Final Fantasy V (Import) Perfect Game Guide v1.1
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Final Fantasy V (Import) Perfect Game Guide

by Mech Gouki   Updated to v1.1 on

                            Final Fantasy 5

                           Perfect-Game Guide

 Version History

Version 1.2  17-10-05
Added Chikara no Tsue and Apanda facts. Edited few sections.

Version 1.0  01-08-05
First Release



01). Introduction

02). Frequently Asked Questions

03). Hints and Tips

04). Treasure Lists

05). Walkthrough

06). Knowledge

07). Ultimate Omega Shinryuu Challenges

08). Other Resources

09). Legal Information

10). Credits



Author's Notes-

Welcome to my Final Fantasy 5 Perfect-Game Guide. In case you're wondering,
this is not a "Perfect" Game Guide for FFV; it's a guide to getting a Perfect 
Game in FFV.

Now, I have personally managed to get 100% Item Collection ratio in my game.
Most people have not been able to get 100%, because of 4 sets of very well 
hidden treasures in the game. I myself have checked many walkthroughs posted on
GameFaqs, and none of them even knows of their existence.

Since I know how to obtain them, and I do know this game well enough, I
figured that I should write a guide for this. Obviously, these information
came from various sources, including GameFaqs and Japanese Websites. I reviewed
and compiled such information, as well as my own strategies, into writing this


This is the Objective of a Perfect Game

Perfect game:
-All Characters at Lv 99 with all Jobs Mastered.
-Every Spell in the game collected.
-100% Treasure Collection Rate. Omega and Shinryuu defeated.
 (It is advisable to have a seperate Save File with Omega and Shinryuu not 
 yet defeated.)
-The Maximum number of every possible item in the game /
 Or At least one of every possible item, enough to equip an entire party.

Technically, getting as much as every possible item in the game is not
impossible, but it certainly would be insane. 
E.g. The Susu (soot) is a limited item in the game. It can be gotten from 
the 4 Seal Guardians in a rare drop. However, it is insane to attempt to get 
4 Susu from all 4 Bosses, as your chances are only 1/65536.
E.g. You can only get more Dengeki Muchi from the Flayer from the Fork Tower.
It's hard enough to steal 1, let alone 98 of them in one single non-saving 

This objective is quite the opposite of the Low-Level game. In fact, it's
a High-Level game, and the emphasis is on power and practicality.

About this Guide-

This guide is written, based on the original official Final Fantasy V. This
guide will not have any reference to the translations made by the Rom
Translator groups.

All the names here will be based on their original Japanese names, sometimes
with references to what they are translated to or also-known-as names.

I highly recommend players to acheive a perfect game on the original Final
Fantasy V, which is the true official release of the game. However, it is
your personal preference.

I have nothing against the Rom Translator Groups. In fact, I marvel at their
work. However, I chose to have my perfect game at the original FFV, which I
consider to be the True and Official Final Fantasy V.

(Not to mention the fact that I've never touched Final Fantasy Anthology.
I do not know any names that they use.)

All names used in this guide will be translated from the original Japanese
Version. Names from the translated roms will not be used here.

Note that this guide also assumes that you have experience playing this game.
There will not be too much details on the walkthrough, and needless to say,
there will be spoilers.

Words of Advices-

As you are reading this, I will like to inform you that I do not advise you to
attempt to achieve the Perfect Game unless you are well familiar with this 
game. If you are playing this game for the first time, then I would definitely
recommend that you do not attempt this now, and play the game normally first.

Know that you must have patience. If you do not have enough patience, you will
probably give up early.

Patience and knowledge are prerequisites of attempting this.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Treasures that I am vey likely to miss?

A: 1) There is another room in Tycoon Castle. It is to the left of the outside
      of the Castle, and you have to go from behind the tree. There are 2 
      Chests in the room. If you miss it, you can't get it again.
   2) In World 3 in Surgate Castle, in the Library, where the old man was, you
      can get a Treasure where he was blocking.
   3) In World 3 in Karwen, to the North East part, there was a man blocking
      your way previously, but you can access the treasure after he is gone.
   4) In the Solitary Island Shrine, there are 2 very well hidden Treasures
      not in Chests. In the room with 2 Switches and 1 Pipe, search around
      the bottom part. The Treasure is hidden in the walls.

Q: My friend said that he got 100% Treasure Collection Rate. Is this true?

A: As I have said before, for these very well-hidden treasures, if you did
   not know of their existence, then you will never find them.

   For all those who claim they have gotten 100%, I ask them these Questions.
   1) What are the well hidden chests in Castle Tycoon? How do you get them?
   2) There are 2 Towns/Castles that have Treasures that are only accessible
      in World 3. What are they? Do not include the Ribbon in Rugor, or Mirage
   3) In the Solitary Island Shrine, there are 2 very-well hidden Treasures.
      Are they in chests? How do you get them?

   If they cannot answer these questions, then they are obviously either
   lying or cheating.

Q: What other FAQs do you recommend that I use?

A: For the walkthroughs, I recommend you get Vilurum's walkthrough.
   The terms used are Translated Rom.

   Also, John TV's is old, but it is still quite complete , even though not
   100% accurate. Terms used are original Japanese.

   ChrisK's guides are useful, just too much to read.

   Exdeath's guide is not perfect, but there are quite a few quick lists
   to refer to. Just don't trust it 100%. If you play anthology, this
   will be more useful to you. Otherwise, leave it alone.

   If you are into game mechanics, or attempting the Perfect Game,
   be sure to get JL Tseng's guide.

   Never use Djellybean's guide. NEVER. If you trust my recommendations,
   you will never touch his guides. I won't go into detail why.

Q: What is the purpose of this Perfect Game? There is no challenge for it,
   compared to a Low-Level, and a No-Job game.

A: The purpose of the Perfect Game is PRACTICALITY. Sure, you can beat the
   game on Lv 6, but where's the practicality in that? You'll be missing too
   much items and stuff. A Low-Level game focusses on adding challenge to
   the game, forcing you to rely on your wits and your luck to get through
   difficult situations that had normally seemed easy. The Perfect Game's
   purpose, is for you to get everything that isn't nailed down in the game,
   while at the same time making you an unstoppable destroyer. And that,
   is what I call practicality!

   You think the Perfect Game is easy? Well it's not as easy as you think.
   Try getting a 100% Collection rate on your own. As I have said before,
   you will never succeed, unless you know exactly where the Treasures are.

   In addition, the true Challenge lies at the end, where you fight the
   2 Mega Boss, Shinryuu and Omega. Most people have already done that, but
   I am talking about defeating them without using the standard strategies
   involved. Think you can defeat them without using cheap methods?

Q: Is trying to kill Gogo also a challenge?

A: Yes it is, and some people have already sucessfully done it. If you are
   patient enough to not get the Mimic Job early, you can try to wait until you
   are strong enough to try to defeat him. I must warn you that trying to kill
   him will not be any easier than trying to kill Shinryuu or Omega. Also, in
   addition, Gogo has the Hairpin which you can steal. It may be wiser to focus
   on Stealing that instead of trying to defeat him.

Q: Will the 12 Legendary Weapons count towards your Treasure Collection Rate?

A: Surprisingly, as I have found out, these Weapons do not add to your total.
   Also, items that are gotten from people, such as the Mirage Vest, will also
   not add to your total. The Magic Lamp also does not seem to affect your
   rate either. I cannot garantee 100%.

   Also, from reports from hackers, the Lone Wolf treasures will also not
   count towards your totals, as they are reported as Events, not Treasures.

   This also seems to apply to the Treasures like Mua Forest's Flame/Aegis

Q: What are the Lone Wolf Treasures?

A: From what I know, they are:
   Jacole Cave Dengeki Muchi
   Tycoon Castle Cottages
   Surgate Castle and Carwen World 3 only Treasures

   These do not seem to add to your total Collection Rate.

Q: I just got a Stone Tablet. It is a good idea to exchange for 3 Weapons
   right away, right?

A: I recommend against that.

   You can take them anytime, but you can't take back the stone tablets 
   once you use them.

   Some of these Weapons are useful, but if you ask me, they are not worth
   it. If you really want them, knock yourself out.

   You cannot lose the Tablets except this way, but you can lose the Weapons
   in many ways, such as selling, throwing, etc.

   In addition, it is recommended you leave all optional Bosses alive if
   there is no need to kill them, especially if there is nothing too 

Q: I just escaped from a Monster-In-A-Box. Does it mean I will never get the

A: It's still there if you escaped. Check the chest again to get the Monster
   encounter. It will be there until you win.

Q: I have been trying for hours, but I just can't get the Stingray. What
   should I do?

A: First, take note that for the seas south of the Phoenix Tower, there are
   actually 2 different parts of the sea. There are 2 seperate encounters.
   The Stingray is indeed a rare encounter, as there is only a 1/16 chance to
   get one. But most people find it harder, because they are in the wrong part
   of the sea. To fight the Stingray, you have to stay as much north as 
   possible. If you keep fighting the weak World 1 enemies, you are in the 
   right place. If you are fighting the strong enemies that do not give you
   Exp, you are in the wrong place. As long as you keep staying in the place
   where the Weak World 1 enemies keep appearing, you will eventually fight
   the Stingray.   

Q: Should I take the Chicken Knife or the Brave Blade?


Q: I intend to get a Maximum Game with a Max Brave Blade. What do you think?

A: Taking the Brave Blade is impractical for various obvious reasons.

   The Brave Blade starts out very strong, but it will only get weaker and
   weaker. It will never get stronger. The Chicken Knife, on the other hand,
   starts out very weak, but it will only get stronger and stronger, until 
   127. It will never get weaker. It's already obvious that the Chicken Knife 
   is the more practical Weapon to take here.

   Many people have argued that the Brave Blade is more powerful than the
   Chicken Knife, since the Max Power of the Brave Blade is 150, while the
   Max Power of the Chicken Knife is 127. This means that a Max Brave Blade
   will always deal more damage than a Max Chicken Knife.


   Let's take a look at Tseng Instructrtrepe's damage formula for both Weapons,
   assuming that they are both Maxed out. Also, let's assume that you are at
   Level 99, with all Jobs Maxed out. That leaves you with Monk's Strength 
   and Thief's Agility, 50 and 40 respectively, without taking individual
   Character Stat Bonus and Equipment Bonus.

   Brave Blade Formula
   Damage = (150 - Def) X [ ( 99 X 50 / 128 ) + 2 ]
   Damage = (150 - Def) X 40.67

   Chicken Knife Formula
   Damage = (127 - Def) X { [ 99 X ( 50 + 40 ) / 128 ] + 2 }
   Damage = (127 - Def) X 71.6

   Do the Math yourself. From this formula, it's pretty obvious that the
   only way that the Brave Blade can deal more damage than the Chicken Knife 
   is if the enemy's Defense is anywhere near 100.

   The reason why Chicken Knife is more powerful, is because the Agility of
   the Character will also affect the damage. Brave Blade does not have that.

   And that's without taking into consideration the individual character
   bonus and equipment bonus. The higher the Agility, the more powerful the
   Chicken Knife will be. Being a Knife, Chicken Knife will also halve the
   enemy evade. Use !Midareuchi Command, to reduce Def to 0, and see the
   even greater difference. A great disadvantage is the Chicken Knife's
   Escape activation. That is the only disadvantage, compared to all the 
   advantages the Chicken Knife have. (Unless you consider the Selling Price.)
   Oh, and Brave Blade is a better weapon for Goblin Punch.

   Test this out for yourself. My Chicken Knife is a lot more powerful than 
   the Ragnarok, which is only slightly behind the Brave Blade.

Q: Is it true that your Levels totally do not matter when fighting Omega?

A: Alex Jackson, a very knowledgeable person with FFV, once said that your
   levels totally do not matter when fighting Omega. As much as I respect 
   him, I have to say that is Bullshit. His reasoning was that Surge Beam, is 
   an attack that does damage equals to 50% of target's Max HP. In addition, 
   Omega also uses Rocket Punch, which is a gravity type attack, so having 
   more HP won't help.

   Your Levels - 1) Affect your Max HP and MP; 2) Affects the damage you
   deal for virtually almost attack; 3) Increases your Evade towards Magic
   Attacks, and increases your Accuracy with Magic Attacks.

   Now, even if the first doesn't apply, the other 2 will. However, Omega's
   Level is so insanely high, you probably won't be able to avoid his Magic
   even if you are Lv 99. Also note that he won't always use Surge Beam.
   He will also use Mustard Bomb. And the damage you deal to him is very
   important. You deal twice as much damage as Lv 99 compared to Lv 50.

   So I can only say this, you Levels DO matter. For every known situation, 
   including this, to be precise.

Q: Are the traditional methods to defeat Omega and Shinryuu the only methods 
   to defeat them? There do not seem to be other methods available of
   defeating them.
A: The answer is obviously no! There are many ways to defeat them.

   The traditional method of defeating Omega is to use Nitoryuu + Midareuchi
   + Mahouken Thundaga. Have 3 characters with these set up, while the 4th
   use Curega or White Wind continuously.

   The traditional method of defeating Shinryuu is to Equip Coral Rings and
   Hiryuu no Yari, then use Jump.

   Is that really necessary? If you want cheap methods to defeat them, you
   have many others.

   Did you know Omega is not immune to Stop, and Shinryuu is not immune to

   For cheaper methods to defeat Omega and Shinryuu, simply use Love Song
   on Omega, and Berserk with Golem on Shinryuu. Why bother with the long

   What is the point of using cheap methods to defeat the 2 Mega Bosses?
   Isn't the point of a challenge, well, being a challenge?!

Q: Can you include the names used by the Translated Rom inside your FAQ?

A: No. Seriously, NO! I said before, this only contains names from the 
   Official Original Japanese version, which is the one I recommend that you
   play right from the start. If you choose to play on an unofficial 
   translation, it's your choice, but I will not accomodate adding the
   names the translations use. Furthermore, there are several versions of
   translations out there, due to more than one group, so how do I know which
   one you're using?

Q: Does Quatr reduce the target to 1/4 HP?

A: Actually, the correct name of the Magic is Graviga. It's pretty obvious
   that the Magic does 7/8 of the Target's HP. Why did the translators used
   Quarter, is beyond me.

Q: Your guide says that "You should know", but I don't know this part? Can
   you tell me?

A: No. If you don't know, it obviously means that you do not know this game
   well enough, and you should not even be attempting this. When I wrote this
   guide, I had already expected the player to be experience, so I don't have
   to waste time stating the obvious. There are already more than enough guides
   catering to basic gameplay, so I feel no need to do anything like a 
   walkthrough for beginners.

Q: Can you tell me where to get the rom?

A: Can I shove it in your ass? Seriously, don't ever ask me about roms! There 
   is no way that I will ever tell you. NO ROMS REQUEST!


 Hints and Tips

- The official name of the main character is "Ba" "H" "Tsu", in Katakana.
  The "H" is actually a small "Tsu". This default name is not indicated in the
  game though.

- As I have said before, I recommend that you attempt this on the Official
  Release of Final Fantasy V, rather than a translated rom.

- Remember that you should know Final Fantasy 5 well enough before you attempt

- Make sure you keep a list of the Treasures you find in your own game. 
  Compare it to the Treasure List in this guide frequently.

- Save frequently, but always keep seperate Save Files so that you can undo
  anything should you miss out on important stuff. Best to keep seperate Saves
  like after a Boss Battle, or when an entire area is gone, or going to a new
  World. This way, you can go back, if you found out you missed something.

- Take well note of the items with a limited chance of getting, and how many
  you intend to get. Refer to this guide closely so that you don't miss out
  on items and Spells.

