not all. You must only go with 1 person ONLY to get the best leveling. But that's still not it. The catch here is to go with only 1 person with a growth egg equipped. You will gain a level every 2-3 fights (depending on the outcome).
How can I make the Ragnorok esper work?
The Ragnorok esper in FF6 is the only esper in the game that teaches your characters the powerful Ultima spell but there is a way to make more use out of it. You'll probably notice that its attack Metamorph almost always misses. Simply cast Vanish on the enemy you wish to turn into an item and Ragnorok will almost never miss. Some enemies can be turned into rare items and relics so shop around.
how to get growth egg..
1)bet the impartisan
2)bet the cat-ear hood
3)bet the merit award
4)bet the rename card
5)bet the miracle shoes
6)then u'll get the growth egg
Kaiser Dragon
The best way i found out on how to kill Kaiser Dragon is for every character to have the quick spell. Once this is done use the first spell for either ulitma or gravija and the 2nd for the the rearise. Keep repeating the 1st one and as long as you either use a cure spell or defend on the 2nd quick move the Kaiser Dragon shouldn't attack you until you finish him off.
Magic Master Made Easy
If you've faced the Magic Master before at the top of Cultist's Tower in the World of Ruin, chances are you've faced the frustration of waiting for him to attack to determine what type of magic you should use against him. There's a way to remedy this situation, however.

When you first start out the fight, cast Berserk on him and continue doing so until it hits should the initial casting fail. This will neutralize the Barrier Change ability, meaning that he'll be susceptible to one type of magic the whole time. Now, cast Libra to find out what his weakness is. Once you know that, you'll know what element your spells should be to deal a good bit of damage in a short time. Make sure to have one character on healing duty, though, as his physical attacks still deal about 500 damage when you're around level 40.
Magical Gear
You can make a character nearly impervious to pretty much all magic with the right set of gear. The Aegis and Paledin shields work great as do the Minerva Bustier. Also, never underestimate the Force Shield and Force Armor. Slap on some Beads or a Zephyr Cloak to give yourself that extra evasive edge. The Lightbringer and the Ragnorok also jack up your defensive stats.
Making The World of Ruin Easier
When you get to the World of Ruin, go up untill you get Setzer and the Falcon Airship. When you have control over the Airship, stop doing the main story for a bit, fly around the world getting the characters that aren't gotten by the main story (Mog, Gau, Gogo, and Umaro). Getting these characters makes the main story MUCH easier to handle. I strongly recommend getting Gogo, as a Mimic with three open Command Slots, he is the biggest help.
Merit Award
Too get the merit award you have to follow these steps

1st. Go fight a few Tyransauses near the Vedelt and wait for one to drop an "Imparstain"
2nd. Bet the Imparstain and you will fight a "Were Dragon" kill it and get the "Cat Eared-Hood"
3rd. Bet that and you will fight a Slag Worm. After you kill it you will get the merit award.
Obtaining Rename Cards and miracle shoes
-First, you must have access to the coliseum (after world changes)
-Second, you must have elixers


Wager your elixer for a rename card at the coliseum and defeat the monster. After obtaining the rename card, wager the rename card. After defeating that enemy, you will obtain miracle shoes.
The miracle shoes is a relic that adds Haste, Protect, and Shell to the wearer.
Obtaining the Chainsaw
The Chainsaw is a valuable tool for Edgar. It deals alot of damage to a single enemy or even OHKO's them. To get it you have to go to the "inn" at Zozo, the thief town. Once you go in, you should see a clock. Enter 6:10:50 into the clock and ot should open up a passageway. Go through it and there should be a chest containing the Chainsaw.
Paladin Sheild
To obtain the paladin shield Simply win 255 battles wearing the cursed shield(combo it with a ribbon to limit the ill effects on the character wearing it) and it turns into the paladin shield. Aswell as having high defenses and elemental resist the paladin shield teaches characters Ultima at a rate of 1x.
Pay attention in school, young man !!
When you begin FF6A, you will notice a building at the entrance of Narshe that is basically an info center or as I like to call it, the
''HogWarts'' of FF6A. This place is full of people that have whole slews of info about the game. Take the time, especially if your a rookie, to talk to everyone and take in all of there tips and tricks. Gaining this knowledge will better prepare you for the umbelieveable journey that you're about to experience. Even I, an old-school vet, occasionally stop at ''HogWarts'' for a spell.(pun intended)
Sabin's Most Powerful Blitz Ever!
If you ever wanted to get Sabin's most powerful blitz, then you have to be in the World of Ruin. If you are in the World of Balance, I'm sorry but you won't be able to get it.

