Final Fantasy V Advance Tips

East Enou Kill
There is a way to kill Enou with 4 freelancers and not using rapid fire+spell blade:

1st be level 81 or 91, 87 or 97 work well here too, due that they are nor multiples of 3 , 4 or 5, that is important due to enuo has two lvl # spells, both which can be a pain to deal, nameley lvl 4 gravija, so being an odd number helps A LOT.

2nd have Equip ribbons passive ability, equip one to each member of your party, along with genji armor and accesories that help to reduce damage and or will void some extra status effects.

3rd Have this ability combo Finisher! and the Mix! abilities, you must have 99 of all base items, pitions, elixirs, etc.

4th start the battle by using mix! to create dragon armor/shield, the one that gives you shell/protect, make sure all of your characters have it, keep alternating between finisher! and mix! to make sure your party is mostly resistant to enuo's spells.

5th at the start of the second phase make sure you keep up with the healing via X-potions, in case any one dies make a revive potion, bringing back a character at full health, keep using X-potions and such until enuo falls, is not an easy task but this simplifies thing A LOT.