- Always take the time to gain a few levels. This is a High Level game, not
  a Low Level game. A few levels gained now will save you much pain later on.
  This is quite the opposite of the low-level game. This is indeed a high-level
  game, where you pound all enemies into the dust.

- If you have the money, try to buy enough equipment for all your party. You
  will never know when you will need them. Try to buy 5 Armor and 9 Weapons,
  so that you always have enough to equip an entire party, and still have
  1 in your inventory. Remember that this is a perfect game, so get as much
  equipment as you can.

- Never sell away your items, unless that item is not limited, and you know
  exactly how to get more. This also applies for Throwing.

- Take the Chicken Knife!

- Always Learn very Blue Magic as early as possible. It's possible to learn 
  them later on, but the sooner the better. Also the higher your levels, the
  harder it becomes to learn the Lv Spells. That is why I recommend Learning
  the Blue Magic the first chance you get.

- It is actually better for all 4 Characters to be in the same Job, and learn
  the same abilities at the same time. Don't be too focussed on a Job.
  Try as much as possible for all 4 Characters to be the same Job, and learn
  abilities at the same time. 
  E.g. Getting a Lv 5 White Mage is useless before getting Lv 5 Magic.

- Two of the best Commands in the game are the Archer's !Midareuchi, and the
  Samurai's !Iainuki. !Midareuchi works like the well known X-Fight, where 
  you attack 4 times with 50% damage, while being 100% accurate, and ignoring
  defense. !Iainuki is an instant death attack that has a good chance of 
  killing most normal enemies, and works pretty fast, but it is ineffective
  on Heavy-Type monsters.

- !Zenige (Coin Toss), is a powerful attack. But this is not something to be
  dependant on, as it quickly depletes your money.

- Double Hand allows you to equip 2 Weapons. This allows you to deal twice as
  much damage. But also remember, it triggers twice as much Counter Attacks
  from the Enemy. The same also goes for Double Magic. The same also applies
  for Midareuchi, but only two counteratttacks can be triggered at the most.
  So if you use Midareuchi with Nitouryu, 2 Counterattacks will be triggered
  at the most. Don't use one alone, use both.

- Remember that most enemies have 2 Steal item slots. The first is the common
  steal, which you get most of the time, the second is the rare steal, which
  has a low chance of getting.

- Note that there is an Enemy Type, known as Heavy Type. This type actually
  applies to most Bosses. Effects like Odin ignore Death Status immunities,
  but will never work on Heavy Type Enemies. Effects of Gravity-Type spell
  will also never work on them.

- It is highly advisable to use Return while attempting to get Rare Steals.

- Remember that Levels are important in terms of power, but a Suppin with
  all Jobs Mastered can easily make up for 10 Levels of any other Job.
  A Suppin with all Jobs Mastered will become very powerful.

- Make sure that you have used at least one other reliable walkthrough
  previously. (More info and recommendations below.)


- Remember that every dungeon floor has a different set of encounter tables.
  If you are looking for a particular monster, try another floor that has it
  appearing more often.

- Don't do anything stupid, such as LAND THE BLACK CHOCOBO IN THE ELDERLY 

- If you are using an Emulator, I highly discourage using Save States. But
  it's your choice.

- Do not trust everything written in all other Guides. Including this one!
  Always trust yourself first, then trust the guides.


 Treasure Lists

This is a list of the Treasures found in the game. I will not list the exact
position of the Treasures, since this is just a summary.

It is highly recommended that as you go through the game, you create a list of
the treasures you collect, and compare them with this list.

World 1

<Tycoon Meteor>
-Phoenix No O

<Pirate Cave>
-Kawa No Boushi

<Tule Town>
 Tent; Potion; Phoenix No O; Kawa No Kutsu; 150 Gil
-[Beginner's Hall]-
 Ether; 100 Gil; Potion; Phoenix No O; Tent; Kawa No Kutsu

<Wind Shrine>
 Kawa No Boushi; Broadsword

<Pirate Cave>
 Tent; Ether; 300 Gil

<Ship's Graveyard>
-[Before Save Point]
 Tent; 990 Gil; Phoenix No O; Potion
-[After Save Point]
 Antidote; Antidote; Phoenix No O

<Karwen Town>
 Koori No Rod
 Antidote; 1000 Gil

<North Mountain>
-Pheonix No O; Kin No Nari

<Walse Town>
 Ginbuchi Megane

<Walse Castle>
 Tent; 490 Gil; Phoenix No O
 1000 Gil; Speed; 1000 Gil; Elf Mantle

<Walse Tower>
 Silk Robe; Otome No Kiss
 Gin No Udewa; Ether

<Tycoon Castle>
 Otome No Kiss; Ether; Elixir; Phoenix No O
-[Study Rooms]
 Ether; Elixir; Pheonix No O; Cottage
-[Hidden Storage]
 Shuriken; Giyaman No Kane; Ashura
-[Right-side Storage]
 Cottage; Cottage

<Fire-Powered Ship>
 Cottage; Mythril No Kote
 Elixir; Phoenix No O
 Elixir; Engetsurin
 Douzoku No Kote; Green Beret
-[Moving Floor Room]

<Karnak Castle>
 Elixir; 2000 Gil
 Shuriken; Ribbon
 Esuna; Raijin No Jutsu
 2000 Gil; Elixir; Elixir; Elixir; 2000 Gil; Elixir; Elixir
-[Bottom Left Room]
 Elf Mantle
-[Bottom Right Room]
 Main Gauche

<Karnak Town>
-Honoo No Rod

<Ancient Library>
-Ether; Phoenix No O; Shinobi no Koromo

<Jacole Cave>
-Tent; Shuriken; Dengeki Muchi

-Shuriken; Shuriken; Minimum

<Lonka Ruins>
 Gold Armor
 Elixir; Phoenix No O; Gold Shield
 Hipotion; 5000 Gil; Shuriken; Kodai no Tsurugi; Engetsurin; Power Wrist
 Cottage; Ether

World 2

<Underground River>
-4400 Gil; Phoenix No O

<Moogle Forest>
-Ether; Phoenix No O; 10000 Gil; 1 Gil; Dancing Dagger; Cottage; Elf Mantle

<Bal Castle>
 Great Sword
 Eiyuu No Kusuri; Telepo
 Tenshi No Hakui

<Hiryuu Valley>
 5000 Gil; Cottage; 7000 Gil; Kazekiri No Yaiba; Hypno Crown, Phoenix No O

<Surgate Castle>
-5000 Gil; Levitate

<Barrier Tower>
 9000 Gil; Blood Sword
 18000 Gil
 Kin No Kamikazari

<Mua Village>
-Main Gauche

<Great Forest of Mua>
-[1st Area]
 2500 Gil; Ether
-[2nd Area]
 4900 Gil; Phoenix No O; 9500 Gil
-[3rd Area Before Fire]
 Elixir; Cottage; Kyojin No Kusuri; Aegis No Tate; Morning Star
-[3rd Area After Fire]
 Flame Tan; Susu; Flame Shield
Note: You will get the Aegis No Tate if you get the chest before the Fire,
otherwise, you will get the Flame Shield.

<Exdeath Castle>
 Ether; Dia No Tate
 Ice Shield
 Elixir; Hayate No Yumiya
 Ice Brand; Kotetsu
 9900 Gil; Elixir
 Twin Lancer; 8000 Gil
 Partisan; Fuuma Shuriken

World 3

 Ice Shield
 Noroi No Yubiwa
 Flame Shield; Dark Matter; Shiro No Robe
 Kuro No Robe; Elixir; Ibara No Kanmuri; Elixir
 Dark Matter; Kuroshouzoku
 Dark Matter; Crystal Mail
 Dark Matter; Dark Matter; 9000 Gil; 8000 Gil; Daichi No Hammer; Elixir;
 10000 Gil; Cottage; Elixir; Dark Matter; 12000 Gil; Dark Matter
 Ribbon; Mamori No Yubiwa; Kin No Kamikazari


<Surgate Castle>

<Mirage Town>
-Touzoku No Knife

<Solitary Island Shrine>
 12000 Gil; Elixir; 9000 Gil; Rising Sun
-[Switch Room]
 HiPotion; Protes Drink
 Ether; Mamori No Yubiwa; Crystal Helm
 Ether; Ryuu No Kibaa
 Dark Matter; Circlet

<Fork Tower>
-[Left Tower 4F]
-[Left Tower 7F]
 Wonder Wand
-[Right Tower 4F]
-[Right Tower 7F]

<Great Trench>
 Suiton No Jutsu
 Honoo No Yubiwa
 Ryuu No Kibaa
 Ether; Phoenix No O
 Kaiser Knuckle

<Istory Falls>
 Ether; Kame No Koura; Air Knife
 Mamori No Yubiwa; Kyojin No Kusuri; Rune Blade
 Phoenix No O; Reflect Ring; Enhance Sword
 12000 Gil; Artemis No Yumi
 Aegis No Tate; Fuuma Shuriken; Kyojin No Ono

<Phoenix Tower>
 5000 Gil; Phoenix No O
 10000 Gil; Phoenix No O
 Phoenix No O; 15000 Gil
 20000 Gil; Phoenix No O
 Aevis Killer; 25000 Gil

<Cleft Of Dimensions>
-[Lost Ruins]
 Ether; Cottage; Elixir; Dark Matter; Elixir; Blood Sword
 Ryuu No Kibaa; Lilith Rod; Enhance Sword; Ribbon
 Sango No Yubiwa; Tenshi No Yubiwa
 Man Eater; Akai Kutsu; Rainbow Dress; Thor Hammer; Elmes No Kutsu
-[Crystal Realm]
 Fuuma Shuriken; Fuuma Shuriken; Elixir; Ragnarok; Fuuma Shuriken



Take note that this walkthrough assumes that you are already familiar with the
game. Therefore, I shall not go into to much detail, nor shall I state exactly
where to go. I will highlight the important details. Note that against the
Bosses, I highly advise against using the cheap tricks that make the battle 

 World 1


You see a series of events, then you are given control on the World Map, on
a Chocobo. You do know where to go, right? Head over to the Tycoon Meteor and

Tycoon Meteor

-Phoenix No O

Head inside the Meteor and trigger a few events. You will be given a chance to
name your main character.

You main character's official name is "Ba" "H" "Tsu" in Katakana, although it's
not stated in the game.

After triggering all the events with Lenna and Galuf, go collect the Phoenix
No O Chest, and head out.


Go north into the valley. There will be a series of events and battles. After
this, Lenna and Galuf join Butz. 

Note: Lenna is equipped with a Knife, which happens to be the only one in 
the game.

On the World Map, go north into the Cave.

Pirate Cave

-Kawa No Boushi

Make full use of the Recovery water. Get the Chest here. You do know how to
get in the cave, right? Anyway, when you get inside, go to the ship and
trigger a few events. Eventually, Faris joins you and you gain control of
the ship. 

Instead of going to the Wind Shrine now, go to Tule Town.

Tule Town

 Tent; Potion; Phoenix No O; Kawa No Kutsu; 150 Gil
-[Beginner's Hall]-
 Ether; 100 Gil; Potion; Phoenix No O; Tent; Kawa No Kutsu

Remember to buy all the equipment and all the Spells now. Just because you
won't need them now doesn't mean you won't need them later. If you don't
have money, go out and get some. Don't wait until later to get the Spells. Get
them now. This is what I advice for everything. I won't say this again.

Trigger all the events in Town. A lot of items are hidden both in Town, and
inside the Beginner's Hall. Make sure you find all of them. Also play the
1st Piano here.

Now head to the Wind Shrine.

Wind Shrine

 Kawa No Boushi; Broadsword

Go talk with the people. Then continue on. There are a few hidden paths here,
but they shouldn't be too difficult to spot. Wingraptor should not pose too
much a problem. Continue after you defeat him. After all the events, you will
eventually get your first 7 Jobs. Exit this place.

Note: The Black Goblins here drop Kawa No Kutsu (Leather Shoes). This is the 
only way to get more. But there is no hurry, as this place will still exist in 
World 3.

Go back to Tule Town.

Tule Town

Go back to the house at the north. Trigger all the events, then exit.

Now return to Pirate Cave.

Pirate Cave

 Tent; Ether; 300 Gil

Now you can enter the room with chests. Also get the items from one of the
pirates, and trigger the event with Boco. Exit when you're done.

Now, at this point of time, I highly recommend that you change the Jobs of
all characters to Blue Mage. Learn the Vampire spell from the Steel Bats
in the Pirate Cave, Learn Aero from Mold Winds in the Wind Shrine, and Learn
Goblin Punch from the Goblins. Now, after you are done, I recommend that
you change all your party to White Mage, and have them Master at least Lv 1,
then change to Black Mage and do the same. It is certainly much better if
all characters synchronize their skills learning, rather than have each
character change to different Jobs then stick to them for a long time.

And remember, early in the game, if you want to rely on brute force, then the
Monk is the best choice. Monks will do more damage than most of your other
Jobs will. Having the Monk's Kakuto skill will also have the same effect.

Anyway, head to the Torna Canal.

Torna Canal

Trigger the events, then fight the Boss Karlabos. You will eventually end up
in Ship's Graveyard after triggering all the events.

Ship's Graveyard

-[Before Save Point]
 Tent; 990 Gil; Phoenix No O; Potion
-[After Save Point]
 Antidote; Antidote; Phoenix No O

Make sure you get every Treasure, and remember to get the very important 
World Map!

There will be a Save Point and an event in the middle of this place.

Don't forget to take the World Map!

You will fight the Boss Siren. Defeat her and exit.

Head to Carwen.

Karwen Town

 Koori No Rod
 Antidote; 1000 Gil

Buy all the necessary things. Trigger the events here. The Ice Rod is hidden in
the path below. The 2nd Piano is in this Town.

Remember to change all your party members to Black Mages and White Mages, and 
get them to master Lv 2.

Note: There is one guy blocking your way now. There is a Treasure you can get
only in World 3.

After exiting, head east and north to North Mountain.

North Mountain

-Pheonix No O; Kin No Nari

There is not much of interest, but remember not to step on the flowers.

You can Learn Flash here. Just use an Ether on the Blocks, and they will
eventually use Flash.

For Magisa and Forza, you should not face too much problems. I really don't
see the need in trying to finish Magisa before Forza appears.

After the battle, you gain control of the Hiryuu. You also have a Mythril 

Note: You can steal Ginbuchi Megane (Silver Glasses) from the Blocks. This
happens to be the only way you can get more. You don't have to be in a hurry,
since this place will also exist in World 3.

After you get Hiryuu, it is best to head to Tycoon Castle first.

Tycoon Castle

 Otome No Kiss; Ether; Elixir; Phoenix No O
-[Study Rooms]
 Ether; Elixir; Pheonix No O; Cottage
-[Hidden Storage]
 Shuriken; Giyaman No Kane; Ashura
-[Right-side Storage]
 Cottage; Cottage

Trigger all the events. Remember to get the Iyashi No Tsue as well. Don't 
forget to take all the Treasures here. This place will be gone in World 3.

Note: There are 2 chests which you are very likely to miss. These 2 Chests are
located to the right of the castle. From the entrance of the castle (where you
see everyone wandering around, move to the behind of one of the trees directly
next to the right wall. There is a secret passage behind this tree. Move all
the way right, and you can access another room, with 2 chests containing 
Cottages. You are very likely to miss this unless you know of it's existence.
9 out of 10 FAQs I checked never even knew about this place.

Head to Walse town when you are finished.