-After you get the Falcon Airship with Setzer, go to the continent where Narshe' is.
-After you get there, search for 5 trees that look like a + sign.
-Now, get into the center of the trees.

I guess the rest is for the players to figure out.
By the way, he Blitz name is : PHANTOM RUSH.

Saving Cid
When you're supposed to catch some fish for Cid, be sure to catch the fast ones that moves around in the water and give those to Cid so he can live. The slower fish gradually make his health decline while the faster fish gradually make him more healthy.

Note: Whether you save Cid or not his little impact to the story.
Searching for Friends #1
Character Name: Locke Cole

You can find Locke in the Pheonix Cave. It's where the mountains form a star, as it says in the Emperor's Letter.

NOTE: After you get him in the World of Ruin, here are the best equipments:

-Genji Glove

-Utlima Weapon
Setzer the All-Powerful
Setzer is one of my favorite characters and I found that you can turn him into into one of your strongest allies!!! Take his level to 99 with a multitude of Speed and MagPwr bonuses and give him a Genji Glove and a Master's Scroll. Then throw him two sets of Dice(normal and Fixed), and a Genji helmet and armor. When Setzer's level is high, he deals out some serious damage with nearly every role of the Dice.
Slow trance decay
If your playing in wait mode, you can use the magic and inventory menus along with many character abilities in order to freeze the AT gage. Do so just long enough to allow all your previously ordered moves to be played out and you should be able to cast about thirty spells off a single trance.
Soul Shrine Tips
Here are some tips for the Soul Shrine:
1.Try to get the Paladin's Shield first,since it blocks most of the elements and absorbs some of them too.
2.Try to level your characters to 70+ first,it makes the battles easier and makes handling Kaiser (Yes,you will have to kill him again)easier.
3.The best espers to use are Zona Seeker,Golem,Phantom,and Quetzallli
4.These are the Characters and the equips i used:
Sabin:Godhand,Red Cap,Red Jacket,Paladin's Shield,Ribbon,Miracle Shoes
Locke:Valiant Knife,Red Cap,Force Armor,Force Shield,Ribbon,Miracle Shoes
Terra:Apocalypse,Green Beret,Force Shield,Force Armor,Ribbon,Miracle Shoes
Relm:Gladius,Behemoth Suit,Genji Shield,Green Beret,Ribbon,Miracle Shoes
5.Make sure everyone knows Gravija! It'll come in handy once in a while.
6.When ever you come along a Gluttern,don't give it any thing! Just pound,pound and pound some more. But cast Reraise on everyone first,just in case Ultima is still lethal to you.

Thats it! Hope i helped!
Lilac9880 out! XD
Strategies for Dragon den bosses
Having a bit of trouble fighting the dragons in the dragons den? Here are some strategies to help you win:

Ice dragon: Equip fire and ice shields. Have vanish on before the start of the battle.

Storm dragon: Put on soul of thamasa and gold hairpin(or a celestraid if you have any!) then use, ultima-quick, then spam out four ultimas. Cure when you have to.

Earth dragon: Have angel wings equipped on everybody. Use quick and ultima as usual.

Blue dragon: Use thundaga, quick, and more thundagas. This is the easiest dragon you will fight. I beat him in two turns.

