Final Fantasy V Advance Tips

Bonus Dungeon Boss No. 1 - Grand Aevis
Grand Aevis:

Lv. 97
HP - 42000
MP - 20000
Strength - 120
Defense - 60
Evasion - 30
Magic - 100
Magic Defense - 40

Immune to - N/A
Weak Against - N/A
Absorbs - Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind
Immunity - Darkness, Poison, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Death, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Paralyze, Sleep, Old, Stop

Before beginning the battle, equip everyone with a Angel Ring to protect against zombification.

The Grand Aevis appears with two Dark Elements, which get REALLY annoying with them casting a about three Ga-level spells every turn, so set up Reflect with Carbuncle. Before that, however, hold on just long enough to cast a few defensive/supportive spells (Golem, Mighty Gaurd, Hastega are good). After you are ready, cast Carbuncle and switch to effensive.

With the Ga-level spells being Reflect back at them, it may cure them or hurt them, since it doesn't cure more then you can hurt them, just ignore it. You will find yourself low on HP a lot, so use White Wind as a healing method. Pound Grand Aevis with strong spells and attacks (Bahamut, Meteor, Holy, Flare, Rapid Fire), eventually it will go down. Just remember to keep your denfense high, any sign of weakness with be exploited.