Walse Town

 Ginbuchi Megane

Buy all the Magic. Don't wait until later, buy them now. You should do this for
every town. Get the necessary equipment.

Note: This place will not exist in World 3, so it is highly advisable you stock
up as much Equipment as possible from the Shops here.

Head to Walse Castle when you are finished.

Walse Castle

 Tent; 490 Gil; Phoenix No O
 1000 Gil; Speed; 1000 Gil; Elf Mantle

Summon: Shiva

Trigger the events here. There are a few notes about this castle.

Note: DO NOT RELEASE LONE WOLF! If you do so, he will steal some Treasures.
These treasures do not count towards your Collection rate, but that doesn't
mean you should let him take them.

Note: The basement holds Treasures, but the enemy Garkimasra is tough to deal
with. He absorbs all elements, have a high evade, counters with MoonFlute,
always backs attack you if you do not have a Thief, and has pathetic rewards.
The best way to kill him is using 1000 Needles or Level 5 Death. But it will 
be much better to use the Thief's !Tonzura (Escape) ability, since you can't 
escape from him normally.

Note: Remember that the Waterfall behind leads to where Shiva is. You can wait
until later before coming back here, to attempt to defeat her. Or you can try
now if you feel strong enough. (Personally, I defeated her before I went to
Walse Tower.)

Remember that there are Elf Toads in the area behind the waterfall. Learn Frog
Song (Kaeru no Uta) from them.

After the events, head towards Walse Tower.

Walse Tower

 Silk Robe; Otome No Kiss
 Gin No Udewa; Ether

Make sure you take every single Treasure here. Although this place actually
exists in World 3, it will be a whole lot different, so don't count on the
fact that you can get them later.

When you reach the top floor of Walse Tower, you will eventually fight Galura.

BOSS: Galura
Seriously, I didn't see the need to use Frog Song. Pure brute force works quite
well. See this as a test, and if you can't defeat Galura using normal attacks,
it means you are not ready yet.

After this, there will be events. You will end up on the World Map again, with
the Hiryuu nearby. You can now use new Jobs.

I recommend that you take this time now, to level up everyone in your Party to
Time Mage Level 2. Also, if possible, Level up the Summoner and Red Mage to 
Level 2 as well.

Go back to Walse Castle, and trigger a few events. After you are done with 
these events, go to Walse Meteor.

Walse Meteor

There will be an event, and you will be warped to Karnak Meteor.

Karnak Meteor

From here head out.

You should know where to go from here. Go to Karnak Town. You can Learn the 
Blue Magic "????" from the Wild Naks.

Karnak Town

There is a Fire Rod you can't get at the moment. Anyway, you do know what to
do, right? Try to buy something, and you will eventually end up in Karnak
Castle after a few events.

Karnak Castle

After the events, just simply head out. You will not be able to take any 
Treasure at this point of time.

Head back to Karnak town, and do all the necessary stuff. Buy all the Spells
and purchase the strong equipment. And remember to play the 3rd Piano.

Head to the Fire-Powered Ship.

Fire-Powered Ship

 Cottage; Mythril No Kote
 Elixir; Phoenix No O
 Elixir; Engetsurin
 Douzoku No Kote; Green Beret
-[Moving Floor Room]

After the events, continue on. This place actually will still exist even in
World 3, just in a different place.

Remember that the Douzoku No Kote (Thief's Glove), will increase your Stealing
rate. You can Learn Exploder from the Motor Trap by using a Thunder Black 

Anyway, search carefully for all the Treasures here.

Eventually, you will reach LiquiFlame.

BOSS: LiquiFlame
Seriously, there is not much strategy I can offer for this Boss, but you should
not face much problems as long as your attacks work and you heal regularly.
This Boss is really not that hard.

Once you have defeated this Boss, DON'T CONTINUE FORWARD! I REPEAT! DON'T 
CONTINUE FORWARD! Go back and save now!

In case you have forgotten, the next section consists of having 10 Minutes to
get out of a Castle. 10 Minutes is more than enough time to escape, but don't
forget that your objective is to collect ALL THE TREASURES IN KARNAK CASTLE!
10 Minutes is really short to collect all Treasures, but it's possible.

That is why before you continue, it is highly advisable that you train yourself
until you are at very high levels, and use a Job capable of brute force. Any
Job with Monk's Kakuto (Combat), will do just fine. Also, make sure that you
have the Thief's !Tonzura (Escape) ability. You can't be fighting every random 
battle encounter you see, and they are not easy to escape from, which is why 
you need this Ability.

When you are fully ready, proceed. After a few events, you will eventually end
up in Karnak Castle.

Karnak Castle

 Elixir; 2000 Gil
 Shuriken; Ribbon
 Esuna; Raijin No Jutsu
 2000 Gil; Elixir; Elixir; Elixir; 2000 Gil; Elixir; Elixir
-[Bottom Left Room]
 Elf Mantle
-[Bottom Right Room]
 Main Gauche

For this Dungeon, it is not particularly hard, but don't be afraid to take a 
few tries to familiarise yourself with this area. You need all the time you can 
get, and need to know exactly where each Treasure is.

You should already know the procedure here. You have 10 Minutes to claim all 
the Treasures here, most of which contain Monsters. You are automatically in 
"Run" Mode. This is the only time where you can collect the Treasures from 
Karnak Castle, and you will not get a second chance after this. 

You can choose to backtrack a bit after the Save Point to get to the Pot, where
you can recover. Remember that you must escape from the Monsters using !Tonzura 
(Escape) Command, or you will waste a lot of time. At the end, you will fight
a battle with Iron Claw, which you can actually escape from.

Note that you can Learn 2 Blue Magic at this place. You can Learn Aerora, and
DeathClaw. Aerora can be Learned just a bit later, so I don't advise wasting
time to Learn it now. For DeathClaw, you will not Learn it until much later, so
if you feel you are up to it, try to Learn it. It's optional to fight Iron 

The Monster-In-A-Boxes are strong, so make sure you are strong enough to take
them out quickly. That's why previously I adviced to be at high levels, and 
have the Monk's ability.

Two of the Treasures are at far ends, and for each you have to travel through
long series of floors. Don't miss them out. Make sure you take every single
Treasure before exiting.

Boss: Iron Claw
The starting of this battle is like the other battles. It appears to be a
Sergeant with Karnak Wolves.

Once you exit, this place will be no more. You get new jobs.

Head back to Karnak Town. Take this opportunity to train your Beast Master 
(Majutsukai) up to Level 2, to gain the !Ayatsuru (Control) Command.

Karnak Town

-Honoo No Rod

Trigger all the events here, and remember to take the Fire Rod from the Barrel 
that was inaccessible before.

Your next destination is the Ancient Library. 

On your way there, you should remember fighting the DolmKimera. It is not an
easy enemy to fight now, but you can Learn Aqua Breath from it.

For the surrounding Forest, you can fight the Mythril Dragon. You can Learn
Fusion by Controlling it.

Ancient Library

-Ether; Phoenix No O; Shinobi no Koromo

Summons: Ifrit

Make full use of the Recovery Pot. Continue to the dungeon when you are ready.
You should know how to get past the first puzzle. 

You can Learn several Blue Magic here. You can Learn Aerora from the Page 32.
You can Learn Level 5 Death from Page 64. You can also Learn Guardoff (requires
!Ayatsuru) and MoonFlute from Page 256.

Anyway, after traveling a while, you will eventually reach Ifrit.

Boss: Ifrit
Well, it shouldn't be too difficult, but you should rely more on healing rather
than on pure brute force.

After this Battle, continue your way forward. Eventually, you will see Mid
in front of you. But prepare at the Save Point first, then continue to Battle

Boss: Byblos
You can Learn Magic Hammer from him. He won't use it often, though. This Boss
is not too hard as long as you have good Mages that can heal and cast Fira.
If you kill him with Ifrit, he will say something different.

Trigger the events with Mid.

Go back all the way to Karnak Town.

Karnak Town

Just trigger the events with Cid and Mid. Then head to the Fire-Powered Ship.

Fire-Powered Ship

After triggering all the events with Cid and Mid, you will eventually gain
control of the Fire-Powered Ship as your vehicle.

Now, your next destination is actually Crescent, but I recommend that you go
to these 2 places first: Jacole and Istory. First, let's go to Jacole. (You do
know where these places are, right?) Let's head to Jacole.

Jacole Town

You can play the 4th Piano here. The Equipment sold in Town is useful, so make
sure you buy what you need. 

Outside of Town, you can fight Bombs, from which you can Learn Exploder. Also
note that you can steal Battle Axes as well as the rare War Hammer from the
Bio Soldiers. (Actually, the Spell is Jibaku, which translates to Self-Destruct,
but most people call it Exploder.)

Head to the Jacole Cave.

Jacole Cave

-Tent; Shuriken; Dengeki Muchi

As you may have already known, the SkullEaters here are too strong for you 
right now. Escape from them if possible. Remember that the Dengeki Muchi 
(Electric Whip) is a Lone Wolf Treasure. There isn't much of interest now.

After you are done with both the Town and the Cave, go to the Town of Istory.

Town of Istory

Songs: Ai No Uta (Love Song)

Black Spells: Toad

You can get the Ai No Utau (Song of Love) from the Bard on the outskirts. You
can also get the Toad Spell by walking on the Flower Bed. (It's not exactly a
Treasure.) There are Rings being sold here, but they can be bought elsewhere.

Anyway, when you are finished, exit the Town, and go to the East Forest.

Summons: Ramuh

In this Forest, you can encounter Ramuh. 

Boss: Ramuh
This Boss is not hard at all. You should not have any problems. You will get
the Ramuh Item after you win. You have to use this Item to add Ramuh as a

After you defeat him, you will not be able to fight him in a random encounter
again. (Note: From Instructrtrepe, if you use use Berserk/Stop, or other
such effects that prevents the AI script, you can fight them over and over
Refer to Knowledge Section for details.)

Anyway, in this Istory Area, for the Forest, you can encounter Mini Dragons,
which offers the most Exp in World 1. Fight them a few times. The best areas to
train for ABP and EXP is in the forest and on the grasslands, where you can
fight the BlackFlames. You can also Learn Dark Shock from the Black Flames.

Anyway, when you are done with all these, go to Crescent Town.

Crescent Town

Song: Tairyoku no Uta (Vitality Song)

As soon as you enter, an event happens, and you lose the Fire-Powered Ship now.
Anyway, go to the Bard's house. Play the 5th Piano, and get the Song of 
Vitality from the Bard. Buy the necessary stuff here. Even if you can't Equip
the stuff now, buy at least 4 of each anyway.

Your next destination is the Black Chocobo Forest. It is to the South of Town.
Now, on the World Map of this area, you can encounter an enemy called the 
Crescent. This enemy will drop the Death Sickle at rare times. If you can, try 
to get at least 4 of these. This is the strongest Axe in World 1. It's still
possible to get them in World 3, but this is the best place now. Get as much
as you can now.

Black Chocobo Forest

Trigger the events, and get the Black Chocobo as your Transport. You get new

Your next destination is the Ancient Library, but head to Lix Town first.

Lix Town

Song: Yuuwaku no Uta (Song of Charm)

Trigger all the events here. Talk to the Bard after the events to get Song of
Charm. Rest at the inn free. For the shops, all the items sold can be bought
elsewhere, but you might as well buy them now, since the prices are lower.

When you are done, head back to the Ancient Library on the Black Chocobo.

Ancient Library

There will be an event. After this, your next destination is to the Quicksand

Quicksand Desert

Trigger the event. Cid and Mid will ask you if you wish to proceed. When you
are ready, you can fight the Sand Worm boss.

Boss: Sand Worm
The basic idea of fighting him is to simply attack him, and never the Holes.
This is a pretty simple strategy, and brute force works well. I don't even see
the need to use Aqua Breath.

After you are done, proceed. There isn't much here, apart from this place
having confusing routes. Eventually, you will reach the other side of the

Note: You can steal a Weapon called the Javelin from the Sand Bear. This is
the strongest Spear in World 1. It's still possible to get them in World 3, so
there's no hurry now.

After you exit, go south into the Ruins.


Just do the necessary things to get King Tycoon to appear, then go meet him and
trigger a few events.

Continue, and you will eventually end up in Catapult.


-Shuriken; Shuriken; Minimum

You can rest in here. You should know how to open the door with the Switch,
to get the 3 Treasures.

Anyway, head forward and trigger the rest of the events. The Fire-Powered Ship
dungeon will now be at catapult.

Eventually, there will be a Boss Battle.

Boss: CrayClaw
This Boss uses attacks that primarily focuses on reducing your HP to Critical.
As long as you have Healers, you can't lose this battle.

After this Battle, go to where the Ruins originally were to trigger an event.
Then go back to Catapult and trigger more events.

Your next destination is the Tycoon Meteor.

Tycoon Meteor

Trigger the events, then fight the Boss.

Boss: Adamantaimai
Seriously, there is no need to even use Level 5 Death. If you can't defeat him
without having to rely on that, you definitely won't be prepared for what's

After this, you should return to Catapult.


After the events, you will be able to take the Airship to the Entrance of Lonka

Entrance To Lonka

Here, you have have to fight 4 sets of Cannons first. You can Learn Emission
from the Flame Gun, and the Missile from the Rockets. These enemies are strong,
so be sure to be healed before taking each one out.

Once these 4 Cannons are destroyed, the Main Cannon, which is the Boss, will

Boss: Sol Cannon.
The Sol Cannon's HP is 22500. The Launcher's HP are 10800. Don't let these
figures fool you. They will actually Self-Destruct when they take damage after
their HP is reduced below 10000. This is a very hard Boss for World 1, but if
you recognize his weakness, you can't lose. You should have Summoners in your
party, as well as being able to use Thundara and Cure Magic. Physical attacks
won't be as effective unless you have Sango no Tsurugi (Coral Sword) from 
Jacole. You need to take out the Launchers first. There is no need to use
Level 5 Death. Just simply Summon Ramuh twice or thrice, and most likely both
Launchers will Self-Destruct. If you are hit but the Launchers' attacks,
be sure to use Esna to recover from aging, or your stats will fall useless.
The Sol Cannon will use Surge Beam on you, after it takes 7 turns displaying
messages, and every 4 turns displaying message subsequently. Surge Beam is an
attack that deals damage equal to 1/2 your Max HP. As long as you keep your
HP high, you will not get killed by this attack. Keep using Thunder Elemental
attacks, and eventually, you will deal enough damage to get Sol Cannon to
Self-Destruct. Seriously, you should not have that much problems at all, as 
long as you know what to do.

After this battle, you can now enter to Lonka Ruins.

Lonka Ruins

 Gold Armor
 Elixir; Phoenix No O; Gold Shield
 Hipotion; 5000 Gil; Shuriken; Kodai no Tsurugi; Engetsurin; Power Wrist
 Cottage; Ether

Remember that there are hidden routes in this Dungeon, and you'll probably need
a Thief here. You can Learn 1000 Needles by Controlling the Lamias, and White
Wind by controlling the Whirl Demons. In addition, the Hydra (there are 2 
different monsters that look alike, don't get mixed up), will use Lv 4 Gravite
when it is killed. Take the time to Learn these Blue Magic now. Don't wait
until later to Learn Lv 4 Gravite, do so now! Afterwards, this place will not
be here anymore, so you won't get a chance to Learn these spells until much
later, so I advice Learning all of them now.

Eventually, when you get all the way to the end, there will be events, and you
will eventually fight the Boss, Archaeo Aevis.