Red dragon: Text will pop up saying he is sacrifice life force for power, and all the attacks you do will do 0, along with magic. So equip dragon boots on everyone, then just keep jumping. After a while, he will die, because his life keeps draining.

Skull dragon: Equip ribbons on everybody. You can't attack him, or he will reanimate. So you got to get rid of all his magic. So rasp,rasp, and rasp some more. When you get low on magic, use osmose to take a huge chunk out of his magic. He has 13000 mp, so it will take a while.

Holy dragon: It says he is getting heavenly aid, and will have regen on him. If you can, cast reflect on him, so his curaga's wont work. Use ultima and quick as always.

Gold dragon: It absorbs all magic, so assemble a party like this: Sabin, Shadow, Edgar, Setzer. I had Sabin using Chakra for healing, shadow throwing pinwheels for 9999 (you can bet fumas for pinwheels at the coliseum), Edgar chainsawing for 9999, and Setzer attacking with his final trump. I beat him no prob.

Hope this helps some players.
Super Moggle
Everyone now mog is the cutest character in the game, but you can make him become the strongest character in the game. you will need a merit award.
First equip him with merit award&safetybit. now since he is equiped merrit award, equip him with lightbringer(ilumina),paladin shield,snow muffler,and dueling mask. Now with those equipment mog should has 255 defense and high evasion. he is also imune to all elemental spell. and cannot be hit by an ID attack. even better if you leveling up him with diabolos untill he reach 9999 hp
Take the ''thorn'' out of the Thornlet
The Thornlet is a good piece of headgear, but when an ally wears it they lose HP at regular intervals. You can counter this by equiping a Cure Ring!!! Now your have a really cool helmet!!
The Best Strategy to fight Boss 1- Ymir!!
First, when you reach the save point, first use Terra's Cure Magic to heal everyone in the party (you don't need to worry about the MP for it's useless in this battle). Then Save and go for it!!

Do the following in the battle.(you have to be quick if you want to finish it off easily!)

TERRA'S TURN = Use Magitek Missile
WEDGE'S TURN = Use Fire Beam
BIGGS'S TURN = Use Fire Beam

-----Don't attack untill it puts it's head into it's shell and the head comes out again. (By then, the ATB Gauge will be full)-------

When it re-appears, repeat the attacks again.
Hope I helped!<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
The final boss-last two tiers
The last two tiers are Rest, Lady, and Kefka.

Lady- kill Lady first, seeing how it keeps healing itself and Rest, but make sure you have Locke in your party. Steal Lady's Ragnarok (sword) before you slaughter her. Keep hitting away with ultima for a quick KO.

Rest- this guy isn't much of a jerk, so just keep using ultima for the both of them. Also, make sure you steal this guy's Ultima Weapon, just because Ultima Weapon is awsome like that.

Kefka- this is it. The one we've all been waiting for. Pull out all the stops, hitting him with whatever you can. Spam quick-ultima, or valor-8 hit combo, or psycho cyan glitch. Remember, he's the one who blew up the world. So make sure you use curaga st the beginning of the battle, since he reduces your HP to 1 at the start. And that should kill him pretty fast. Way easier than I thought....
The Lord of Dragons
I've been playing FF6 for over ten years so you can imagine that I jumped for joy when FF6A came out on the GBA. Once I finished it, the only thing that I thought was truly impressive, was the addition of the Dragon's Den boss, the Kaiser Dragon. After doing battle with it, I soon felt like I was a rookie just playing the game for the first time. I won't even lie, I came into the fight running my mouth and within five minutes, all of my characters were being carried out on stretchers. For anyone having trouble(and I'm sure there is), I've put together a strategy I hope will help you survive with all your limbs intact.NOTE: These tips are me assuming that your characters are relativly strong and of a high level but if your not, just keep on keeping on.
FIRST: Let me me reccomend a suitable party

