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Otherwise known as Hironobu Sakaguchi's swansong, Final Fantasy 5 is the 16 bit entry in the series that, like Final Fantasy 2 and 3 on the NES, didn't see an American release until the PS1 days. I have no idea why this is, because I would've thought that westerners would dig the idea of a less serious RPG. I guess because it was following the ultra serious Final Fantasy 4, that people would be surprised to find that its successor would be this light hearted romp... especially if Final Fantasy 6 was going to be a darker game. Look, I don't know for sure why it was never translated and relea...


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A princess cannot help but worry as the wind suddenly falls silent atop her castle tower. Below her, on the ocean, a beautiful buccaneer also stands befuddled as the sails of her ship cease to flap. And further off, across the green plains of the world map, a young adventurer finds shade underneath a tree, but he, too, takes notice of the tapering breeze. Something is amiss, an omen soon followed by a meteor that smacks into the earth. The three strangers meet at the impact site and find one more traveler -- a man suffering from a frustrating case of amnesia. Together they agree to investig...


Oh, Memories...

The good:

Whats really great about the remake is of course the sprucing up of the graphics and dialog. Of course if you're playing it the first time, What makes it great as a final fantasy is the fact that it brought back the crystal storyline. Its really nostalgic to the old school final fantasy vets to experience a story about the crystals with some side-story backbone about everyone. Of course everyone would recommend FFIV for this, but personally I like this one better. Why, you ask? Because of the absolutely amazing job system!

The Job System originated in FFIII but was perfected(I think) in this installment. You could master a certain job and carry over some abilities from that job to the job you are currently working.

So, for instance, You could have one of you Characters working on mastering the thief class but they could still be using black or white magic. And it doesn't just end with in-battle abilities, if you prefer having a thief in your party so you could see hidden passages or be able to keep your dash going, you can do so without even having a thief by leveling that class up to a certain level.

The possible combinations are nearly endless, and it actually gives you an incentive to go out and grind for once! Imagine That...

As For the Character Development in terms of personality, I think it actually does a fantastic job. You start off as an aimless wanderer with no real destination until you meet a certain girl that pulls you into a world crisis of sorts. You eventually learn a great deal about this wanderer's past and his family and why he is now without parents and things of that nature. To be quite honest, thats what keeps me playing these sort of games, learning more about the characters and their involvement to the main story.

Another good thing about being on GameBoy Advance is that you can take it with you where ever you might need to go, so we can just nerd it up all over the world. But that aspect isn't even mentionable, really.

The bad:

Of course some people will mention the graphics and the cheesy JRPG dialog. Well when playing a final fantasy, get ready for some cheeseball dialog every now and then. And as for the Graphics, I dont think some people remember how amazing the graphics were in its time period. Because I was like...awed by them.

Anyway, the game is very unspecific in the beginning on telling you where to go. There isn't any main dialog that will tell you exactly where to search for anything that enables story progression. You will eventually have to resort to asking townspeople what the situation is(which isn't that bad, just annoying sometimes).

Another less than desirable thing about this game is the fact that there is a very small amount of side-quests to do before entering the point of no return.


The battle system in this installment of the series is a pretty run of the mill turn based RPG style. As the territory goes with the jobs its not just Attack, Defend, Attack, Defend etc. Enemies actually have elemental weakness' that correspond with the opposite spell(As do the two installments before this).

Something else I find neat about this game is the array of items you can use on your allies or enemies. The effects vary from Invincibility for a short time to summoning espers to deal damage to your enemies.
The variety of things you can do during the course of a battle will keep you en...

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