Boss: Archaeo Aevis
This is another tough Boss for World 1. You probably won't notice this, but 
there are 5 forms for Archaeo Avis, not just 2. Only the 5th form is shown to
you with messages. Anyway, the first 4 forms rack up 1600 HP each, while the
5th has 2500 HP. That stacks up to 8900 HP. Ironically, at this point of time,
1000 Needles will be useful. Brute force should work just fine as long as you
are healed regularly, and use strong Physical Jobs like Knight or Monk. 
Basically, as it changes form, its Physical Defense will decrease, but its
Magical Defense increases. Actually, the Last form of Archaeo Aevis is not
undead, otherwise Lv 5 Death won't work. But seriously, you have already dealt
with him for so long, so just finish him off normally instead of using Lv 5

AFTER THIS BATTLE, TURN BACK NOW! After these series of events, Galuf will
leave your party for a long period of time until you get to World 2. This is
the time where you can still train freely and Level up normally. MAKE SURE YOU

When you feel that you are totally ready, continue onwards. After the series of
events, Galuf leaves you.

When you regain control, land the Airship for a short event. Then go back to
Catapult and read the paper. Then your next destination is Tycoon Meteor.

Tycoon Meteor

There will be events here. After this, your destination is now the other 3
Meteors. You can go to these Meteors in any order, but I highly recommend going
to Karnak Meteor first.

Karnak Meteor

Summons: Titan

Upon entering, there is an event. You will fight the Boss, Titan.

Boss: Titan
Seriously, is there even a need to get Levite Status? This Boss is easy to deal
with, it's just that he has a dying attack, Earth Shaker. If you are having
problems, just simply change all your Characters to Monk Job, and their HP
should be high enough to survive. If that doesn't work, then you have obviously
not taken enough time to train.

You get the Summoned Beast Titan.

Next, I recommend you go to Walse Meteor.

Walse Meteor

Upon entering, there is an event. You will fight the Boss, Pyoroboros.

Boss: Pyoroboros
The only tough part about this Boss is that if you defeat them one at a time,
they will revive each other. That means you have to kill all of them at the
same time. I would not recommend using the Samurai's !Zenige, (Coin Toss) since 
that costs a lot of Gil. Two summons of Titan will finish the job, even though 
the Pyoroboros will react with Cura. I personally took another method, and that 
was to wait for every single one of them to use Exploder until they all die. It
worked, but it was too slow.

Finally, only one Meteor left. Go to Lonka Meteor.

Lonka Meteor

Upon entering, there is an event. You will fight the Boss, Kimera Brain.

Boss: Kimera Brain
This Boss is not that easy, but after the going with Sol Cannon and Archaeo 
Avis, this Boss doesn't even seem like a threat. You should not have any
problems dealing with him, without using cheap tricks like !Zenige (Coin Toss),
or DeathClaw.

After this, there will be events. Now, first return to Tycoon Castle.

Tycoon Castle

There will be another series of events.

Your next destination is the Warp Zone, which will take you to World 2. But
before you do so, make sure you have the following:

All 3 Songs.
All Level 1 to 3 White and Black Magic, including Esna.
All Level 1 Time Magic and 2 of both Level 2 and 3 Magic.
All Level 1 and 2 Summon Magic, as well as Titan.
Also make sure that you have played all 5 Pianos in this World.

In addition, this is the last time you are able to buy the items from the Shops
in Walse Town, so make sure you buy as much equipment as possible from there.

Don't bother training up now, since Galuf is not with you. When you are ready
to go to World 2, go to the Warp Zone.

Warp Zone

After the events here, you will end up in World 2.

 World 2

You are now on an island. Events will trigger once in a while saying to use a
Tent. When you use a Tent, an event will trigger. Butz will fight Abductor

You really shouldn't lose to Abductor at all. By now, you should be strong
enough to defeat him. Either way, you end up in Exdeath Castle.

Watch the long series of events. Eventually, you gain control of Galuf, and
proceed in Exdeath Castle.

Exdeath Castle

You should make Galuf a strong physical Job, capable of healing himself.

The enemies here are not too strong, so Galuf should be able to handle them

At the end of the Dungeon, you will fight Gilgamesh.

Boss: Gilgamesh
While his HP is 11500, he will escape when he takes more than 1500 damage.
You shouldn't have any problems.

After this, you get back your characters.

Now, go all the way back, and exit the castle.

Note: There is an enemy called the Jail Bear here. You can steal a Spear from
the Jail Bear. The Spear is actually the weakest Spear, but this is the only
way to get them, and within a limited time. I would advice you to get a few.

Out on the World Map here, your next destination is the Big Bridge. You can
Learn DeathClaw here from the Rockbrain in case you don't have it.

Big Bridge

You fight a series of battles. There's no place to heal up, so you may have to
use Tents. After a few batttles, you will face Gilgamesh.

Boss: Gilgamesh
He's stronger than before, but as long as you are healed properly, and can
dish out lots of damage, he won't be a threat. His HP is 6500, and once his
HP is below 2500, he will activate a series of Magic, and his attacks become
more furious. Personally, I didn't feel a need to use silence on him. He's not
really that difficult.

After this, continue again, and fight more battles. As you are approaching the
end, an event happens. You will be thrown off into the World Map.

You are somewhere close to Rugor on the World Map. Go west, and into Rugor.


Trigger all the events. Make sure you get enough money to buy all the necessary
stuff here, especially the Level 4 Magic. The 6th Piano is here.

Note that for Comet, this Time Magic has a random power. It is also not Level
Dependant. While it may be useful in a Low-Level game, it is useless here.

After you are done, exit and head South. You see the Castle of Kuzar on the
way. Enter it if you wish.

Sealed Castle Kuzar

There is not much for you to do now. There are Shield Dragons here, and you
have to use !Ayatsuru (Control) to defeat them. This is a good place for EXP.
When you get to the end, there will be an event. Anyway, there isn't much, so
just exit when you're done.

Go furthur South, then East, and go to the Underground River Forest.

Underground River

-4400 Gil; Phoenix No O

You first start in the forest. After the event with the Moogle, drop down into
the river. Make sure you take the 2 Treasures here. There are several routes
around, and it is possible that you can miss them. But remember that you can
later return to this Underground River through the forest, to collect what you 
have missed. At the end of the dungeon, you will fight Tyrasaurus.

Boss: Tyrasaurus
Really now, is there even a need to use a Phoenix Down? The only problem with
him is that he may use ???? when his HP is low, and that deals massive damage.
If you have a good number of White Mage, this really isn't a threat at all.

When you are done, follow the series of events. Note that this exit is one-way.
If you want to return here again, you have to go through the forest.

Anyway, the Moogle stops at the Forest where the mountains surround. There are
no random encounter battles except for the Desert. Avoid the desert at all 
costs unless you feel that you are strong enough. You can't escape from the
battles in the desert. Anyway, search around the large Forest, and you will
eventually end up in the Moogle Forest.

Moogle Forest

-Ether; Phoenix No O; 10000 Gil; 1 Gil; Dancing Dagger; Cottage; Elf Mantle

Search this place carefully to get all the Treasures. Remember that you have to
be in a Moogle Suit to get one Treasure. There will be events here. After all
these events, you will eventually end up in Bal Castle.

Bal Castle

 Great Sword
 Eiyuu No Kusuri; Telepo
 Tenshi No Hakui

Trigger all the events here. Use the flush to get into the water. Go to the
other side to find the hidden Great Sword. Go to the Back of the shop, to
get to a chest, and trigger the event with the Shop Keepers to get the Lamia
Tiara. Make sure you get the Time Magic Telepo. Buy the necessary stuff.

Note: You may have already known that the enemies at the Basement offers good
ABP. You probably already know that Lv 5 Death is best for dealing with them.
All I can say is that the ABP is attractive now, but later, there will be 
better rewards.

When you are done, choose to exit. Once you do so, you won't be able to come
back here until you complete Hiryuu Valley.

When you choose to exit, there will be an event, and you will fight another

Boss: Abductor
4 Characters VS 1 lousy boss. Do the math.

Your next destination is Kelb, which is to the North.


Song: Requiem

Trigger all the events. Then get the Requiem Song, and buy all the necessary
stuff. Make sure you catch a Colnago, so that you can get the Colnago No Tsubo
(Cornago Pot). There are only 2 of them in the game, so make sure you get them.

When you are finished, exit, and head for Hiryuu Valley.

Hiryuu Valley


 5000 Gil; Cottage; 7000 Gil; Kazekiri No Yaiba; Hypno Crown, Phoenix No O

Remember that you can still learn the Magic Hammer from the Drippy here. This
place is not all that confusing. But remember that you have to fall through a
hole in order to continue.

Somewhere after the 3rd part, near the area with the bridge, you will encounter
Golem. Golem will be attacked by a Zombie Dragon and Bone Dragon. I suggest
you have at least 1 White Mage, preferably with the Iyashi no Tsue 
(Heal Staff). The Heal Staff can heal Golem, or be used to damage the Dragons. 
Also, I advise to have a Time Mage, in case you need to cast Return. Requiem 
also works quite well here. Watch out if the Bone Dragon use Bone. Immediately 
heal Golem or he will die. Once you defeated both undead dragons, wait for a 
few seconds. After a short while, Golem will say something. The battle ends. 
You get the Golem item, which you have to use to get him as a Summon. Again, 
don't do stupid things like choose not to get the item.

Note: You can steal Hayate No Yumiya (Gale Bow) from the Sting Eagles here. 
There's no need to hurry, since this place still exists in World 3.

The Kazekiri No Yaiba (Windcutter Blade) happens to be the only one for this
game. For the Bonemail, being undead might not impress you, but don't forget
that it has a high Defense, and you become immune to Death type attacks.
Healing hurts you, of course. But remember that this armor can be useful at
times, and it is often underrated.

Anyway, eventually, when you reach the end, you will fight Hiryuu Grass.

Boss: Hiryuu Plant
Now killing all the small flowers will just make the Hiryuu Plant generate
them again. Kill all the small flowers except for one. If other flowers start
appearing, kill those, but remember to leave one alive. The Hiryuu Plant does
absolutely nothing apart from generating more flowers. It is the Flowers that
keep attacking you. Having known that, you shouldn't have much problems at all.

After you are done, exit.

Your next destination is Bal Castle, so return there.

Bal Castle

Trigger the event, and re-enter the castle via the moat. Trigger all events, 
and you should be able to enter and exit this place normally. Trigger all the
events with Kururu and the Hiryuu. You will eventually gain control of the

Your next destination is Ghido's Cave. Head over there with the Hiryuu.

Ghido's Cave

It sinks as soon as you enter.

Anyway, head for Surgate Castle next.

Surgate Castle

-5000 Gil; Levitate

Song: Song of Speed.

Speak with the people here. Buy the necessary stuff as well.

You should know how to get to the hidden chambers inside the Library. Put
the Books back in their correct shelves and talk to the woman, so you can
enter. You can then get the Treasures here. The old man also blocks you
from getting one Treasure, which you can only get in World 3.

Also don't forget to go and get the Song of Speed from Zeza's room. You should
have 5 Songs by now.

When you are done here, go to somewhere close to Exdeath Castle, and land on
the biggest ship, with the Hiryuu.

Zeza's Fleet

Trigger all the events here. Then rest, and get ready to battle.

Take out all the enemies, then go for Gilgamesh.

Boss: Gilgamesh and Enkidou
Make sure you can Steal in this battle. You can steal a Genji No Kote (Genji
Glove) from Gilgamesh. This is the first of the Genji equipment. When Enkidou
shows up, try to finish him off first, as he can use Whitewind. If you finish
off Gilgamesh first however, there will be more dialogues.

After this, trigger the events with Zeza. Eventually, you'll be able to use
the Submarine to get to the Barrier Tower.

Barrier Tower

 9000 Gil; Blood Sword
 18000 Gil
 Kin No Kamikazari

This place is pretty straightforward. You can Learn Timeslip here. This place
will not last very long. If you have the time, try to fight more Reflect 
Knights, as they can drop the Reflect Ring.

Get all the treasures, trigger all events, and get to the end. You will fight
the Boss Atomos.

Boss: Atomos
What is interesting about this Boss is that as long as none of your characters
are knocked out, he will keep using barrages of Comets. Once one character is
knocked out, he will also keep pulling him/her in, until the character reaches
him, where the character is erased from combat. While he keeps pulling, he will
also use Time magic at infrequent times. Now this Boss is definitely nothing
too difficult, once you know how he works. But try this for a challenge: Defeat
Atomos without having any party members get knocked out. It definitely is
possible. For me, I was at a high Level, and I used Shell and Whitewind
repeatedly. None of my characters even got knocked out once. See if you can
pull it off.

Trigger the events. Walk around for Galuf to react. Eventually, you get control
of the Submarine.

Your next destination is actually to Ghido's Cave. But seriously, I recommend
that you go to Mua Village first. You should know by now that you must go 
underwater to get to Mua Village.

Mua Village

-Main Gauche

The reason why you are here is simple: the Level 5 Magic. Buy all the necessary
stuff, and play the 7th Piano.

When you are done, head towards Ghido's Cave.

Ghido's Cave

Surprisingly, there are no Treasures here. There isn't much here, and apart
from the 5 chests, the path is pretty straightforward.

Note: There is an enemy here called the Metamorpha. He will drop the Hikari No
Tsue (Light Staff) at rare occasions. It is highly recommended that you get as
many as you can now. The Metamorpha still exists in World 3, but he will be
much rarer. Make sure you defeat the Metamorpha in the original form. It's
best to fight them somewhere in the 3rd room, where they are more common, and
appear with 4 Radiators encounter set.

It is possible to Learn Aeroga at this point of time. Just make sure you fight
a Metamorpha that changes into a Whirl Demon, and it will use Aeroga on you.
It's much better learning it now than from the Seal Guardians.

Reach the end, and trigger the events with Ghido. Head out. Now, your 
destination is Mua, but head for another cave first.

Northwest Cave

This place has some strong enemies that offer good ABP and EXP. Apart from
that, there isn't much now, so head for the other exit. It will take you to
the Northwest Continent.

Out here, there isn't much, but the enemies offer good rewards, and you can
get another summon. Just visit the Chocobo Forest first.

Chocobo Forest

Nothing of interest. Good to know this place exists, though. Head out onto the
World Map, then move around until you encounter Catoblepas, a blue one-eyed
horse-like creature.

Boss: Catoblepas
I don't think I need to offer any strategies at all, apart from advice that
Catoblepas will counter with a Stone Status attack whenever his is damaged.
Just get a white Mage and cast Esna. This is a random encounter. You can't
fight him again once you defeated him. Of course, it is said that you can
encounter him more than once if you use Kiss of Blessing (Chougou Seisui and
Otome no Kiss).

Use the item Catoblepas to get the Summon.

Now that you are done here, head back to Mua.

Mua Village

Buy what you haven't already. Your next destination is the Great Forest of Mua.

Now, at this point of time, note that the best places for EXP and ABP include:
The World Map around Mua and the Chocobo Forest; the Northwest Cave; and the
Great Forest of Mua as well. Take your time to train carefully here. Don't
bother with the enemies in Bal Castle, as they give little EXP.

Great Forest of Mua

-[1st Area]
 2500 Gil; Ether
-[2nd Area]
 4900 Gil; Phoenix No O; 9500 Gil
-[3rd Area Before Fire]
 Elixir; Cottage; Kyojin No Kusuri; Aegis No Tate; Morning Star

Now that you have the Elder's Branch, you can access this area. Make sure you
Learn the Tiny Song from the MiniMage.