TERRA: Lightbringer,Aegis Shield,Genji Helmet,Mineva Bustier,Soul of Thamasa,Marvel Shoes
SABIN: Godhand,Tiger Fangs,Genji Helmet,Red Jacket,Genji Glove,Master's Scroll
STRAGO: Stardust Rod,Paliden Shield,Genji Helmet,Behemoth Suit,Celestrade,Hermes' Sandles
GOGO: Scorpion Tail,Aegis Shield,Red Cap,Dark Cloak MAGIC,LORE,MIMIC,ITEM

Before you begin, you should know that the Kaiser Dragon is ultra-powerful. In fact, I dare say that it might be one of the toughest bosses in the history of Final Fantasy. He has one-hit kills and an endless list of abilites that he can throw at you. He has well over 100,000 HP and has the power to regenerate before he finally dies. He also shifts his attack patterns around to suit a specific element. This is where it gets dangerous. When he shifts to Ice, he will attempt to freeze your entire party. If this happens, you're more than likely gonna die unless you're packing a few Reraises or are really lucky. With this in mind, you're ready to take on the Kaiser Dragon.
* Terra and Sabin will be your workhoarses and Strago and Gogo will act as your healing and defensive support. Have Terra transform and start hammering away with Dual-Cast, coupled with Ultima,Flare,Meteor and Quick. Sabin should stick with fighting and Phantom Rush. Have Strago immediatly cast Hastega and Big Guard. His Pearl Wind Lore is a must. After your defenses are set up, have Strago and Gogo start casting ForceField to cut down on the Kaiser's elemental attacks. Gogo should Mimic Terra's DualCasts while paying atttention to Strago's Lore's. The Esper Quetzalli is essential because whenever a character is airborn from his Sonic Dive, they won't be hit if Kaiser decides to freeze your party. Plus, if Gogo contiuously Mimics Quetzalli, your party will almost never be on screen, thereby avoiding his more powerful spells and status attacks. Have Gogo keep Reraise on everyone as you continue with the previous attack patterns. Don't get over-confident at any time, Kaiser can turn the fight around before you can say dragon. The Pheonix Esper can be a life-saver as can Lakshmi. Be sure to keep your HP,MP,and Hastega, Protect, and Shell up at all times. Megalixers are a God-send. Ribbons are also helpful if your scared of bad statuses. Just keep it up and the all-powerful Kaiser Dragon will eventually fall. Once he's defeated, pat yourself on the back, you've earned it. You've also earned the cool new Diablos Esper. !! GWA HA HA !!
The Master of the Mime
Have a character use an Esper, cast a spell or lore, or use an item them let Gogo Mime it. Skip the others and keep using Mime as Gogo can use the Esper and spell again and again with no cost to your MP!!! No items will be used either!!!
The mysterious secret of the neglected chests
I've only actually used this once before and I'm not entirely sure where all it can come into play, but if you don't get a chest and then come back to it later in the story the item inside may be updated to something much better. Seriously, the first time I fought that drill thinge in the South Fiargo escape sequence the only thing I actually did was use a newly found thunder rod. (That early)
Tip or shadow in the WoR!
In the floating continent,when shadow tells you to go back to the airship,go all the way until you have to jump,but don't jump yet!All you have to do is wait on the same spot until the timer is almost to zero.But don't go back because,chances are,Naude might attack again.(This happened to me because i accidentally move 5 tiles back and got attack by Naude!)When there are only 5 seconds left Shadow will appear and join you.But if you don't wait,he's gone forever!So take it from me,i'm playing the game again to see his dreams!
Tips for the Soul Shrine
I've just finished FF6A and having been a long time fan of FF6, I have to say I had one hell of a time. The Dragon's Den blew me away, especially the fight with the Kaiser Dragon, but it was the Soul Shrine that I was most iterested in. Loving a good challenge, it was a real test of my metal. For anyone who might be having trouble with this rigorous new addition, I've included a few tips that I hope will make the Soul Shrine all the more easier. First, let me recommend a party. Note: All of my characters are at level 99 and are very strong and varied so if you're curious on how your characters can be customized, check out Mr. Kefka's guide on how to get the most out of your experience points.

