Final Fantasy V Advance Tips

Kill Neo Exdeath in 2 turns
Have 2 party members set as mimes with the abilities !Time, !Summon, and !Duelcast. Have the other 2 party members with the ability !Finisher or !Rapid Fire (!Finisher is easier but less powerful).

When you start fighting Exdeath, there is only one "Part" of him you have to destroy so !Finisher and !Rapid Fire are especially effective (!Rapid fire is even more effective if you have 2 swords). Your other two party members should just attack to save MP.

Once Neo Exdeath appears, have your first Mime dualcast the spells "Quick" and then "Bahamut" then have them duelcast "Bahamut" twice and then twice more. If your party members are high levels, Neo Exdeath might just drop dead there. If it doesn't, have your other mime repeat the first's process.

This is effective because Neo Exdeath has 5 "Parts" to it so single-target attacks won't work well. Therefore, you should use multi-target attacks. Since Bahamut is the strongest multi-target attack you have, he's the obvious choice. The whole "duelcast-quick-bahamut-duelcast-bahamut-bahamut-duelcast-bahamut-bahamut" thing essentially lets you summon Bahamut 5 times in a row.

Good luck!