This place is pretty much straightforward. Keep going all the way, and be sure
to use the wierd looking Save Point. Note that there will be an event soon,
so make sure you take all the previous Treasures.

Soon, there will be an event where fire bursts out. There will also be a Cave
that appears soon. There is a Treasure Chest near here, which contains an
Aegis Shield.

Note: You will get the Aegis No Tate if you get the chest before the Fire,
otherwise, you will get the Flame Shield.

I recommend you get the Aegis Shield instead of the Flame Shield.

Fall down the hole. In here, walk around for a while, and use the Recovery
Water, until the Moogle eventually lets you pass. You are back in the Great
Forest of Mua, but it is now slightly different.

Great Forest of Mua (Burned)

-[After Fire]
 Flame Tan; Susu; Flame Shield

This place is now different. Exiting will take you to near the South East of
the Continent. The forest just to the right of the bridge is now just normal

You can take the Flame Shield if you did not take the Aegis Shield earlier.
Get the items. You can choose to continue to the Great Tree, but I recommend
that you exit from here first, and prepare, before coming back.

Make sure you prepare everything first.

When you are ready, head into the Tree, and prepare to fight.

Boss: Seal Guardians
These 4 Seal Guardians each have different Elemental attributes. The Seal
Guardians all have 7777 HP. They will constantly use physical attacks on you,
and will not use their Magic, unless their HP is less than 3000. You will not
have any problems with these Bosses, unless your levels are low, or you are
stupid enough to try to damage them all at the same time. It's possible to
use Graviga on them, but is it really necessary? Anyway, just simply take them
down one at at time.

Note that these Seal Guardians drop the Susu (Soot) as a rare drop. It is a
limited item in the game. For the Perfect Game, don't be so stupid as to try to
get all 4 Soot! Your chances are 1 to 65536!!

There will be long events after this battle.

You will now fight Exdeath with Galuf alone.

Boss: Exdeath
My setup is Galuf with the Blood Sword, and using !Midareuchi (XFight). Also,
I equipped him with a Reflect Ring. This makes him take little damage, and
recovers HP quickly. Obviously, it's still not going to change a damn thing
with the outcome.

After this, wait for the long events. Kururu will eventually take over Galuf's
place. You regain control of the Hiryuu.

Your next destination is now Exdeath Castle. However, if you feel like having
a challenge with a Semi-MegaBoss now, head for the cave between Bal Castle and
the Big Bridge.

Tunnel Cave

This cave has 2 entrances. There are no Treasures here, apart from some money,
and a Semi-Megaboss.

Boss: Gilgame (Pronounced as Gi-ru-ga-me)

A Boss with 32768 HP, Undead and Heavy Type, starts out with Shell and Protes
status, counters with 2 Status inducing physical attacks every time he is
damaged, and uses Quake when he dies.

You probably may have heard the rumor, from John TV's FAQ, that the easiest 
way to defeat him is to use the Bard's Hide ability, and hide until he uses
Kami No Koura, and his attacks will not hit you. THAT'S BULLSHIT! You see,
Gilgame will NEVER use a specialty attack, unless as a Counter-attack! It
makes me wonder how the hell did John TV come up with such a lame story.

For me, I choose to use a set up like this. All Party members have Levite 
status. Then I have a set-up of 3 Characters as Suppin with Nitoryuu, 
!Midareuchi, and !Mahouken Blizzaga. Then I have another character Cast
Golem and WhiteWind. If you have problems, then maybe you should try stealing
a Judgment Staff from the Dark Mages in Exdeath Castle. The Staff has the 
effect of Dispel when used. Use it to Dispel his Shell and Protes Status.

Using these tactic, I beat Gilgame 3 times in a row. But seriously, the reward 
sucks, and there really isn't much point doing this, apart from the challenge
itself. You can't fight him in World 3.

When you are done, head for Exdeath Castle.

Exdeath Castle

 Ether; Dia No Tate
 Ice Shield
 Elixir; Hayate No Yumiya
 Ice Brand; Kotetsu
 9900 Gil; Elixir
 Twin Lancer; 8000 Gil
 Partisan; Fuuma Shuriken

Summon: Carbuncle

Bears near the Basement. Once the Castle reveal its true form, they will not
appear anymore.

For the first part of the Castle, it's pretty much straightforward, until you
reach the Floor that appears to havee a dead end. When you try to turn back,
and an event follows. Now the Castle will be in the second form.

You can Learn Level 2 Old from the Magic Dragons here. It is also possible to
Learn Level 3 Flare now. There is a trick for doing so. First, you must make
all Members of your Party Blue Mages or with Learning Ability, and their Level
must obviously be multiples of 3. Now you have to fight a Red Dragon, and use 
!Ayatsuru (Control) on it. Then you must cast Reflect on it. Have the Red
Dragon cast Level 3 Flare on itself. The Level 3 Flare will Reflect off it, and
be cast onto a random character. If the Character is multiple level of 3, the
Level 3 Flare will hit. Remember that Level Magic gets harder and harder to
Learn the higher you Levels, so Learn it now, and don't wait for later. 
Moreover, this Magic works quite well on Exdeath later, so having it now helps
a lot. By now, you should have all 4 of the Level Magic.

It is recommended that you have an Elementalist in your party. There are Magma
pools all over, and there are falling platforms at one point too. It is also
recommended to have a Thief. There are hidden passages all over, but they are
not too hard to locate.

Note: You can Steal a Sabaki No Tsue (Judgment Staff) as a rare Steal from the 
Ankoku Madoushi (Dark Mage). You can also Steal a Beast Killer as a rare Steal 
from the MotorDrive. It's still possible to get them in World 3, so there's no 
hurry now.

In addition, the Ankoku Madoushi, also has a rare Drop, the Chikara no Tsue.
This is the only time to get it, so do so now!

Eventually, you reach the Skull Floor. Just use it to get to Carbuncle.

Boss: Carbuncle

You probably have already heard the rumor, that you can use Catoblepas to
Petrify Carbuncle. That's bullshit! Well, half of it is bullshit anyway.
Unknown to most people, Carbuncle has 2 different forms. For his first form,
it's his standard form. He has Reflect status, and he keeps using Magic to
reflect off himself. He also has also many Status immunities, and is a Heavy
type Monster. His second form is pretty Weak. He has no Reflect status, weak
against many Elements, has low defenses, and the only thing he will do is to 
cast Cura on himself, before reverting back to his first form. It is during his 
second form where he has much less status defenses, which includes Petrify. He 
is also not a Heavy Monster, which means an Attack like !Iainuki will work. It 
is only during his second form can you actually nail him with such fatalities. 
During his first form, they will all fail. Carbuncle will use his first form to 
attack, then change to his second form after 3 or more turns, then cast Cura on 
himself, and revert to his first form.

Carbuncle will start by using the Level 2 Elemental attacks. As his HP gets
low, he will eventually use Bio, Stop, and Confuse. As his HP gets even lower,
he will use fatality attacks like Break, Dejon and Death. While it's not untrue
that you can make use of his weakness to fatalities in his second form, is 
there really a need for that? Pure simple brute force with revival and healing
will be more than what you really need.

When you win, you will get the Summon, Carbuncle. Just keep continuing after
that. Eventually, after the Save Point, you will enter a room with one empty
Treasure Chest. This is the signal that you are about to face Gilgamesh, so
make sure you are able to Steal. Make sure you set up more than one person
to be able to steal, as you only get a few turns to do so.

As you try to continue, Gilgamesh will now fight you again.

Boss: Gilgamesh
You should by now already know how this goes. Gilgamesh has 2 forms. For his
first form, he has 55000 HP, but once you deal more than 13000 HP of damage,
he will start triggering some messages, then he turns to his second form.

When he changes to his second form, keep stealing from him until you get the
Genji no Kabuto (Genji Helmet). You only get a few turns to steal, and this 
battle will automatically end anyway. Focus on getting the Genji Helmet. After
a few turns, this battle ends. You will get the Excaliper as a dropped item
from Gilgamesh.

Now before you continue to face Exdeath, make sure you finish off whatever 
stuff you have yet to do in World 2. This is your last chance. By now, you
should have 5 Songs, and all Level 1 to 3 Summons, with Carbuncle. If you
don't, turn back now!

When you are ready, go up, and face Exdeath.

Boss: Exdeath
If you feel like it, you can try to Learn Death Sentence now, although you have
many chances to Learn this later. Exdeath will also use Level 3 Flare, but you
should have already Learnt this from the Red Dragon, to use on him.

Exdeath is not immune to Slow, but if you use it, he will simply use Haste on
himself. He is a strong boss. That means you can't just simply use brute force
on him. But as with other difficult enemies, as long as you keep yourself 
Healed, and can dish out good damage on him, then you won't have much problems.
The best attacks to use on him are Level 3 Flare, the -ga Magic, and strong
physical attacks. You can also use Level 2 Old on him, not that it would be
that effective. He varies his attack pattern when his HP gets low, but there
shouldn't be too much trouble. He will use the Level 3 Element Magic and Meteo.
Just make sure you can handle damage from that, and can heal quickly.

When you are done, there will be a chain of events. Eventually, you will end up
in World 3, on the World Map.

 World 3

Head into the Castle. 

Tycoon Castle

Trigger all the events. This is your last chance to get any Treasure still 
remaining in Tycoon Castle. After all the events, you will be left with only 
Butz and Kururu. Just head over the brigde, and get to Pirate Cave.

Pirate Cave

When you get to the cave, an event triggers. You now get Boco as your 

Head out, then head all the way past Tule. Eventually, you will wind up in a
Valley that takes you to an area.

In this temporary area, there isn't much, but after some events, you will fight
the Antlion.

Boss: Antlion
This is a really easy Boss, that escapes when it dies. There isn't much to
do about him.

After all these events, you get Faris back in your party.

Your next destination is Ghido's Cave. So head there. Remember where you left

Ghido's Cave

Upon entering, there will be a long series of events. Eventually, you will end
up in the Ancient Library.

Ancient Library

Songs: Song of Magic.

Just wait for the long events to be over.

Be sure to get the Song of Magic on the top floor. You won't get a second 
chance, so make sure you get it!

Now head over to the Elder Tree to the West. Now at this point of time, I must
remind you that you should try to avoid Leveling up now. If you train much now,
Lenna will be many Levels behind you. Try to avoid battles for now.

Elder Tree

There is nothing much here, but you have to pass through, and there will be an

Your next destination is the Pyramid, but I would suggest going back to Mua
Village first. Upon entering the desert, there is an event. Just continue.

Mua Village

Save your game before entering. The only changes here is that you can now 
either take the Chicken Knife or the Brave Blade. Go through the long concealed
path. When given the choice, TAKE THE CHICKEN KNIFE! DON'T TAKE THE BRAVE 

When you are done resupplying, head to the Pyramid.


 Ice Shield
 Noroi No Yubiwa
 Flame Shield; Dark Matter; Shiro No Robe
 Kuro No Robe; Elixir; Ibara No Kanmuri; Elixir
 Dark Matter; Kuroshouzoku
 Dark Matter; Crystal Mail
 Dark Matter; Dark Matter; 9000 Gil; 8000 Gil; Daichi No Hammer; Elixir;
 10000 Gil; Cottage; Elixir; Dark Matter; 12000 Gil; Dark Matter
 Ribbon; Mamori No Yubiwa; Kin No Kamikazari

Get ready to fight the Gargoyles as you enter.

BOSS: Gargoyles
Well, the boss music plays. This battle isn't too hard. The important thing
is to deal damage to both of them evenly, as one can revive the other. As
long as you deal damage to them both, and kill them at the same time, they
won't pose a threat. I will not be repeating this strategy.

This dungeon is full of confusing paths and traps. I will not go into full
details of the navigation here. I will only point out the pointers to take.

After the first Save Point, you can encounter the enemy Sekmet on the 5th 

Let me explain. Sekmet, like Ramuh and Catoblepas, are all random encounters,
but they are also like one time Bosses. After you kill them, they will never
appear again. The reason why you would want Sekmet alive, is so that you can
steal the Douzoku no Kote (Thief's Glove) from him. The Thief's Glove is a
Rare Steal from Sekmet. There are 3 ways to get the Thief's Glove. The first
is a Treasure in the Fire-Powered Ship, the Second is here, and the Third is
a Rare Steal from Necrophobia. This is the only method to get unlimited Thief
Gloves. Basically, as long as you don't kill him, you can get all the Thief's
Gloves you need. Just fight him, steal, then escape, then fight him again, and
repeat. It's your choice whether you want to kill him or not, but I highly
recommend you leave him alive.

You can steal an Ibara No Kanmuri (Thornlet) from the Bland Lamias, as a Rare
Steal. There is also one in this Dungeon. This Helmet automatically inflicts
HP Loss Status on the person equipping it. To many, this seems like a major
disadvantage, but it offers high Defense, compared to other Helmets. Basically,
don't think that the Thornlet is useless.

There are MachineHeads wandering around. These guys are limited enemies. It's
your choice whether you wish to fight all of them, or leave some alive. They
don't have much, but they are interesting enemies, as they can affect your
Jumping characters.

Anyway, when you are done, take the stone tablet, then watch all the long

After this, head back to the Elder Tree.

Elder Tree

Here, there will be an event. You will then fight with the Sexiest Boss in this

Boss: Meryujin
Now, it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that this boss actually has many
forms. 4 forms, to be exact. When a barrier change is done, she changes her
form, not just her weakness. 3 of the forms have high Defense, but low Magic
Defense. 1 of the form has low Defense, but high Magic Defense. This means
that you should keep a balance of Physical attackers and Magic attackers, with
preferably more Magic attackers. If you are well aware of this fact, and heal
regularly, you should not face too much problem with this Boss.

Meryujin does not have anything interesting to steal. All she has a bunch of
Leather equipment. (Stealing her Leather clothing isn't going to make her wear
any less, you perverts!!)

After you are finished with this, you get Lenna back. Revive her.

Now head for the Airship. As soon as you enter, long events happen. There will
now be many areas that are inaccessible.

After you get the Airship, you next destination is supposed to be the Sealed
Castle Kuzar.

Note that from here, your destinations are no longer linear. You can do what
you wish to first, but I will detail the order that seems best.

Sealed Castle Kuzar

Now, before you enter, take note of a few things.

Number 1, I actually don't recommend you to take the Legendary Weapons. Why?
Because they are weak. Most of the Weapons are actually overrated. The 
Excaliber is weaker than your Ame no Murakumo, and other Weapons that have
special abilities are mostly not worthwhile. These weapons are nothing compared
to the ones you can get later.

Number 2, it uses up your Stone Tablet. Sure, that is what the Stone Tablets 
are for in the first place. But it is a Key item. Exchanging one Key item for
3 useless Weapons. Is it worth it? I recommend you just stick with the Stone
Tablets, and don't get the Legendary Weapons at all.

Just ignore the Castle, and leave the Stone Tablets in your Key Items list.

However, if you must absolutely get them, by all means do so. Just remember
that these Weapons are not as useful as most people think.

I personally think that the Legendary Weapons are far too overrated. But note,
You can't get any of them anywhere else. Some of them are quite useful, 
even by the end. Such as Wizard Rod, Masamune.

The first 3 Weapons that I recommend you to take would be the Excaliber,
Wizard's Rod, and the Assassin's Dagger. The Excaliber is the strongest among
here. The Wizard's Rod boosts Fire/Ice/Thunder/Poison attacks that you use.
The Assassin's Dagger, being a Dagger, is used by many Jobs, and is stronger
than most other Daggers. The Assassin's Dagger is not that useful on Undead.
You can also consider the Masamune, which will make your future battles
shorter, and easier to Steal Items.