Terra: Apocolypse,Aeigus Shield,Genji Helmet,Minerva Bustier,Soul of Thamasa,Celestraid
Celes: Save the Queen,Genji Shield,Genji Shield,Minerva Bustier,Earring,Earring
Mog:Gungnir,Force Shield,Genji Helmet,Snow Muffler,Marvel Shoes,Zephyr Cloak
Strago:Stardust Rod,Paladin Shield,Genji Helmet,Behemoth Suit,Celestraid,Hermes' Sandels

Recommended Spells
- Arise
- Reraise
- Ultima
- Meteor
- Quick
- Banish
- Vanish
- Hastega
- Curaga

General Tips
  • Ribbons are very important, bring as many as you can.
  • Never underestimate Reraise, it may save your life!!!
  • Bring lots of Ether,Hi-Ether, and X-Ether
  • Choose four good Espers.(Pheonix,Bahamut,Raiden,Lakshmi for example.)
  • Prepare for some long fights by keeping everyone's HP and MP high at all times.
  • The enemies that look like the Magic Urns from the Fanatic's Tower are a pain. Although giving them the stuff request will mean giving up some rare items, its the only way to avoid some very serious consequences if you don't.
  • When the Dragons start appearing in pairs, exercise extreme caution and use stratagy, you don't want to start another fight with everyone's HP at 1 if it happens.
  • Try to keep up good defences with Safe,Shell,Regen and Hastega.
  • Learn to use Quick to its fullest potential, it can make tough battles alot easier.
  • Strago's ForceField Lore can tip the odds in your favor if used properly.
  • Dragoon Boots and Horns are very useful for causing maximum damage with each turn.
  • Gogo can be a good choice if you give him the right set of abilities.
  • Shadow also makes a great contribution with the right equipment, high speed, and alot of Pin Wheels.
  • Try to avoid abilities that make you loose control of a character, like Mog's Dance.
  • Use Quick coupled with Ultima/Meteor for some devestating effects.
  • Keep a Sniper Eye relec for enemies with high Evade.
  • For cheaters, the Psycho-Cyan glitch will make fights suprisingly easy.
  • The Vanish/Banish combo is a must for hard fights.
  • Always be prepared for mortal magic attacks like Zombie-Countdown and the like.
  • Treat every new string of enemies as if it were the first by healing, changing Espers/equipment and relics, and restoring MP.
  • If your characters get frozen, you can use a small Fire spell to unfreeze them.
  • Using Osmose when low on MP can save precious Ether items.
  • Don't rush through tough fights and be sure to use your best strategies as you begin fighting the Dragons.
- I hope this information can be of some help -
Ultima Weapon
This weapon is found in the Sealed Cave Treasury. Ultima Weapon's attack grows stronger the higher your HP is. For example, if your level is 99, and if your HP is 9999, the attack power will be 9999. Equip two Ultima Weapons (needs a special relic to do this) and equip a Master Scroll. Then, you will get to attack the target 8 times. If your HP is 9999 during doing this, all the attacks that are inflicted on the enemy will be 9999. Use this simple trick to defeat bosses easily.
Unlimited bushido time
For this little trick, all you have to do is have one of your characters cast quick. Any character works. Then when the animation for the quick spell activates, switch to Cyan using select and choose bushido. You can wait for however long you want, and Cyan uses 0 mp. Whoohoo! Quadra slice spam too op!
Unlocking Dragon's Den
Defeat the 8 Dragons in the World of Ruin. This dungeon is located at North-West of the world map on a small island near the coliseum.
Unlocking Soul Shrine
Clear the Dragon's Den and beat the game. This secret dungeon is located on one of the small islands North of Mobliz.
Use Config. for that extra edge !!
You can make your battle choices much easier by switching the slots in you menus around a little using the Config.
Use Reflect for punishing chain effect
I stumbled across a neat trick using the spell Reflect(Wall Ring) and the Soul of Thamasa relic. Use the Carbuncle esper to cover your party in Reflect magic and have a character with DualCast attack your allies with two magic spells. All eight spells will bounce off and pummel your enemies with an explosive chain-reaction!!!
( Really effective with Holy magic against undead enemies.)
Use tents anywhere in multi-team dungeons
Have one of your teams in a multi-team dungeon move onto a Save Point. Next, switch over to one of your other teams. As long as you remain stationary with this second team, you can use a Sleeping Bag or Tent. It can be very handy for healing up teams who aren't anywhere near a save point.