In addition, if you get your first 3 Weapons, before taking on any other Stone
Tablets, you will see an event with Exdeath.

Your next destination is supposed to be the Solitary Island Shrine. But first,
let's head to a few areas to get some Bonuses first.

Pirate Cave

Summon: Syldra

When you enter here with your full party, there will be an event. You get
Syldra as a Shoukanjuu.

Next, head to Crescent Town.

Crescent Town

Song: Song of Power.

Just head to the Bard's house, play the Piano, talk to the bard, and get the 
Song of Power. You have 7 Songs now. The 8th is also obtained here later.

Now, let's head for the Mirage Town. You do know where that is, right?
Head for the Forest that is in the middle of the long island.

Mirage Town

-Touzoku No Knife

You should by now know of all the hidden stuff in here. Make sure you buy all
the Level 6 Magic that is available here. Also play the 8th Piano here.
Also, you can obtain the Black Chocobo here.

The Black Chocobo, as previously, can only land in Forest. You need the Black
Chocobo to get to the North Mountain, and to get to the Phoenix Tower. NEVER

The Armor here is something you shouldn't miss out buying. The Weapons are not
all that impressive, but have their uses. Chances are, you won't have enough
money for everything, so just remember to come back later. It is highly
recommended that you get the Elmes no Kutsu, which grants you Auto-Haste.

Anyway, now that you have played the Final Piano, return back to Crescent Town.

Crescent Town

Song: Hero Song

Talk to the Bard again. This time you get the Hero Song.

By now, you should have all 8 Songs.

Now, go to Rugor.


Go to the shop, and head down the hidden route to the girl. Talk to her, and
you will receive the Ribbon.

Now, go to Bal Castle.

Bal Castle

There isn't much to do, but you can now get the Hiryuu here again. It's your
choice whether you should take it or not.

Anyway, head to Jacole Cave.

Jacole Cave

Summons: Odin

There is only one change to this place: the cliff is now linked to Bal Castle

You should know how to get around this place by now. The Skull-Eaters were
dangerous enemies before, but now they are hardly worth a damn. Go to the other 
end of the cave, and climb the Cliff.

You are now actually in Bal Castle Basement. Now the first thing you should
do, is to go South, and open the Door. This now makes the path to Bal Castle
two-way. You can either choose to recover first. Go North to face Odin, when
you are ready.

Boss: Odin
You have 1 Minute to defeat him. If you are strong enough, you should be able
to deal 17000+ damage long before the time runs out. You should try to use
Return in case you were careless. You can even try to Steal the Guard Ring as
a rare steal from him. Having Haste really helps here. Oddly enough, Odin is
not immune to Stone Status, but he has a high Magic Evade. (It is said that
if you use Jump just before the Timer runs out, there will be a glitch. I can't
confirm about this.

After you are done, you get the last Level 4 Summon. Now exit through Bal 

Now, lets go get some remaining Treasures that haven't been taken. These
Treasures are not important, but you have to get them to get 100% Collection



This Treasure is located to the North, at the harbors. In World 1, there was
a merchant blocking your way.

After this, you might want to take some time to get the Mighty Guard Blue 
Magic. You have to learn Mighty Guard from the Stingray. The Stingray is found
only in the north part of the seas, above Sunken Walse Tower, and south of
Phoenix Tower. There are 2 seperate encounters for this sea. The Stingray is 
indeed a rare encounter, as there is only a 1/16 chance to get one. But most 
people find it harder, because they are in the wrong part of the sea. To fight 
the Stingray, you have to stay as much north as possible. If you keep fighting 
the weak World 1 enemies, you are in the right place. If you are fighting the 
strong enemies that do not give you Exp, you are in the wrong place. As long as 
you keep staying in the place where the Weak World 1 enemies keep appearing, 
you will eventually fight the Stingray.

Also note that for the Stingray, you can get a Rune Blade as a Rare Steal. In
addition, the Stingray will also rarely drop the Ryuu no Hige (Dragon Beard).

For the Giant Bird enemies, note that you can rarely steal a Murasame from 

Surgate Castle


This Treasure is in the Library, at the storage. It is in one of the Box.
Previously, a Old Man was blocking your way.

With all these done, it is now time to head for the Solitary Island Shrine.

Solitary Island Shrine

 12000 Gil; Elixir; 9000 Gil; Rising Sun
-[Switch Room]
 HiPotion; Protes Drink
 Ether; Mamori No Yubiwa; Crystal Helm
 Ether; Ryuu No Kibaa
 Dark Matter; Circlet

Get ready to fight the Gargoyles as you enter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are 2 very well hidden Treasures in here. They are so
well-hidden, you will not even find them unless you know they exist. 99.9%
of non-Japanese people will never know about the existence of these 2 
Treasures. These Treasures are in the Switch Room. In the room with 2 Switches,
go to the lower corners. Search around the side corners to get Hipotion and
Protes Drink. Not very attractive Treasures, but this is the reason why most
people never get 100% Collection Rate.

This place is not so hard to navigate. It's best if you have the Thief's
Hidden Routes ability, as well as the Elementalist's Trap Sense.

Note: In the area just before the first Save Point, the Treasure Chest is a
Monster-in-a-box. You get a Rising Sun from this Treasure. From this Chest, you
can fight 2 different monsters. The first is Invisible, the second is Pantera.
These guys are considered bosses. This is the only time in the game where you
can fight such Bosses. Obviously, you can only kill one of them. You can choose
to kill them now, or you can save for later.

Note: You can steal an Aevis Killer from the Tote Aevis here. Surprisingly, 
this is a common steal. They will also drop them rarely. Try to avoid fighting 
them, as they have high HP, and do not give EXP.

In addition, you can Steal a Mirage Vest as a Rare Steal from the Owazorals.

You can also Steal a Dancing Dagger from the Shadow Dancer as a Rare Steal.

You can also Steal an Ice Shield from the Suronin as a Rare Steal. The Suronin
will also drop the Kotetsu as a Rare Drop.

When you reach the top, you will face Stalker.

Boss: Stalker
If you can, try as much as possible to get to Learn Mindblast. It will save you
some trouble later. Anyway, many people have problems dealing with this Boss.
That's because these players attack all of them at the same time! Doing that
will only result in 4 counterattacks on all! Keep up with that, and no doubt
that you will fall long before he does. Anyway, you should always attack a
single target only. It is advisable to keep a group with strong physical 
attacks, and heal at times. As long as you don't attack all of them, this guy
is really easy. Because only one quarter of your attacks will hit, this may 
take quite a while. But at least you won't be facing too much problems.
After one dies, all will die. Just be patient and wait for them to die.

If you have managed to Learn MindBlast from Stalker, you should have all the
Blue Magic available, except for Roulette. Once you Learn Roulette, you will
have all the Blue Magic.

You can take another 3 Legendary Weapons from the Sealed Castle Kuzar, but I
highly recommend against that.

Fork Tower is now open. It is supposed to be your next destination.

Fork Tower

-[Left Tower 4F]
-[Left Tower 7F]
 Wonder Wand
-[Right Tower 4F]
-[Right Tower 7F]

Black Magic: Flare

White Magic: Holy

Before you enter, you should have been fully prepared. The Left Tower is where
you should use Magic only, and the Right Tower is where you should use Physical
only. It's not impossible to use the opposite, but doing that will only result
in major Counterattacks.

This is a single, non-saving trip, so make sure that you are prepared. In
addition, you can only go through here once, so make sure you collect all 
Treasures and do what you need to.

Note: You can steal a Dengeki Muchi from the Flayer in the Left Tower, as a
Rare Steal. However, it will certainly not be easy. The Flayer counterattacks
with 2 Strong Fights every time a Physical Attack is used on it, including 
!Steal. The Strong Fights are very strong Physical Attacks, and can easily
deal 9999 damage. This is the only place in the game where you can get more
Dengeki Muchi. If you want this to be easier, you can try to Berserk the Flayer
to make it easier. It's your choice as to how many you need. But remember, this
is not easy, but also your last chance to get more.

Eventually, you will fight the Boss of the Right Tower.

Boss: Minotauros
This Boss is surprisingly easy. He only uses physical attacks. In fact, he was
so pathetic, I decided to use an Ether on him to at least allow him to be able
to cast Holy. As long as you have !Midareuchi, there is no way you can lose.
In addition, it seems that if you throw the Assassin Knife at him he will die.
Not recommended to try.

After defeating him, you will face Subete no Shiromono (Omniscient) next.
Make sure you can steal from him. Also, you have to check the Circle fast 
enough or it will be Game Over.

Boss: Subete No Shiromono.
This Boss is practically roadkill if you cast Reflect. Every time you use a
Physical Attack, Subete No Shiromono will cast Return. However, for some 
reason, Steal can bypass this. Subete No Shiromono has a Rare Steal, the
second Colnago No Tsubo in the game. This is your only chance to get a second
one, so make sure you get it. If you fail to get the Rare steal, hit him, then
try again.

After these Bosses are finished, you get Flare and Holy. This Tower is no more,
but Catapult is now accessible. By now, you should have all the White Magic,
Black Magic, and Sword Magic.

Go to Catapult, which is now available.


Trigger all the events here. You will now have the submarine.

A good place to go to now would be the Sunken Walse Tower. Remember that
in the sea somewhere south of Karnak, there is a Cave where an old man will
tell you of your results.

Sunken Walse Tower

First, let's review the facts. You do know that there is a Time Limit, right?
It's best to have a Time Mage to cast Telepo so you can exit quickly. The 
enemies are unseen, but they are mainly a bunch of old enemies. Have some way
of escaping them, as you do not want to waste too much time. Also make sure
you can run through here. There is a chest that resets the timer back to 
7 mins.

In addition, you already should know how to win Gogo. However, I would say that
you will have to do more than that. Get ready to Steal, and get ready to cast

Go down all the way, and fight Gogo.

Boss: Gogo
Okay, know that Gogo has the rare Kin No Kamikazari (Hairpin). This is the 3rd
one in the game, and it is a Rare Steal. You are going to have to attempt to
Steal it, which will result in a Physical Counter. You will also have to keep
using Return until you get that Rare Steal. Once you do, just wait all the way
until Gogo says something.

Note that Gogo may be seen as the ultimate challenge, should you decide to take
the hard way of attempting to defeat him. His HP is 47714. He reacts with
a Magic attack everytime you use Magic on him, and a Physical attack every time
you use Physical on him. Once his HP drops below 33000, he will start 
attacking. Every turn he will use 3 Magic at the same time. Should you try to
attempt this, note that you should be at a high level, or the Meteos will kill
you easily. Use Mighty Guard, and !Midareuchi, and it will be the most 
effective way to deal damage to him.

However, remember that I recommend that you steal the Hairpin instead.

Once you are finished, you get the Momomaneshi (Mimic) Job. Cast Telepo to 
exit immediately.

A good place to go right now would be the North Mountain. Use the Black 
Chocobo, and land in the Forest surrounded by deserts. 

North Mountain

Summons: Bahamut

Now just follow the same path to get up there. Remember that you can steal the
Silver Glasses from the blocks.

You will now fight the Boss, Bahamut.

BOSS: Bahamut
The only reason why this Boss is difficult, is that he will use strong attacks
when his HP is low. He has 40000 HP. He will start with a few normal attacks.
But eventually, when his HP falls below 10000, he will use the Mega Flare 
almost every turn. If you can't survive a single shot of the Mega Flare, it
just shows that your levels are not high enough. Surprisingly, Bahamut is
not immune to the Stop status.

After you defeat Bahamut, you get the Bahamut Summon.

The Phoenix Tower is nearby, but maybe you should go to it later. For now,
let's go to the Great Trench.

Great Trench

 Suiton No Jutsu
 Honoo No Yubiwa
 Ryuu No Kibaa
 Ether; Phoenix No O
 Kaiser Knuckle

Time Magic: Meteo

Get ready to fight the Gargoyles as you enter.

As you may remember, this place is full of lava, so you will need the Damage
Floor ability of the Elementalist.

There's a Dwarves Town, but oddly no inn. Remember to buy the necessary stuff.

All the enemies here are undead. They also all start with the Protes Status,
so Physical Attacks may not work well on them. It is best to use Magic Attacks,
preferably. They all have the same name, so note their difference. There's a
Slug, a Skeleton, a Spore, and Blob. There appears to be only 4 such forms,
but there's actually 5. The Spore has 2 different forms.

Note: You can steal a BeastKiller from the Spore Unknown Form. However, note
that there are 2 different Spores. The Spore you want is the one that appears
in groups of 3, and uses Delta Attack. The BeastKiller is a Rare Steal, 
however, this is the only Steal from the Spore, so it will make things much

Eventually, you will fight the Bosses - Triton, Neregeid, Phobos

Boss: Triton, Neregeid, Phobos
These Bosses are practically roadkill if you use something like Odin or 
!Iainuki. But why take the easy way out? The idea of defeating them is to
simply damage and kill all at the same time. If one of them is finished, he
will be revived by another, so that's why you have to finish them off at the
same time. Because they are not heavy-type monsters, and are not immune to
Death, just about any of such tricks will work. You can even cast Curaga on
each of them to reduce their HP to critical (since they are undead), then kill
them. Because they have different elemental attributes, something like Requiem
works well.

After you win the battle, you get the 3rd Stone Tablet. You also get the Meteo
Time Magic.

An important note about Meteo. Meteo is not a spell that is Level dependant.
Meteo, actually has a random power. Because this Spell, just like Comet, is not
Level dependant, it may be be useful in a Low-Level game. But in a Perfect 
Game, this spell is totally useless.

Now, your next destination is Istory Falls. You should know how to get there.

First, go underwater, and go through the Northwest Cave. On the other side, of
the Desert on the overworld, you can fight the previous World 1 enemies in
the Quicksand Desert. You can steal the Javelin from the Sandbears if you wish.

Istory Falls

 Ether; Kame No Koura; Air Knife
 Mamori No Yubiwa; Kyojin No Kusuri; Rune Blade
 Phoenix No O; Reflect Ring; Enhance Sword
 12000 Gil; Artemis No Yumi
 Aegis No Tate; Fuuma Shuriken; Kyojin No Ono

Summon: Leviathan

Fight the last pair of Gargoyles, then continue.

Notes: There is a rare encounter, with the Tonberi. It is a fairly strong
Monster. The Tonberi will drop the Mirage Vest rarely. But it is recommended
you get one of those from the Owazoral instead.

It is also possible to get a Man Eater as a Rare Steal from the Alcumia.

You can also get the Kaiser Knuckle from the Fall Guard as a Rare Drop. This
Accessory provides more power to the Monk's Kakuto. Unfortunately, by now,
you should have Weapons more effective than Kakuto.

Anyway, continue all the way below. Be mindful of the Spike Traps, as well
as the Floor Traps.

Note that the Enhance Sword is the strongest Sword for non-knight Jobs.
You will have the opportunity to get more later.

Eventually, you will have the opportunity to fight Leviathan, or take the
Stone Tablet. You have to exit using the water. If you choose not to fight
Leviathan now, he will still be here later. You can choose to fight him
anytime. Get the Stone Tablet, then talk and fight him.

Boss: Leviathan
This Boss is not too difficult. He doesn't appear to be immune to Slow either.
After taking 2 or 3 turns, Leviathan will take 2 actions in the same turn.
Whenever you use a Physical Attack, there is a 1/3 chance he will use Entangle.
Whenever you use a Magical Attack, there is a 1/3 chance he will use Tsunami.
He is weak to Lightning Element attacks.

After you defeat him, you get the Leviathan Summon. This is not a bad Magic to

After this, you are pretty much done. So head to the Phoenix Tower on the
Black Chocobo.

Phoenix Tower

 5000 Gil; Phoenix No O
 10000 Gil; Phoenix No O
 Phoenix No O; 15000 Gil
 20000 Gil; Phoenix No O
 Aevis Killer; 25000 Gil

Summons: Phoenix

Now, I'm sure you know how this place works. There are Stairs leading upstairs,
but sometimes, they are hidden in walls. You have to check the right wall. If
you check the wrong wall, a Battle happens.

By now, you should know how to deal with the Magic Pots (which are like 
Monster-in-a-box). You can have a Mimic, use an Elixir, and Mimic it all the

Whenever an Elixir is used on the Magic Pot, there is a 1/3 Chance it will
escape. I would not advice trying to defeat them. They have 65255 HP (which
is even more than Omega or Shinryuu by the way). The also have Max Defense and
Magic Defense 90% + evades for Magic and Physical. And they will heal 
themselves completely when they use Remedy. Just use the Elixirs and get the
easy way out.

There are 3 enemies, and all hold Rare and useful items.

For the Chamcubia, the Common Steal is Wall Ring, Rare Steal is Ribbon, and
Rare Drop is Lamia Harp.

For the Belladonna, the Common Steal is a Rainbow Dress, Rare Steal is a Coral
Ring, and Rare Drop is a Wall Ring

For the Sherry, the Common Steal is Akai no Kutsu (Red Shoes), Rare Steal is
Elf Mantle, and Rare Drop is Elmes no Kutsu.

You can get the items here, and sell them for quick Cash.

Note that you can Learn Roulette from the Belladonna.

For the Sol Cannons in the walls, you can get a Mamori no Yubiwa as a Rare

The Wall enemies are tough, but not impossible to defeat. A few quick uses of
!Midareuchi will put them to end. Those who use Save States to check the walls
are wimps. There's not even a need to check the guides to see which are the
right walls.

When you get to the top, there will be a long event. Eventually, you get the
Phoenix Summon. Cast Telepo to exit this place.

Now, you are pretty much done with everything. Now, get back to Boco. There
are still 2 more sidequests with him.

The first is the Mirage Vest. Personally, I do not think this is worth it.
But if you wish to try, you can go around the world on Boco. There are
invisible checkpoints on the World Map. Once you have circled around, head
back to Mirage Town, and talk to the person to get the Mirage Vest. Remember
that I don't think this is worthwhile.

The second is the Magic Lamp. Get on Boco, and head all the way to Istory 
Falls, and enter from the side. Check forward, and you will receive the Magic
Lamp. I don't recommend selling this item, even though it is not very useful.
Just keep it in your inventory.

Now that you are done with the quests, let's review the enemies on the World
Map, where you can get useful items from.

World Map

You might not know this, but there are still World 1 enemies around.

Anyway, in the Continent above Crescent Town, you can still fight the Crescent
enemies and get the Death Sickle.

There are Mukares somewhere close to the Mirage Town. You can also get a Death
Sickle as a Rare Steal.

There are Isteritos somewhere on the North Middle Continent. You can steal a
Sabaki No Tsue (Judgment Staff) as a Rare Steal from them.

For the desert around North Mountain and Phoenix Tower, the Monsters here are
what you can find in the Cleft of Dimensions. You can Steal the Defender from
the Land Crawler as a Rare Steal. You can get a Kodai no Tsurugi as a Common

For the forest south of North Mountain, you can fight an enemy call Sleepy.
You can Steal an Iyashi no Tsue (Heal Staff) from them, as a Common Steal.

The Giant Bird appears at sea. You can find them on the sounthern part, close
to Karwen. You can get a Murasame as a Rare Steal from these enemies. It's a
pity they don't offer EXP.

Now that you are done with pretty much everything here, it's time to go into
the Cleft of Dimensions. You should have all the available Magic now.

Cleft Of Dimensions

-[Lost Ruins]
 Ether; Cottage; Elixir; Dark Matter; Elixir; Blood Sword
 Ryuu No Kibaa; Lilith Rod; Enhance Sword; Ribbon
 Sango No Yubiwa; Tenshi No Yubiwa
 Man Eater; Akai Kutsu; Rainbow Dress; Thor Hammer; Elmes No Kutsu
-[Crystal Realm]
 Fuuma Shuriken; Fuuma Shuriken; Elixir; Ragnarok; Fuuma Shuriken

Now remember, in the Cleft of Dimensions, there are various points where you
can Cast Telepo. Just remember that there are some places where you can't cast
it. You should know how to get in and out of here easily.

(Okay, it's true I just made up these location names myself. But you have to
admit they sound good.)

First, the Eternal Desert. The path here is pretty much straightforward. The
enemies are the same as those you faced in the desert around North Mountain.

Next, the Ancient Lost Ruins.

The Bardandells will drop the Rune Bell as a Rare Drop. This Weapon uses MP
to increase Power. It powers up all Elemental Attacks, except for Water.

The Grenades have a Flame Shield as a Rare Steal.

Now, we enter Stasis Mirage Town. Nothing here except for some Water that
totally restores you.

Now, enter the Forest of Oblivion. Take all the Treasures here. 

The Farferro has a Lillith Rod as a Rare Steal.

Check the tree hole. When you try to enter the cave, there will be a Boss 
Battle. Get ready to fight the second most sexiest Boss in the game.

Boss: Calotistery
The only attack from Calotistery that is worth a damn is that she will Counter
with Drain, every time she receives damage. Most of the time, she will either
use some status effects or weak attacks. If your party member has Reflect
status, she will cast a beneficial Magic off that character. Just get ready to
use Dispel on her, and she will not be a threat.

After this, enter the Caverns of Despair. Check for passages hidden in the
waterfalls. There is a Save Point. You can use one waterfall as a shortcut, but
Omega is below, so be careful.

One thing I note about Omega is that he will not initiate combat with you,
as long you facing away from him and do not move. Even if he is just in an
adjacent square, he will not fight you. I don't know if the same applies to
similar enemies.

Note that one of the Caves have Metamorphas appearing. However, they are very
rare, which makes it extremely hard to get their Light Staff.

Omega is here, so be careful. Avoid Omega for now. Refer to the
Ultimate Omega Shinryuu Challenges section below for details. Remember, there
is nothing to be proud of if you defeated a Boss by fully utilising its

Anyway, head into the Forbidden Library next. Check the Book, and fight Apanda.

Boss: Apanda
Apanda is actually a pretty standard Boss, with good HP, and average attacks.
However, note that he has 2/3 Chance of using Counterattacks whenever you use
Magics or Physical attacks on him. He will counter with either Drain, Toad, or
cast Protes on himself. If you use Ifrit on him, he will have a very wierd
reaction. He won't do much except for using Reverse Polarity and removing his
Negative Status. In addition, he has Susu for you to Steal. Get the Susu,
since it is a rare item.

After this, you enter the Bridge of Illusions. Navigate through the hidden

The Aevis Dragons here have an Artemis No Yumi (Artemis Bow) as a Rare Steal.

Now, head into the Castle of Chaos. This section is full of Bosses and 

The Sword Dancers have an Enhance Sword as a Rare Steal. Again, this happens to
be the best Sword for non-knights, so try to get a few.

The Death Claws have a Thor Hammer as a Rare Steal. This is one of the 
strongest far reach Weapons.

The Furies have Reflect Ring as a Common Steal, and a Noroi no Yubiwa (Cursed
Ring) as a Rare Steal.

The Yojinbou (Bodyguard) has an Ame no Murakumo as a Rare Steal. This happens
to be a very useful and powerful Weapon, so try to get as many as you can.

First, defeat Apocalypse to open the Save Point. You can choose not to face 
him, since he is optional.

Boss: Apocalypse
This Boss can use any Blue Magic, except for Moon Flute and Fusion. He will
use those Magic at different times. Apocalypse will react to the following
Blue Magic: Level 3 Flare, Aeroga, 1000 Needles, Blood Suck, Aqua Breath,
Hammer, and Exploder. Anyway, make sure you can Steal and use Return on this
battle. You can Steal a Kyojin no Kote (Giant's Glove) from him, as a rare
steal. This happens to be the only one in the game, so make sure you get it.

After this, you get the Save Point, so make sure you save. There are 6 Alte
Roites here. These are bosses, and you have limited chances to fight them.
The Treasure they guard is also unimpressive. I suggest you save them for 

The next Boss is Catastrophe.

Boss: Catastrophe
It's not untrue that this Boss will only use Gravity 100 when your party 
members have Float Status. But is that really necessary? This Boss is not
immune to Slow. Have 2 White Magic users and 2 strong attackers, and this Boss
will not be much of a problem.

Incidentally, this place is the best place to gain EXP points. In the Throne
Room, there are Iron Giants that appear in sets of 2. They offer high EXP, but
there are other monsters there which give low EXP. In the Switch Door room, 
there are Iron Giants that appear with 3 Death Claws. They offer lower EXP, but
on the average, all the monsters here offer pretty good EXP. These 2 are the
best places to gain EXP.

Prepare yourself, then go up and face Hurricanaso.

Boss: Hurricanaso
This Boss' Magic Power is very high. At the first turn, Hurricanaso will use
Kurururu! on your party, which will cast Toad on them. For the next 6 turns,
she will then use standard attacks. On the 8th turn, she will use Holy. After
that, it cycles back to the first turn, where she will use Kururu! again. Due
to her high Magic Power, Holy will most likely deal 9999 damage and knock out
one party member. Make sure you can revive. Do not use Summon Magic on her, as
she will counter with a strong Physical Attack if you do. It is best to keep a
few White Magic users to recover and revive, as well as a few Black Magic users
to counter the Toad Status. Hurricanaso is not immune to Slow. She does not
seem to be immune to Mute either. Hurricanaso has a Light Staff as a Common
Steal, and an Aegis Shield as a rare Steal. But trust me, you will want the
Common Steal, not the Rare Steal. You can get more Aegis Shields later, but
the Light Staff is now extremely rare. She also has a Elf no Manto (Elf Mantle)
as a Rare Drop, but you don't need to bother with that, as there are better
ways to get them.

Make sure you utilize this part of the Cleft of Dimensions for EXP. Get some of
the Rare Weapons as well. Prepare yourself accordingly, as you will be facing
Tsin Tarnia soon. Tsin Tarnia may not be the most difficult Boss in the average
game, but in a Perfect Game, Tsin Tarnia is one of the most difficult tasks.
Mainly, because Tsin Tarnia holds 2 very rare items.

(By the way, from what I know, outside of the door, it may be possible to fight
Ramuh, if you have not already done so.)

Boss: Tsin Tarnia
Unknown to many people, Tsin Tarnia actually has 2 forms. The first form is the
one he use for standard attacking. The second form is used when the Text 
"Charging up for Giga Flare" is used. During the Second form, he will simply
use Giga Flare, and revert back to his first form. His first form is a Heavy
type, and immune to many Status abnormalities. His second form is not a Heavy
type, and he is not immune to various Status attacks, such as Death and Stone.
In his first form, he will attack normally for 3 turns. Then, he will change
to his second form, and you will see the Text "Charging for Giga Flare"
(Giga Flare no Tameru). He will then use Giga Flare, and then revert back,
and start over again. During his first form, there is also a 1/3 chance of him
countering with Tsunami when you use a Physical Attack, and 1/3 chance of
Mega Flare if you use a Magic Attack.

His Giga Flare is very strong. But as long as you can kill him before then in
his second form, it won't be a problem, right? Well, here's the catch. In a 
perfect game, you need to kill him in his first form. That's not all. You also
need to steal from him in his second form. But let me assure you that the
Giga Flare will be the least of your problems. You are in a perfect game. That
means you should be at a high level. Just pick a Job that has high HP. With
the Mighty Guard and White Wind, there's no reason why you can't survive. If
you are having trouble with the Giga Flare, you are not doing well enough.

Anyway, this is the hard part. His second form has a Kyojin no Ono. There are
only 2 of these in the entire game. It's a Common Steal, so you can get it
easily. His first form has a rare drop Tinker Bell. This is the only one in
the entire game! This means that if you want absolutely everything in the
Perfect Game, you are going to have to fight this battle many times over!
Because of these 2 Items, it means you are going to have to fight him, steal
from him when he changes to his second form, defeat in his first form, and
hope that he drops a Tinker Bell. If he doesn't, you will have to do this all
over! And your chances are only 1 to 16! That's why this is the hardest battle 
in the game! Because this is so painstakingly long, I won't blame you if you
decide to give up or use Save states. This is really difficult, and you're
likely to give up.

Now, you enter the Crystal Realm. (I call it the Astro Plane.)

This is a very good place to earn ABP. However, there is no EXP at all.
What is highly advisable, is that you stay here, until all Jobs are Mastered.
Once you have Mastered all Jobs, change back to a Suppin. You will find that
the Characters are way stronger than ordinary Jobs. Once you have that, go
some other place to train for EXP. Master all your Jobs now. You will be a
whole lot stronger once you have done that.

The Suishouryu (Crystal Dragon), has a Rare Steal Hiryuu no Yari (Hiryuu 
Lance). Try to get as many as you can. This Weapon is stronger than the
Ame no Murakumo, and deals heavy damage on Dragon type monsters. However, it
is not able to deal Critical Hits like the Ame no Murakumo.

The King Behemoth has the Blood Sword as a Rare Steal. This is not a strong
weapon, and is useless against Undead. Its accuracy is also level dependant.
However, note that this Weapon is not affected by !Midareuchi. This means no
Defense ignoring, but it's damage will not be halved. With !Midareuchi, it
will also not miss, so it will be useful on non-undeads.

The Belfegor has a Rising Sun as a Rare Steal. This happens to be the strongest
non-limited Weapon for the Mimic. It is also back row okay. Unfortunately, its
power is nowhere close to the Ame no Murakumo. The Belfegor also has an Ice
Shield as a rare drop.

The GorChimera has an Aegis Shield as a Rare Steal. This is a useful shield
that grants you 1/3 chance of avoiding Magical Effects.

The Necromancer has a Bone Mail as a Rare Steal. You might not see this Armor
as useful, but again, as I said, it does have it's uses.

The Mind Fryer has a Main Gauche as a Rare Steal. By now, this Weapon is really
weak, but it is one of the rare Weapons that offer Physical Block. There is a
1/4 chance of you avoiding Physical Attacks with this Weapon.

The Mover appears on the 2nd and 4th areas. The Movers offer the most ABP in
one battle, at 199 ABP. The appear only 1/16 of the time. You have to deal
damage to them quickly, because they can end the battle automatically, at
rare occasions.

Prepare yourself. When you are ready, go up and meet Gilgamesh.

BOSS: Gilgamesh
Before you start, you should have at least 2 Characters who are able to Steal.
Focus on Stealing from him, and NOT dealing damage. Once you have dealt 7000+
damage to him, the Battle will soon end. This is your only chance to Steal
the Genji Shield. Once that is done, deal damage to him. After he takes 7000+
damage, there will be a long event and the Battle automatically ends. This
battle is not really hard, and the most that can happen is that Gilgamesh
can attack twice a turn.

On the third Screen is where Shinryuu is located. Shinryuu is a 
Monster-in-a-Box. This Chest is directly below a long flight of steps, on a
small island.

Obviously, I would advise you to leave it alone for now. Of course, you will
still need to beat Shinryuu to get a 100% Treasure Collection. Even though
he is a Boss, you can actually easily escape, then face him again. The reason
why you would want to do this, is because Shinryuu has a Ryuu No Hige 
(Dragon's Beard), as a Rare Steal. The only other way to get this is by
getting from the Stingray, which is arguably much harder.