Vets up front, rookies in back
Mr.Kefka's out of jail and back with more info than ever before!!! One thing that I think people take for granted in FF6A is the front/back row idea. Although being in the back row cuts a characters' strength in half, it also damage in half as well. There are weapons, such as the Sniper or the Lightbringer that don't have penalty in the back so keep that in mind.
Work the game in your favor !!
You can tweak and tinker with the Config. menus to suit the game to your style of play. WAIT lets you freeze the ATB gauge when you thumb through you screens, as someone else on this FAQ implies. For a more challenging game, select Active and turn the game speed up. Its also fun to alter the menu background or change the color of the
on-screen text!!!


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"Psycho Cyan" Glitch
This game-breaking glitch allows you to turn Cyan into a non-stop wrecking machine in any battle... by turning him into an Imp.

To pull this off, first allow Cyan to be KO'ed in any battle (like, say, a really difficult one). Revive him, then when his turn comes around make him use his Level 2 Bushido skill "Sky" (his counterattack move).

Then simply have another party member cast the "Imp" spell on Cyan, and he should begin counterattacking all enemies onscreen non-stop until they are all defeated.
Acquire Diabolos without beating Kaiser Dragon
Normally you must defeat the Kaiser Dragon located in the Dragon's Den dungeon (see "Unlocking Dragon's Den") in order to gain access to the Diabolos magicite it guards, but you can actually avoid fighting it with this trick.

First stand directly in front of the Kaiser Dragon, but don't interact with it to trigger the boss battle. Instead, open your party menu.

Select the "Equip" option, then go into any character's equipment screen. Do whatever you wish (the actions here are not important to the trick), then exit out of the menu entirely while holding down forward on the D-pad.

When you return to the field, you should be able to walk right through the Kaiser Dragon! The Diabolos magicite should be now yours for the taking, and you can exit out of the dungeon using the warp point as normal.

Note that you must still defeat the Kaiser Dragon to unlock the Soul Shrine.
Dead Man Walking
This glitch is an odd one that I found. In WoR, take only one person to the Dragon's Neck Coliseum. Bet on an item of little value, but not so pitiful that Typhoon comes out, but strong enough to kill the character. After you lose the battle, you will be sent back to the main door, as always. And, as always, the fallen character will be K.O'ed. Here's the catch, it will be your only character. The one character you brought will have the K.O status, but since it is your only character, s/he will still be walking. *NOTE* Do NOT: 1. go into battle because since the character is K.O'ed, the battle will end instantly and you will be considered defeated and 2. save since you will want your item back, I'm sure. You can do the following if you revive the character, though. (Also if you reenter the coliseum match and win)
Reset character level
1) Take any file and do a hard save first, then a quick save. The characters in your party do not matter.
2) Start a new game.
3) Never save your game. Proceed with the story until you have recruited the characters that you want to lower levels.
4) Die once you have recruited the character(s). The people in your current party also doesn't matter; all characters you have obtained will be affected by the bug.
5) The old file will load after you die in the new file, as if you died in the old file. Your old file characters are now the same level as the characters in the new file (with more HP/MP than they should have for their level), and they keep all Esper boosts they gained in the old file.

Easter eggs

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Easter Egg: Cyan's Secret Chest in Mt.Zozo
When you get Cyan on Mt.Zozo you never got what was in the chest because it was locked. To see what is in the chest, read this (and make sure you have Cyan in your party!)-

Go to Mt.Zozo (obviously). Go to the cliff where you saw Cyan sending the letter with the pigeon. In the top left corner there is a shiny object. Check it to get "the key to Cyan's treasure chest." Now go to the treasure and open it!

If you want to know what's inside, read on. **SPOILER ALERT!!**

Wh-What are these?
"Machinery For Dunces"
"A Pictorial Guide To Machines"
"Everything About Machines"
"Machines For Mechanically Disclined"...and...
"Bushido In The Bedroom"?

"No!!! Thou must not look at that! Not my...very important...!"

Gau's dad
First, have Gau in your party. (Duh) I usually go in with Terra, Sabin, and Edgar with him, but I don't think it really matters. Fly to the cabin in the north a little off to the right of Narshe and to the left of the Vedlt. Go in and talk to the psycho old man inside, and enjoy the cutscenes that follow!
Get some good equipment in the beginning of the game
Ok. In the beginning of the game when you're trying to fight the second boss, the guard leader. Have mog learn a dance technique. To do this, control his party and get into a battle and at the end of it it should say he mastered a new dance, if not, keep battling with that party until he does. Once he has learned the new dance unequip all of his stuff. He has a really good spear and great armor that you won't get until later in the game.
Price Ralse?
When your are doing the opera with Celes, after you throw the flowers on the balcony, the chancellor will tell you that PRICE Ralse would want to dance with you instead of PRINCE Ralse.
Shadow's dreams
In the WoR, if you have Shadow in your party, go to an inn. Super cheap inns and free beds like the ones in Thamasa, Figaro, and Doma don't work, so don't be stingy! I think there are 4 cutscenes total, so go to sleep and enjoy!


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Early Super Level Up Trick
FFVI is unique in the way that when you die you keep all previously earned EXP. Since everyone's starting level in the WOB ultimately depends on Terra's level, you must level her up before meeting any other character introduction.

Save the game ONLY when you have Terra, right after meeting Arvis (and before Locke's intro) and save it NO MORE for the rest of the trick. Play through till about the end of Mt. Koltz (don't bother with little stuff, buff Terra up and make sure you have a few Sleeping bags, that's it). After getting Sabin, throw Terra in the back row and kill off Locke and Sabin (keep Edgar alive for Autocrossbow - no MP and good damage). Fight with only Terra and Edgar till Terra can hold her own in the area right before exiting Mt. Koltz (then kill Edgar for more EXP for Terra). Fight till you're content (I fight till level 21/22), then DIE on purpose. You'll restart at the beginning but every character will come at 1+ level higher than Terra (Locke +1, Edgar +2. Sabin +3. etc.). It'll then take about half an hour to get to where you were, but you won't have to level for a while, and Terra and Celes come with more spells (and Sabin/Cyan com with more Blitzes/SwdTechs).

Note: The same can be done when you begin the WOR with Celes, but leveling takes a bit longer.
Easy levels and magic pts
Oh...the sweet smell of freedom. Have you missed your old pal Mr. Kefka? No? Oh well, I guess you can't win them all. I've got a great tip for those of you who don't want to spend hours tirelessly leveling up and learning magic. Tip one involves the Dinosaur Forest north of the Veldt,the Growth Egg and your favorite characters. Take just one character of your choosing and equip a Growth Egg and start taking down Tyranosaurs. You'll be gaining a level every two or three battles for a fast road to Lvl. 99.
Also, if you're trying to sharpen your magic skills a little, try the Cactuar Desert that's just below Miranda. The huge Slagworms yield 5 Mag Pts and the Cactuars themselves give you 10!!
Remember, a little patience makes all the difference.
Get Unlimited Ragnaroks and Ultima Weapons
You can steal a Ragnarok and an Ultima Weapon from the 2 enemies you fight before you ascend to the kefka fight. Let the ending play out and save your data so you keep the swords you just stole. Repeat this process to get unlimited Ragnaroks and Ultima Weapons.