Proceed to the 4th Area. Prepare yourself before checking the Green Light.
Again, this is still optional, but I recommend you do this, but make sure you
are absolutely prepared! You will fight Necrophobia.

BOSS: Necrophobia
Before this Battle begins, make sure you have at least 2 Characters you can
Steal. This Battle starts with Necrophobia and 4 Barriers. The Barriers start
with Reflect Status. Every turn, they will each alternate by casting Flare or
Holy off themselves, then next turn, they will use the Level 6 Black Magic
off themselves. They have a good amount of HP, so you will need to focus your
attacks. There is no point in using Magic. Just equip 2 strong Weapons, and
you can kill one in 2 or 3 Attacks. Necrophobia is totally invulnerable, 
including to Steal, as long as the Barriers remain. Once you get rid of the
Barriers, his Invulnerability ends. Necrophobia has a Douzoku no Kote (Thief's
Glove). If you took my advice, and left Sekmet alive, you will never need 
this. Once you reduced his HP from 44044 to 9999 or less, use attacks that
are not too strong to damage him. Soon, Gilgamesh will appear. When this
happens, Necrophobia becomes Invulnerable again. All that will happen now is
that Necrophobia keeps attacking Gilgamesh, and Gilgamesh keeps healing himself
with Remedy, and uses a lot of text displays for a few turns, before 
Necrophobia use Flare, and Gilgamesh use Exploder. When Gilgamesh appears,
Steal the Genji No Yoroi (Genji Armor) from him quickly. After that, just leave
them alone. Attacking Necrophobia will not help, and Gilgamesh simply keeps
recovering himself. The battle will simply terminate if Gilgamesh is gone 

After that, make use of the Save Point, before continuing forward.

Prepare yourself, and go up, and trigger an event with Exdeath. Note that you 
can exit after this first event, but you might as well continue to the Final
Boss. Note that despite the showing of the Towns getting sucked up, if you
exit, you will find the Overworld just as it has been. There is a message
saying time revert when you head out of the Cleft of dimensions. Not important.

Anyway, just continue upward to fight Exdeath.

BOSS: Exdeath
You should have a party setup with Suppins, all Jobs Mastered. Equip all with
the Ribbon and Elmes no Kutsu. As for Abilities, spread out the Magic 
abilities between your Party members. Have around 2 White Magic users and at 
least 1 Blue Magic user. By now, your Physical Attacks should be quite strong.
It's your choice whether to use that, or go with Summons. I recommend 2 Weapons
and just normal use of Physical Attacks. 
Exdeath is fond of using White Hole, which causes Stone and instantly KOs one
party member. If you took my advice, and use a Setup of Suppins and Ribbons,
you will never have to worry about this attack. Ironically, Exdeath's attacks
get weaker as his HP decreases. When his HP drops from 49001, to below 30000,
he will start using more Flare and Holy attacks. When his HP drops below 
10000, all he will use is Meteo, a normal fight, or do nothing at all. Apart
from that, he is not much of a threat. He is only dangerous if you do not have
Ribbons, as not only do you need to revive, you also need to unstone the
character. After this, the next battle occurs.

BOSS: Neo Exdeath
Actually, this is in the same battle. The Neo Exdeath portions immediately
show up once Exdeath is defeat. (I haven't tried what will happen if you use
Return.) Now, it looks like there are 4 Parts to Neo Exdeath, right? Actually,
there are 6 Parts. 2 of the Parts are Zombie Status, and they will do nothing.
They are not targettable by normal attacks, but if you use !Midareuch, you can
hit them. But they are in Invulnerable status, meaning you can't damage them,
and you don't need to defeat them to win the Battle. All you have to do is to
destroy the 4 Parts. Altogether, the 4 Parts have 220000 HP, so that is quite
a lot of work required. Ignore the lame message that says "Physics are broken".
This just means that a Grand Cross attack is coming. Grand Cross inflicts a
Random Status effect on each of your Characters, including HP Critical. Make
sure you have Ribbons Equipped to negate the harmful effects. Some of the
effects can still work, so be careful. There are 4 parts to this Boss, but
it may be wiser to focus all attacks on one, rather than all at the same time.

From what I know, the endings will vary, depending on what Characters are still
left alive after this battle. You have come all the way so far. If you used
the strategy I have highlighted, it should not be too hard to win with all
Characters alive.

Congratulations! Now watch the ending.



This section contains more in-depth knowledge. They are similar to Hints and 
Tips, but in greater details.

Kiss Of Blessing

Many people have believed that the cheapest trick in Final Fantasy histroy 
would be FFVI's Vanish Doom trick. Of course, not many people were aware of
the Kiss Of Blessing Trick in FFV. This trick is so cheap, it would make
Omega look like a loser.

First, let me explain Kiss of Blessing. You activate this using !Chougou (Mix),
and use the items "Seisui" and "Otome No Kiss". The effect of Kiss of Blessing,
is that it inflicts the Statuses: Berserk, Image, and Haste, and it also
ignores Status immunities. (Just mix Holy Water and Maiden's Kiss, and see the
results yourself.)

When an enemy is Berserked, they will ignore all AI scripts that they normally
do. This cancels Countering and other effects.

In other words, if you use this on Omega, all he can do is attack you, and
he cannot Counter Attack.

Note that this also can cause some glitches, such as Exdeath not getting
Neo Exdeath to appear, or Gilgamesh's battle events not triggering. 

You can also use this so that you can fight enemies like Ramuh or Catoblepas 
more than once. It seems that if Ramuh and Catoblepas have these used on them,
you can fight them more than once. Refer to the next section.

Encounter Turn Off

You probably would have noticed that enemies like Ramuh, Catoblepas and
Sekmet are random encounters. What's so special is that you can only encounter
them once, if you win the battle. So if you fight Ramuh and win him, you will
never fight him again.

This is known as the Encounter Turn-Off. This is part of the enemy AI

However, there is a way around this. It is to disable their AI script using
Status effects like Stop and Berserk. For enemies like Catoblepas and Ramuh,
if you get these Status on them before you finish them off, you get their
Item drop, and can fight them over again!

Status effects like Stop and Berserk disables the AI script, and also,
that includes Encounter Turn-Offs as well.

Party Set Up

You probably have already known, that a Suppin/Mimic with all Jobs fully 
mastered, is better that other Jobs. Your Suppin/Mimic will take the stats of
the highest for the Job mastered, and will also have innate abilities of Jobs
mastered. Your Stats will be Strength and Vitality of Monk, Magic Power of
Summoner, and Speed of Thief.

Now lets take a look at some of the best Set-Ups on Jobs, Abilities and


As a Suppin, you can have 2 Abilities, equip all equipment. The advantages
the Suppin have over the Mimic is that the Suppin can equip almost everything.
However, the disadvantage is that the Suppin can only have 2 Abilities, and
Fight and Item are very poor Commands compared to what you can get.
Now obviously, !Midareuchi (X-Fight) is a must-have. It is a very effective
Physical Attack. Now for your second Command, you can choose Blue Magic, or
other Magics, !Iainuki (Slash), and even Steal or Capture. Just make sure you 
vary these Commands among your Party.

Weapon- Ame No Murakumo / Chicken Knife
Weapon- Ame No Murakumo
Helmet- Ribbon
Armor- Rainbow Dress / Genji No Yoroi
Accessory- Elmes No Kutsu

The strongest Weapon is no doubt the Chicken Knife. But you can only have one
of that. For the Non-Limited Weapons, the best to use is Ame No Murakumo.
This Katana is weaker than the Hiryuu No Yari (Hiryuu Lance), but it has a
20% Critical Hit rate, so the Ame No Murakumo is more worthwhile than the
Hiryuu No Yari.

As long as you are using !Midareuchi (AKA X-fight), you can also use the Blood
Sword at times, as long as you are not fighting undead. It will not be affected
by Midareuchi's damage, meaning that it will not be halved, but neither will it
ignore enemy's defense. It will also be 100% accurate. A single use with
Midareuchi will most likely recover you to full HP. Just watch out for Undead.

The best Helmet to use is obviously Ribbon. It protects against many (but not
all) status. That's why it's useful. Good defense, many stats bonus, and many
status defenses. There really isn't a better choice.

Why Raindbow Dress and not Crystal Armor? Rainbow Dress is weaker in terms of
normal defense. But it has one Status Defense which the Ribbon does not
provide - Confuse.

Mimic (Momomaneshi)-
The advantages of the Mimic is clear. You have the useful !Mimic Command, and
in addition, you have 3 Commands of your choice. However, the Mimic is not
able to equip all Equipment like the Suppin. For some, this might seem as a
minor inconvenience, but don't forget that Defense and Status immunites are
totally dependent on Equipment. You will not be able to equip useful equipment
like the Ribbon, nor can you equip strong Weapons like the Ame No Murakumo.
You can use abilities like Ribbon/Katana Soubi (Equip), but that would take
up Abilities, and defeat the purpose of using Mimic to begin with. Basically,
your equipment is weak, and not very useful.

Command Setup
Any 2 combination of: Aomahou, Shiromahou, Kuromahou, Jikuu, Shokan, Iainuki

With these setup, you will be capable of using many effective Magic, and with
low costs as well, considering the Mimic Command. However, keep in mind the
fact that most Magic will not be able to deal as much damage as using Two
Weapons with Midareuchi.


 Ultimate Omega Shinryuu Challenges

Now this section is about the Challenges you can have, when fighting Omega or
Shinryuu. This is best done after the Perfect Game, so it's highly advisable
you leave both Mega Bosses alive to the last.

Before you start saying, "Oh, that's nothing. I already can defeat them.", 
remember this: at least 99% of you people out there defeated Omega and Shinryuu
by fully exploiting their Weaknesses. Is that something to be proud of?

It's always the same strategy. Nitouryuu + Thundaga Sword + Midareuchi VS Omega,
and Nitouryuu + Coral Ring + Hiryuu No Yari + Jump VS Shinryuu. It's just an
exploitation of weakness. What's there to brag about?

On the GameFaqs board, I have noted that several times, players bragging about
their "achievements", on that they defeated Omega and Shinryuu and how they did
it. I said to them, there is nothing to brag about and nothing to be proud of,
if you have defeated a powerful enemy by fully exploiting his weakness to the
maximum. Now one person replied to that, saying that the only way to defeat
such powerful enemies is to fully exploit their weaknesses, and other methods
would be futile.

I have only one thing to say to that. BULLSHIT!

As far as I know, most people attempted the Omega and Shinryuu Challenges, long
before they got any where close to Level 99, or gotten the best equipment. This
is because they all weren't patient. Because these guys weren't patient enough
to become more powerful, they could not succeed in these alternate attempts,
and therefore, they declared other methods as impossible. 

I can only say this, if you are not patient enough to become stronger, and if
you are don't know much, then to you, it's obviously impossible. But for the
people who are patient enough to get to Lv 99, and knowledgeable enough of this
game, then such a matter is definitely acheivable for them.

I can tell you this: You don't need !Mahouken Thundaga to defeat Omega, and you
don't need the Coral Ring to defeat Shinryuu. That's a fact! This is impossible
only to those who refuse to believe.

For those who defeated these Bosses using the cheap old methods, STOP BRAGGING

Besides, for all you cheap tactics users out there, are you even aware that
there are even simpler and cheaper tactics? Just use Stop on Omega and
Berserk on Shinryuu. That's even cheaper. But what's the point? Knock
yourselves out if you still wish to celebrate victory that's cheated.


The objective of this Challenge is to put limitations on the use of your
abilities, and see if you can still defeat Omega and Shinryuu.

Consider the ultimate challenge as being able to treat Omega and Shinryuu like
any other powerful Boss, and being able to defeat them the same way you would
fight those other enemies, without having to fully exploit on the weaknesses
of Omega and Shinryuu.

You should consider this as a True Challenge after you have managed to acheive
the Perfect Game. (Obviously you won't get 100% Treasure Collection Rate if you
have not defeated Shinryuu, but you should make sure that this is the only
Treasure Chest you have not taken.)

While it is not necessary to be at Lv 99 to attempt these Challenges, I highly
recommend that you get to Lv 99. It will definitely make a difference.

I highly recommend refraining from defeating Omega and Shinryuu then saving
your game. This way, you can fight them more than once. 

(Personally, I regard them as magnificent power creatures that would be a shame 
to defeat.)

Use these Limitations to fight Omega and Shinryuu, and see if you can succeed
against them. This will be a true test of your knowledge and power.

Important Rule: As a default rule, DO NOT use Kiss Of Blessing on these Bosses.
If you do so, then there won't be any challenge at all. In addition, DO NOT
use Stop on Omega, or Berserk on Shinryuu.


The Standard method of defeating Omega, is to have everyone Equip 2 Swords,
use Mahouken Thundagaa, and !Midareuchi, while having one person Heal.

1) No usage of Mahouken.
With the Mahouken, the actual damage you deal is 4 times as much. Without
Mahouken, the damage will be lesser. It should still be easy to defeat Omega.
Hint: Try to use an Equipment that defends against Confuse.

2) No usage of Mahouken, and only 1 Weapon Equipped for all Characters.
Now, you are without Mahouken and limited to only 1 Weapon. This effectively
greatly reduce your attacking power, while leaving you to face the same amount
of Counter-attacks. Hint: Try to use a Shield that enables you better defenses
against Omega's fatality attacks. Maybe a !Mix effect might work?


The Standard method of defeating Shinryuu, is to have everyone Equip 2 Hiryuu
no Yari (Flying Dragon Lance), Equip the Sango no Yubiwa (Coral Ring), and
then have everyone use !Jump.

1) No Equipping of Hiryuu no Yari.
Without this, your attacking power with Jump will be compromised. See how long
you can last. It should still be fairly simple.

2) No Equipping of Coral Ring, and no using of Jump.
The Coral Ring is not a necessity. In fact, it shouldn't be difficult to
withstand a Tsunami. If you can't survive the first turn use of Tsunami, then
you are too weak. You know what you must do.

3) No Equipping of Coral Ring, Hiryuu no Yari, and no using of Jump.
This is slightly more difficult. But if you managed to do the previous 2, it
shouldn't be too hard. Hint: So with a less offensive Weapon, see if you can
use a Weapon more Defensive.

Note that for all these Challenges, I have tried and succeeded, so don't think
that they are impossible.

I am still trying for higher challenges, such as no using of !Midareuchi 
against Omega. But I have not been very successful. I myself will need more 


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Ultimate thanks goes to J.L. Tseng Instructortrepe for the wonderful Algorithms 
Guide. This guide rules! Without his guide, my guide would not have been 
Many thanks to the 2 excellant Japanese Sites for providing the Treasure 
Lists, so that I can get 100% collection Rate. 

Many thanks to both ZSNES and SNES9X.
Will those gamers out there please stop arguing about which one is better!
To me, both are equally good. I use both, so quit arguing which is better

Great thanks to Vilurum's Walkthrough. His guide is useful and to the point.

Many thanks goes to John Ricardi, the first guide I used all those years ago.

Many thanks to the 2 translation groups, even though I didn't use their 
patches. I think they've done a good job.

Many thanks goes to Silktail for the feedback.

Many thanks goes to Kain Phalanx for telling me additional facts.
Many thanks to this site for some lists.

Many thanks also goes to Assassin17, Terii Senshi and Alex Jackson, 
Jigglysaint, Zach Keene. These guys are very knowledgeable people.

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